Goodell says he’ll reveal details soon on NFL contribution to Vikings stadium


After meeting Tuesday morning with Governor Mark Dayton, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said publicly that the league soon will disclose details regarding the league’s contribution toward a new Vikings stadium.

The $407 million to be contributed by the Vikings already includes money from the league.  It remains to be seen whether the NFL will be going beyond whatever it had planned to contribute as part of the aforementioned (I hate that word, and I yet love that word) $407 million.

The Minnesota Legislature has six days remaining in its regular 2011 session to pass a stadium bill.  To date, not a single hearing on the issue has been held.

37 responses to “Goodell says he’ll reveal details soon on NFL contribution to Vikings stadium

  1. If the Wiff’s get the Arden Hills site, they’ll clear $1M a game in parking alone — they better pony up something other than the $150M from the NFL and seat license fees. I suppose now we can cue the LA Vikings chants from the usual, and incredibly original, MENSA-member posters.

  2. We watched in amazement as the Sonics got swindled from Seattle as the NBA turned a blind eye. My advice to minnesota…work with the NFL and build a stadium, a cheap one if you must, or you will regret it! …now that clay bennett is in charge of nba expandtion, we will most likely never see our Sonics again.

  3. Minnesota officials announced today that were adding a new member to their negotiation team in the near future. A candidate identified only as “D. Smith” was located during a resume search of multiple job sites.

    Mr. Smith indicated that he would be available shortly, and his current employer required no notice for him to leave and take a new position. He did, however, say the state would be competing against multiple bedding companies who targeted Mr. Smith for experience in working with mattresses.

  4. this is why we have a lockout!!! 10 years ago, all most all of the money from a stadium would come from the tax payer! Now citiies and states are broke and the owner and league have to pay more. Used to be a team would say build us a stadium and you can put shops, apartment and resturants next to it and it would be good for the city… not anymore and now the owners are say to the players that some of the nfl profits have to come off the top to help with stadium cost.

  5. cant begin to tell you how much i hate roger goodell , he is the biggest liar ive ever seen he will go down in history as the person who destroyed the most poplular sport in the history

  6. Couldn’t they just close a few schools or a hospital… and give the money to the ‘Zygi the billionaire’?

    What’s wrong with a little socialism… if it benefits the wealthy?

  7. Why is it that every other NFL story on this site has a billionaire holding his hand out for money. First the labor situation, and now this stadium. Why should taxpayers subsidize stadiums at all? If I want to build a structure to house my business, I have to fund it myself or get a loan. If it is not profitable for these guys to do it themselves, then their business’ are not viable.

  8. Please go to the NFL Boycott page on facebook. Choose the one with the NFL Lockout logo, not the crossed out NFL official emblem. This is an organized and serious movement. See the description. THANKS and let’s get OUR sport back!

  9. fltharley says: May 17, 2011 10:55 AM

    cant begin to tell you how much i hate roger goodell , he is the biggest liar ive ever seen he will go down in history as the person who destroyed the most poplular sport in the history


    No, that would be DeIdiot.

    Goodell trying to help keep Vikings in Minny makes him BAD?

  10. Without a CBA in place how can the league actually commit any money to a stadium project?

  11. seatown12 says: May 17, 2011 10:48 AM

    We watched in amazement as the Sonics got swindled from Seattle as the NBA turned a blind eye. My advice to minnesota…work with the NFL and build a stadium, a cheap one if you must, or you will regret it! …now that clay bennett is in charge of nba expandtion, we will most likely never see our Sonics again.
    Whatever. I live in Seattle and I was grateful to see them go. Basketball sucks! Anybody who thinks it is a real sport is a PU$$Y. Do away with dribbling, add in tackling and they might have something. For now it is a GIRLS sport.

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that Goodell’s idea of “contributing” to the push for a taxpayer/bailout/handout for Wilf would be limited to 1) paying off legislators who support the stadium plan and 2) trying to undermine any citizens efforts to place this giant piece of corporate welfare on the ballot for a referendum.

    Somehow I don’t see ol’ Roger walking up to a mic and announcing, “The NFL doesn’t want the State of Minnesota or it’s residents to lose schools, libraries, cops, or bridges just so we can have a mega stadium/mall/condo project to anchors a perennially crappy team that will use the facility 8 times a year.As such we will pay for own own stadium.”

  13. when the vikings move to los angeles, i wonder if they will have to change their name in deference to usc? i mean to have vikings and trojans both in the same town seems a little redundant.

