Tony Kornheiser calls Jim Irsay “bozo,” Irsay calls Kornheiser “chump”


Colts owner Jim Irsay and former Monday Night Football commentator Tony Kornheiser have engaged in a war of words today, with Kornheiser ripping Irsay on the radio, Irsay ripping Kornheiser on Twitter, and both parties landing some verbal jabs.

Caught in the crossfire was Kornheiser’s former Washington Post colleague Sally Jenkins, whom Kornheiser called “shrew-like” for the tone of her own commentary on NFL owners.

It started with Kornheiser scoffing on his radio show at Irsay’s claim that he could get an NFL labor deal hammered out by sitting down with Colts center Jeff Saturday.

“What inflames this is a complete bozo, like Jimmy Irsay,” Kornheiser said. “Jimmy Irsay, who inherited his team. Worked very hard in the American way. He was in what Dan Jenkins used to call ‘The son business.’ He inherits a team, and now he says, ‘Jeff Saturday and I could hang out, we could go clubbing, we could work this out on a napkin at Ralph’s Boathouse.'”

For the record, it was actually Rick’s Boatyard where Irsay said he and Saturday could do a deal. And while Kornheiser is right that Irsay inherited his team from his father, just about anyone who has observed the Colts through the years would agree that Irsay has been an effective owner, far more effective than his dad.

But Kornheiser wasn’t done, saying that Irsay is viewed as a joke among his fellow owners, who would be much more likely to listen to someone like Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

“Jimmy Irsay, the rest of the owners wouldn’t trust Jimmy Irsay to call a cab for them,” Kornheiser said. “Just so we understand that. They would not. Now, when the Krafts of the world, Kraft says, ‘This is hurting us with fans,’ he’s a reasonable guy. They would trust Kraft. There’s four or five owners that the other owners would trust to get involved in this.”

When Irsay heard about that, he went on Twitter and responded.

“T.Kornheiser is a mean-spirited chump! When he can win 115 games n a decade,build a top 3 stadium,win n host a Super Bowl,then he can chirp!” Irsay wrote. “I think he used 2 b Bill Tobin’s mailman…but that would b an insult 2 mail men! I just droppin’ knowledge…”

So now that we have Irsay’s response, the next question is whether Sally Jenkins, who wrote a column criticizing NFL owners, will also offer a response to Kornheiser’s comments during the same segment of his radio show.

“I read Sally’s shew-like, hysterical column in which she just bangs the owners around, constantly, constantly, constantly,” Kornheiser said. “I’m really sick of that.”

So, to be clear, Kornheiser is sick of members of the media criticizing the owners. But he’s happy to use his radio show to call one owner a bozo.

97 responses to “Tony Kornheiser calls Jim Irsay “bozo,” Irsay calls Kornheiser “chump”

  1. No bad words to say about Jim Irsay. Just thank you, since I won one of his twitter contests.

  2. “T.Kornheiser is a mean-spirited chump! When he can win 115 games n a decade,build a top 3 stadium,win n host a Super Bowl,then he can chirp!” Irsay wrote. “I think he used 2 b Bill Tobin’s mailman…but that would b an insult 2 mail men! I just droppin’ knowledge…”

    For some reason, I get the feeling this old white guy can ‘dougie’.

  3. kornholeser is going to call someone a bozo with hair like that? its like he wears a bozo wig every day.

  4. One, I’ve never liked the Irsays ever since they pulled that middle of the night stunt on Baltimore and their fans. Two, I have a problem with grown men who run around with big bellies, yet well defined thumbs, who “twitter” all day. That means he can’t get laid or has nothing to do with his daily life. Three, I don’t know why anybody listens to or watches Kornheiser. He’s a complete tool.

  5. Not a colts fan, not an Irsay fan, but, I agree he would have a better chance of solving this litigation over a beer with Saturday than all the lawyers currently handling it have a chance of settling it any way in the next century

  6. Kornheiser can’t help it….. every once in awhile he has to say something controversial (usually followed by an apology). I kind of think he does it on purpose… get’s his name in the headlines.

