McCourty remembers being an unpopular Patriots pick

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Much like Logan Mankins back in 2005, Devin McCourty wasn’t a particularly popular first-round selection in New England.

At the time, McCourty was seen as an unflashy, low upside pick that surprised a lot of people.  Pre-draft talk had McCourty as a second rounder.  Folks seemed to prefer Jerry Hughes, Sergio Kindle, or even cornerback Kyle Wilson, who was taken by the Jets.

One year later, McCourty is a second team All-Pro member and looks like one of the best young cornerbacks in the league. McCourty joined PFT Live Tuesday to talk about not being welcomed with open arms in New England.

“As soon as I got to Boston,  I had to do an interview for the media about being drafted, and the first thing someone said to me was ‘Did you realize to the fans and the media you’re not a popular pick – not many people wanted you?”’

“And I just think as a player and as a competitor, when you hear those things, it’s a challenge. Throughout the whole season I had that in the back of my mind,” McCourty told Florio.

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19 responses to “McCourty remembers being an unpopular Patriots pick

  1. Patriot fans are spoiled children….bunch of arm chair hacks that pretend to know more than the coach on what & who is best for the team….all’s I’ve heard & listened to is how Bill B messed up & should have taken an OLB & BLAH BLAH BLAH…
    I absolutly loved the draft picks this year & am never shocked by Bill doing the unexpected & taking someone most don’t know about or taking someone that is well known but taken sooner than the fans & media feels they should have been….
    I enjoy watching them,for the most part, eat their words….the draft is a crap shoot for the most part & with the luxury of hindsight they point fingers as to what might have been or what could have been….what they don’t realize is that a player that does good elsewhere may not have flourished in the system Bill implements here at New England….or he just missed out & did what he thought was best…It’s like these fans think Bill is an idiot & doesn’t know what he’s doing or he doesn’t know what the teams needs really are…..
    I’m a HUGE Patriots fan & have been through YEARS of poor decisions in the past & in comparison to those days Bill is a GOD SEND!!!!!

  2. There is part of the New England fan base saying the same thing about Solder and Dowling.

    Probably the same people who slogged McCourty. Hopefully they’re wrong again this year.

  3. i dont think McCourty would have been as unpopular a choice if Dez Bryant wasnt still on the board, but im glad we passed on that diva…Devin McCourty is the reason i have so far withheld judgement on this years crop…although i do have a good feeling about Solder…

  4. To be fair PFT folks…

    We wanted Jared Odrick. Informed Pats fans knew Hughes and Kindle were bums. The local media, however, was convinced McCourty was a special teams threat exclusively and got the public nice and riled up with that train of thought.

    This Pats fan is more than happy to admit he was dead wrong about McCourty. I can only hope I have a similar feast of my own words after Nate Solder hits the field.

  5. All hail the Hoody!

    Long live the Hoody!

    God save the Hoody!

    And God bless Krafty for staying out of BB’s way.

  6. Want to identify a Patriots fan that doesn’t have any clue what’s going on? Find one that criticizes Belichick when he makes a selection in the 1st round. Those are the ones that think they have a better idea of who the team should select by reading Mel Kiper’s latest draft book. By all means, follow the prospects, root for them to take a certain player…but when they take someone else, understand you were probably wrong.

  7. kissbillsrings says:
    May 17, 2011 2:54 PM
    Patriot fans are spoiled children….bunch of arm chair hacks that pretend to know more than the coach on what & who is best for the team


    This makes Patriots’ fans different from any other team’s fans how?

  8. bonecity7: really doesn’t make them much different than other teams fans but they should be…Bill has lifted this team to increadible heights & done it year in & year out with old/young/problematic/forgotten players at many different levels….he’s earned our trust & instead of supporting the best mind in football they question it having no clue as to what his vision is for the team…

    I guess I’m just venting…it’s hard for an artistBill) to paint his masterpiece(a superbowl calibar team)when 2/3 ‘s of his needs(free agents & trading)are unavailable to him due to this CBA labor dispute….

  9. It’s hilarious and sad to read the media sheep bleat on about how they’re amazed a player should have gone higher or lower.

    It’s equally amazing how few draft “experts” don’t do any evaluation of their own and merely plagiarize, er copy, Mel Kiper’s board, but try to make their own with little tweaks here and there.

    A great example is Tyson Alualu. Mel Kiper had him as a 2nd rounder, and every other media pundit merely followed that and were “outraged” when the Jags took him at 10, whining that they could have had him lower. What they won’t admit was the picture (posted here on PFT) of the Cowboys draft board that had him as a 1st rounder.

    The experts are employed by teams, not in the TV studios, bloggers, newspapers/magazines, and certainly not the fans.

  10. Regarding Bill’s drafts, he has proven to be more correct than not with his first round picks. However, even though his picks have panned out, it still does not mean that he has bypassed a need that has been a problem for the Pats since McGinest left. ANd, it’s not that he bypassed the problem. It’s that he’s bypassed players that were talented and could have helped.

    Take this year. As a Pats fan, I think Nate Solder will be a fine player and will help them, and after reflection, I have no problem with the pick even though I was pissed 2 seconds after the selection. But, IMO, Cameron Jordan should have been the pick at 17. He fills a more desperate need and would not have been a “reach” at 17. They could have drafted an OL such as Ijalana at 33 (they traded # 28). To me, you don’t take corners in that area of the draft.

    I know nothing about Dowling, but drafting an injured corner at # 33 is a risk, and doesn’t really fill a need with McCourty and Bodden as the starting corners. I certainly hope he does well though.

    Shane Vereen quite possibly could be the steal of the draft. Watch this kid.

  11. BTW, does anyone else love the old Pat Patriot helmet with the red jersey, or is it just me?

    The Pats should wear these uniforms when they’re on MNF or a showcase game like on Thanksgiving.

    The old uniforms look better now than when they actually wore them for some reason.

    I don’t know…

  12. Anyone who like Kyle Wilson over McCourty wasn’t looking at the numbers. Wilson had more INTs his final year, but McCourty had far more passes defensed. So just in terms of getting his hands on the ball, McCourty was better. Plus he made plays behind the line of scrimmage in run support and blitzing, and he has special teams skills. It was an awesome pick and his rookie year showed it. Now I’m all hyped up for Nate Solder. Athletic, 6’7″ bookends at tackle for NE is going to be AWESOME.

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