  14. to all the geniuses out there. The payment on a $1.2B dollar loan @ 4.75% is somewhere south of $50M annually. Do you REALLY think the Vikings have that kind of a profit margin?
    Per Forbes Magazine (best info I could find), the Vikings had a 2010 value of $835M; a 38% debt to value ratio; revenue of $209M; and an operating income of $8.2M.
    Please explain to me how they can afford a $50+M dollar annual expense?
    Assuming that they could get a loan, that would place the debt to value ratio at 120%.. No one is going to make that loan.
    Example: Appraised value of a house is $100,000. Apply for a mortgage of $120,000 to buy that house and see how far you get with a mortgage company.

  15. I think a lot of people don’t realize that the Metrodome currently hosts 300+ non-NFL events (well, it did when it had a roof, lol).

    These are not massively profitable, by any means, but the Vikings pay most of the operating costs according to the proposed Ramsey location and the county/state keeps the proceeds from those events, if I’m not mistaken.

    That is why the State pays a portion. It isn’t just because of the competitive nature of getting one of the 32 NFL teams. It is also because of the multi-purpose nature of these stadiums. Asking the Vikings to pay for the entire bill is the same as the Vikings asking to pay the state for the entire bill.

    The true question is who should pay how much. If the Vikes pay for the whole thing, then they get to keep all proceeds from all events. At that point, how much of a wash does it become?

  16. contribution should be 100% if thay are going to blackout local games to the local people that pay taxes to build the stadiums. BLACKOUT RULE SUCKS.

  17. Raj says the NFL will offer any moral support the club needs. You can’t put a price on that.

  18. The legislature is busy with such important issues as preventing gay marriage with an amendment to the state constitution, restricting abortion rights, and other Rightwing-nuttery.

  19. @dongegan, NFL owners do get loans, its called raising local taxes. The owners get the benefit of local govt helping pony up money and in return the local communities get the benefit of higher sales when fans come to town and spend in the local places with restaurants/hotels/shops. Its great for the local businesses & increase in tax revenue on those game days pays for itself.

  20. Its very interesting how everyone wants to rip the Vikings when Pawlenty & Legislature completely sat on their collective asses for the past 8 years & did absoltuely nothing to prevent this situation while the Vikings sat & patiently waited while Target Field & TCF stadium were built without a single concern, now the Vikings have done everything the legislatue has asked and is still not good enuff. Complete B S & not fair to Vikings establishment. Bottom line, if Vikings leave, so do I. I will not give my tax dollars to any establishment that lets my beloved team leave!!

  21. I can say first hand that there is about a 95% chance that the Minnesota legislature has to go into a special session to solve the state budget issue. This will also give the NFL, the Vikings, and the Minnesota legislature more time to figure out a stadium deal that works the best for everyone. The Governor wants to get a deal done, the Wilfs want to get a deal done, and the NFL wants to get a deal done. That means a new Vikings stadium will get done. The special session will all but gaurantee it.

  22. Great so while they have to figure out how to balance their budget. Lets throw hundreds of millions at this new stadium..

    People in politics are really special, Your telling me the stadium will pay for itself when 80 percent of the money will come from People in the city that payed the taxes in the first place.

    Its like a guy who has 200 bucks left in his bank account and decides to go and buy a new TV then realizes later he doesnt have money to eat.

  23. santolonius says: “when the vikings move to los angeles, i wonder if they will have to change their name in deference to usc? i mean to have vikings and trojans both in the same town seems a little redundant.”


    This is just too much of a non-sequitur to process. It’s not effective trolling if you leave your intended targets scratching their heads, Santo.

  24. More welfare for the vikings? No way!

    When will this franchise be allowed to whither and die on its own accord? Every money making team writes this loser team a check already, now every citizen in Minnesota is gonna have to pay higher taxes, the companies have to buy tickets and give them to homeless folk under the illusion that it’s better to be in the humpty dump than out on the street (very debateable), just so they don’t keep getting blacked out, and now the NFL is going to just toss money at them?

