DeMaurice and the Commish do lunch

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If nothing else, at least NFLPA*chief DeMaurice Smith and Commissioner Roger Goodell are speaking again face to face.  They may even be splitting a pie.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Goodell, Smith and the Mediator (Arthur Boylan) in Minneapolis are all having lunch together Tuesday.

While this sounds like an episode for a sitcom pilot that never got picked up, the fact the two sides are dining together is a small sign of progress.  So is the fact the NFL made a new CBA proposal without hearing back about the old one.

We’ve learned not to be overly optimistic about any labor news, but it will be interesting to hear what comes from Tuesday’s mediation session.

Or better yet: It will be interesting if we don’t hear anything at all.

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  1. Lets all devote our time to making Cricket huge in the States… It will at least get us by until football comes back. Hey its kind of entertaining.

  2. I envision a lady and the tramp moment where they meet in the middle over a piece of spaghetti.

  3. Isn’t it true that even if the Appeals Council rules for the owners in June, the players can just refile their complaint with the NLRB?

  4. DeMaurice is a windbag and a buffoon.
    All he genuinely wants is to be on ESPN at 6:01 every evening for the entire Summer. He’s got long-term political aspirations and with that, can always use the added notoriety that comes with his current gig. He’s gonna draw this thing out as long as possible.

    ….and to think there are those who actually believe Smith cares about the 1600 players he (theoretically) represents.

  5. Conversation should go something like this:

    Ok Roger , you win. What can you offer us so I can save face?

    Go to hell you greedy pimp.

    But please Roger, I have to save face and at least make it appear I got those idiots a good deal.

    I’m gonna crush those greedy, ungrateful punks.
    Here it is. Final deal.
    Reduced wages.
    Reduced benefits.
    Rookie wage scale.
    Reduced revenue share from 59.6 to 40
    Blood testing
    Increased suspensions up to lifetime ban
    automatic one year suspension for criticizing an owner or myself
    I am final authority on appeals
    And an automatic suspension of 2 years right off the get go for Adrian Peterson, Chester Pitts, Rashard Mendenhall, Derek Mason, and Drew Brees

    DEAL! Thank you THANK YOU Roger!!
    I didn’t care about them idiots anyway

  6. In order to get a deal done these 2 guys need to respect each other and be amicable with each other. They dont have to BFF’s (thats for the twitter gen), but they need to be able to communicate well.

    Thats what Upshaw and Tagliabue had.

    Of course none of that works if DeBag Smith is more interested in counting his billable hours than actually negotiating a new CBA.

  7. Jeffrey Kessler described the person who stole his briefcase as a short,well dressed, African American male in his 40s.

  8. Wonder if Dee is gonna eat some crow..

    Lunch with the mediator is decent news. Let’s the three of them cut to the core issues without beating their chests for the others in the room. Also takes alot of the personalities out of the discussion.

    The real question no one can answer, is Dee above the fray and willing to do a deal? I doubt it!

  9. I don’t think Smith is eating crow just yet – though he may have ordered some sour grapes following the court’s ruling.

    My feeling is that the Players Union* is already willing to accept a compromise… they just want a full spring and summer away from OTAs and training camp, and know that the longer they stall the better their deal may be.

    In the end we’re left with a very sloppy NFL season where established teams have a major edge – and the players get their full seasons pay even though they missed workouts for the spring and summer.

  10. “Isn’t it true that even if the Appeals Council rules for the owners in June, the players can just refile their complaint with the NLRB?”

    Not if the stay decision was any indication. The 8th circuit judges tentatively ruled that Federal law prohibits the issuance of any injunctions in this matter, except within the narrow procedural confines of the Norris Laguardia act. That doesn’t end the players’ lawsuit. They can still win HUGE dollars. But it does prevent the players from forcing the NFL to open its doors. If they want to play, they will need to negotiate, and no NLRB ruling will change that.

    BTW, remember that matters are already pending with the NLRB (and given that this is the most far left NLRB we’ve had in decades [google Boeing NLRB], they will almost certainly back the players).

    Also remember that the players are claiming that they are no longer a union. If the NLRB backs them, that doesn’t lead to the lockout ending. That just keeps the league from claiming that there is no longer a union.

  11. taxlaw26 says:May 17, 2011 2:26 PM

    DeMo picks up the tab. Roger is only making $1 this year!
    Yeah, but De Mo is only making 67 cents. Looks like the judge/mediator is getting screwed into paying for dinner…lol…

  12. Don’t they both have salaries of under $1 this year?

    Hope that they both “dig” der Wienerschnitzel.

