Raiders plan workouts in Atlanta


The Jets headed West to workout in Los Angeles for passing.  The Raiders are headed to the Dirty South.

The Raiders will get together in Atlanta, according to Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune.

Quarterback Jason Campbell and defensive tackle Richard Seymour are spearheading that the effort, which will start next Monday.  Both players live in the South and they are organizing their respective sides of the ball.

The workouts won’t include any prospective free agents on the Raiders, which means Nnamdi Asomugha, Robert Gallery, and Zach Miller aren’t expected to be there.

18 responses to “Raiders plan workouts in Atlanta

  1. Sweet- I’m looking forward to going undefeated in this year’s 4 game regular season and winning a coin-toss to determine playoff positions.

  2. Don’t blame them one bit, who wants to workout in that East Bay grease? Go Raiders!

  3. Keep grinding Boy’s n Black, the rest of the teams players are bull-riding. The Bears won’t even talk to each other…

    We will Win the West, we have the best Talent in the AFC and mark my word. Tawain Jones is the nxt 2,000 yrd RB

    If we pull off a trade for either Chad Ocho or Steve Smith.. SuperBowl!


  4. As a Raider fan, this leadership is great to see. The NFL had better get the CBA done and get back to football. The Raiders are on the rise.

  5. It was the city that best approximated the social disfunction of Oakland, Ca. Except the last words you hear have a different accent.

  6. “With the 17th pick of the 2011 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select Richard Seymour”. Pro bowler and unquestioned leader of the defense. I’ll take it.

  7. Richard Seymour…ok the Pats have had some nice seasons, but then the playoffs come,..first the Ravens, then the Jets,..both come to Foxboro,..and get destroyed,..that doesnt happen if Seymour is on that team…and hes also the reason the Raiders will win the west this year,..going 6-0 in division was the just tip if the iceberg last year,…people that know football know who will be the next powerhouse team,..its the Oakland Raiders.

  8. @dudcile.. Yeah you caught that Huh! I thought about it after I said it,.. LOL! but hey I went to college with both S. Smith & Ocho @ Santa Monica College and I would Love one of those guy’s with us..


  9. @p4hbiz

    Wait a minute. So adding either a 33 year-old WR/bull rider whose career is in decline or a 32 year-old WR/crybaby whose career is in decline translates to a Super Bowl appearance. Really??? What color is the sky in your world?

  10. @1bigtex.. Basically saying we’re a #1 Wideout away from making it to the SuperBowl.

    If you know ur History when the Raiders make it to the playoffs we either go to the afc chapionship game or All the way to the SuperBowl.

    It’s a fact when the Raiders are in the playoff’s we usally have a dangerous offence something like the one we have now.

  11. @p4hbiz

    “we usally (sic) have a dangerous offence (sic) something like the one we have now.”

    The same offense that needs a #1 WR ( because you’re promoting the idea of picking up some that are washed up). You might want to take a look for a QB who has a winning record as well.

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