    It’s just not worth it anymore! At some point either there are the fans and support or there isn’t… But this just isn’t working for anyone except the couple folks that are fans…

  25. @ Groombar, its all bout, the fans duh, and also bout well rounded community with great things to do. Dont hear anyone bitch bout the $150 mil taylor and mpls want to renovate Target center. I dont bitch bout taxes supporting theatre, museums, etc. Some of you narrow minded jerkoffs need to look at big picture as a whole. Its called a well rounded community and pride in it. Timberwolves suck, Twins suck, I dont hear anyone bitch bout trying to get those tax dollars back. Time to really get off all bout me, me, me bandwagon society and look at the greater good. I have no problem payin extra taxes on merchandise, tix, PSL’s whatever. but then give me my tax $ back for theatre, muesums, oh and local emergency services since i have never used 911. IT MAKES THE COMMUNITY BETTER!! What would be so bad bout Arden Hills community sproutining in 3 years like a spring weed? Property values increase, tons of new develpement and business, dare i say jobs!! They ARE an assest to the community wether u like and support them or not….AND when they have home games, the visiting team pays income taxes to MN for playing the game in MN!!! Wanna lose that too. There is MUCH MORE to lose if they leave than to gain if they stay. People really need to start realizing that!!

  26. BTW, companies get tax breaks all the time by gov.t. Bloomington did for best buy and even kicked a current business out!! It happens all the time for major corporations to get tax breaks to keep large companies around, & those companies employees are not making millions to add to income tax like vikings players. If u arnt a fan of NFL, then go where there is none to idaho or something.

  27. Libraries and museums create a smart and cultured society and help spur thought and innovation.

    viking football, on the other hand, doesn’t even teach kids winning… I’m a Packer fan and telling me to pay and pay and pay more for a loser franchise that can’t create its own self supporting fanbase isn’t fair.

    I’d enjoy it if there was a bar across the street that served me free drinks and buffalo wings. Should society subsidize it for me? No…

    Asking that the vikes do this isn’t being mean, it’s holding a business accountable – you know – societies new dirty “a” word.

  28. goombar, Brown county increased their taxes to pay for the Lambeau renovation. You got a problem with that?

    What are you going to pay for a Viking stadium? A few bucks? I’ll give you $100 to move away.

    Why don’t you visit one of those libraries or museums sometime because they obviously haven’t made you any smarter.

  29. thephantomstranger :

    Well, first off, the World Champion Green Bay Packers are a municipal team. So asking the public for some support wasn’t out of the question.

    Second, it was put up for an up or down vote and passed. So if taxpayers want to pay taxes to renovate the greatest NFL stadium, so what? I also happen to have bought stock too. I wanted to support what I enjoyed and give something to my son.

    What you are in favor of is no voting, doing it behind the scenes and just taking my money. 75% of people don’t want this! That’s stealing!

  30. So is an un employed person watching porn on a computer in a public library calling it freedom of speech!!

    The legislature knows this has been brewing for 5 years, if letting the public vote on it was important to them, it should have been in the process a long time ago. Complain to your rep about that, not the people that want to keep the Vikings here!!

    Every moron in the state is looking to jump on the “me vote no” bandwagon. Funny they were no where to be found b4.

    The Vikings have done EVERYTHING asked of them. Its time for public to let your rep know how u feel and deal with it, thats what ive done. If it passes ill love it. If nothing is done and Vikings leave, so will I.

    Im totally sick of all you morons jumping on “dont raise my taxes” bandwagon, me,me,me crap. EVERYONE knew this was coming so quit bitching.

  31. Yeah, heaven forbid folks would want to keep their money and not just line the wallet of some billionaire!

    All us me me me people, you know… The kind that think we ought to have bridges and schools paid for before we squander money on a billion dollar boondoggle that they have to give tickets away for so they can call it a “sell out”! During PLAYOFFS! PLAYOFFS no less!

    And if you just added that you’d leave Minnesota too, well that’s even more incentive for people to write their politicians and tell them to vote no!

  32. When you nso called loyal Pack fans voted on renovating your dump did it not only pass by a % or two? So half of your state hates the Pack ? I can understand why over half voted yes because they wouldn’t take more taxes out of there welfare checks they receive.

  33. Packers renovation passed by 53-47%. yeah overwhelming support for publicly owned team.

    vikings have sold out for 12 years straight.

    groombar, your rhetoric is so pathetic, one sided, and non-factual, you should run for office or work for donald trump.

    BTW, they are planning on building new bridges and the reason schools are closing is because smaller class sizes, overpaid unaccountable tenure teachers, inefficient older school buildings that waste energy, and overal eneficiencies that have not been dealt with over the last 20 years when no one was holding anyone accountable.

    groombar, u will learn real soon that everyone has to be held acccountable, even the state of minnestoa for electing pawlenty for 2 terms that did not give a rats a$$ while he was the gov. so he could continously run on the platform of i dont raise taxes. in the meantime vikings left out in cold, local govt & school districts faced shrinking budgets, roads, bridges, and all other infrastructure went to crap cause pawlenty failed to face the music and attempt to deal with ANY of it.

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