  7. “I think he used 2 b Bill Tobin’s mailman…but that would b an insult 2 mail men! I just droppin’ knowledge…”

    Wow. Since when did Chris Johnson own the Colts?

    I didn’t give Korn the benefit of the doubt until I read this guy’s reply. Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the other owners aren’t impressed when this guy opens his mouth (if this is any indication).

  8. Tony Kornheiser will go down in history as the BIGGEST BOZO to ever be in the booth.

    Who listens to this guy? Someone, ANYONE, fess up if you have anything good to say about this clown.

  9. Any surprise? All you need to know about Tony K. is how he is handling the Dan Snyder law suit situation in D.C., to know what he is all about….

  10. I wish you guys would write something constructive, like actually spelling out the differences in what the owners want, and what the players want. And then the readers on here could form opinions on whose side to take based on factual information. I guarantee you most commenters on this site, including myself, have no clue what the difference is between the sides and are forced to base their opinions on basically nothing.

    Ill give you some questions to start on. Do the players want to get rid of the franchise player tag and is that a realistic possibility? How much is the 18 game schedule a factor in this lockout? Are the players for or against a rookie wage limit? Etc etc. What exactly are the owners locking out the players for…what do they want that the players won’t give them?

  11. what kind of NFL owner goes on twitter and bashes someone? Kornheiser was right, this guy is a bozo. Classless as well.
    Here’s some knowledge for you Mr. Irsay, If you didn’t have Peyton Manning running that team for the past decade you’d have 15 wins and no superbowl! CHUMP!

  12. Since Kornheiser is too lazy to fact-check or report anymore, I’m not surprised he’s trying to make himself relevant by attacking other sportswriters and owners’ Twitter posts. Bully? Irsay was being kind. He’s an incompetent boob.

    Critiquing Jenkins’s article using the term shrewlike is no different than saying a Jewish columnist was “kvetching.” Jackass.

    And his comments on Irsay were ridiculous. The guy has had some issues, but consider his upbringing. He’s worked hard in recent years to overcome his father’s reputation and his own mistakes. If you’re going to discount every owner who inherited his place at the table, then you also have to toss out Mara and Rooney. Somehow I doubt Terrible Tony would do that. Don’t know how Wilbon stands this twit.

  13. Kornheiser called someone a bozo,well that’s rich he and wilbon are both homer clowns.Isray yes your team is successful then again most of us could have a decent run with Manning at qb,damn i want this lockout over so we can talk football again.

  14. At last the fundamental problem holding up settlement of the labor issue has come out.

    Jim Irsay has been waiting at Rick’s Boathouse scribbling on a napkin and getting sloshed, while Jeff Saturday is glumly downing shots over at Ralph’s Boathouse, glancing at his watch and grimacing from time to time.

  15. Regardless of any of this bickering, it’s moronic for Irsay to suggest he could just sit down and figure everything out on a napkin with Saturday.

  16. “I just droppin’ knowledge”.

    Wow, that’s impressive. Does he wear his hat backwards with a straight bill and sport a temporary tear-drop tatoo as he hobnobs with his rich, old pals at the country club?

    But I guess that’s how the Wilmette Gangstas roll. I’m sure growing up in a rough hood like that is realer than anything I’ve known.

    Nice to know that the Colts are being run by Drexl from “True Romance”. Maybe he just should’ve told Tony it wasn’t White Boy Day.

    What a clown. Ice Ice Baby.

  17. Now that they have the working title of “Bozo, Chump, and The Shrew”, producers are in the process of testing performers to play the lead characters.

  18. Is there any further backstory to this Irsay/Kornheiser war of words? I know Kornheiser was working in DC when the Colts moved from Baltimore in 1983… but surely it’s not bad blood based on that, is it?