  13. Soon people will realize that DSmith is just doing and saying whatever it takes to make headlines. He is enjoying the power, or the appearance of it.

  14. “Isn’t it true that even if the Appeals Council rules for the owners in June, the players can just refile their complaint with the NLRB?”

    I’m pretty sure it was the NFL who filed with the NLRB, because they claim the Union decertified specifically to file Anti Trust litigation, but are still operating as a collective. They will never win because like you said the NLRB will never side against a Union*, but the NFL does have a strong case. If the Union was serious about decertifying why haven’t they made an attempt to dissolve all assets? Then apportion the proceeds to all Union members? I don’t believe they have closed down there office or made any attempt to do any of the things you would do if you were really decertifying.

    Everyone knows this is a total sham just to use the courts for leverage, problem is it puts liberal judges and members of the NLRB in a tough spot………..side against the Union and guess what you will never see a political appointment again! I mean it’s no coincidence the Union always files lawsuits in Minnesota, who ever said justice was blind!

    I also think that both sides have the option to have the case heard before the full 8th circuit if they choose. This would most likely be the next step after a ruling comes down somewhere after June 3rd.

  15. eaglesfan290 says:May 17, 2011 2:52 PM

    I also think that both sides have the option to have the case heard before the full 8th circuit if they choose. This would most likely be the next step after a ruling comes down somewhere after June 3rd.
    A correct assumption based upon our system of appelate courts. And after the full court rules (if and when it does) the next step is SCOTUS for an appeal.
    Here is the danger. The three judge panel can take as long as they want to file a judgement; say six months. Then, the appeal will go to the full court to place on their schedule, possibly next term in November, another year. Then to SCOTUS, IF they decide to hear it, then added to their schedule, whenever that might be, maybe another year, then months while they make a decision.
    Long before that, the NFL is dead, and the players are starved to death.

    Negotiations WILL take place and a new cba will be in place long before that time frame runs out.

  16. You just KNOW that De Smith didn’t pick up that tab ….. or even go “Dutch”

    He pretended not to notice the check until Goodell got sick of waiting for him to offer some cash.

  17. “Godfather” DeMaurice and Goodell’s convo went something like this.

    De-“If I had a wartime commisioner, a Sicilian, I wouldn’t be in this shape! Upshaw had Tagliabue and look what I got.”

    Goodell hangs his head at his stinging words.

    De-“Look, I didn’t mean that. Ma made a little dinner…

  18. Are they sure they have enough money to go out for lunch? Neither side seems to be happy with how much money they have…I sure do hope they can afford their lunch!

  19. Well if you are going to do a CBA long before either side goes all the way in trying to get leverage from the courts (even the Supreme Court), I don’t really understand the logic in wasting money using the litigation strategy if you’re not willing to go all the way. If both sides do push this to the Supreme Court which ever sides wins would certainly stick it to the other side in a new CBA. Anyway you cut it even if the players win the Owners could choose to shut down. Players for lack of a better term are a perishable commodity; they only average a 2.5 year career in the NFL. Owners have time on their side and seem to be sticking together. Both sides need to sit down and do a fair deal, if the deal is one sided we only come back here again in 10 years or so.

    Basically this has turned into an adult version of chicken and it’s pissing the fans off and wasting our legal systems time. No one even talks about how many people beyond the players and owners are effected, stadium workers, people who work for teams, agents, sportscasters, advertisers, networks, Direct TV, apparel manufactures I mean these guys are just selfish. The little guys are getting screwed and you don’t see them bitching about a raise or a slice of the pie it’s despicable.

    Judges aren’t stupid they have to see the end game by both sides! I for one am sick of the BS, both sides need to grow up. I think the Judges should get some balls, force binding arbitration and as a condition make Brady, Manning,…………….all named plaintiffs and Owners work as vendors at every event other than football just to see what it’s like to be on the other side.

  20. “philwauke says: May 17, 2011 1:38 PM

    They will probably be there all day trying to decide who will pick up the tab.”


    They’ll both be washing dishes after refusing the check.

  21. Roger: Ok De, you guys win I will pay for … your meal. Chicken on the house, from your friends at the NFL head quarters.

    De: SWEET I ROCK AT THIS JOB! I want the butt peice!

  22. “They may even be splitting a pie.” –

    I wonder if they got it ala mode?

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