  19. Who gave Kornheiser a radio show?? Does this guy get ratings? I personally can’t stand the guy and and I don’t believe I have ever read anything good about the guy.

  20. Irsay conducts himself as a “new money” owner and should be embarrassed by his awful tweeting. But that doesn’t make Kornheiser any less of a sniveling weasel. They deserve each other on this one.

  21. Korheiser’s only way of being relevant is to piss off people who are are.

  22. Tony Kornheiser is the biggest D on ESPN. He was a horrible host on MNF w/ Dennis Miller running a close 2nd. I was elated to hear he got the boot b/c all it seemed to be was monday night PTI.

  23. “T.Kornheiser is a mean-spirited chump! When he can win 115 games n a decade,build a top 3 stadium,win n host a Super Bowl,then he can chirp!” “I think he used 2 b Bill Tobin’s mailman…but that would b an insult 2 mail men! I just droppin’ knowledge…”
    Jim Irsay tweeted this or was it Snoop Dogg?

  24. I love Mr. Irsay! World class gentleman, insane tweeter, and a pretty darn good owner….
    I actually believe he & Jeff Saturday could hammer this out exactly as described. Kornholio is too caught up with winning & losing to see the big picture.
    When did “compromise” become a four-letter word in this country?

  25. How does Kornhole have a radio show? What is the guy’s appeal? Who listens to this guy?

    He has no knowledge of the game. Doesn’t know players, doesn’t know GMs, doesn’t know history of the game or any sport, doesn’t want to learn anything…

    For the sake of all that is good and righteous, you could get the same stupidity by hiring a viking fan!

  26. Kornheiser… seriously?

    An Owner said he could sit down with talk things out with a prominent Player Rep and this journo-douche thinks that is a bad idea?!?

    The odds that Tony Kornheiser gets fired one day for saying something really out of line or stepping on the wrong toes just jumped up a few notches.

    Didn’t Tony just get suspended from ESPN a few months back?

    There is a reason Polian dislikes the Media… they spew garbage like that.

    Wilbon though is alright in my book. Met the guy in South Beach, class act.

  27. “So, to be clear, Kornheiser is sick of members of the media criticizing the owners. But he’s happy to use his radio show to call one owner a bozo.

    Kornheiser is just like PFT and the so called “Experts” club…. Everyone’s got to have a voice and think it’s better then the last guy.

  28. What has Tony Crapheiser ever done in his life? I love these journalists. All they do is write about others people’s exploits since they don’t have any accomplishments of their own. Hahaha!

  29. Jim the drug addicted owner earned his money the old fashioned way – He inherited it. The guy has never held a significant job in his life. His daddy, Bob the red faced drunk was a worthless sleaze bag. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    Peyton Manning was the only thing that kept Jimmy Irsay from laboring in mediocrity for the last decade. And when Peyton goes, the front runners and band wagoners in Indy will disappear. It took a good 4 years or so into Peyton’s reign before Indy sold out their stadium. When he is gone they will be lucky to draw 50K a game.

    And while I think Tony Kornheiser is a tool, he is right about Jim Irsay. You think Jerry Jones or Steve Biscotti pay any attention to what Jimmy has to say. These are men who made millions and billions on their own. They didn’t need daddy to give them their allowance.

    Jimmy ought to STFU, get on his hands and knees and thank G-d every night for giving him Bob the red faced drunk as a father. Otherwise he’d be a fat middle aged salesman working at Maytag and selling appliances.

  30. Go Tony! I think his comments were friggin hilarious! Especially when he said most owners wouldnt trust Jimmy to call a cab for them! Classic!

    If Tony were this bold on MNF then we would still be employed (or maybe not actually, because the owners wouldve forced the network to fire him anyway), but he wouldve been more of a fan favorite.

  31. Tony Kornhole is an idiot I cant believe I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this…… Jim Irsay is known as one of the classiest owners in the NFL.

  32. Kornheisers radio show suckks and imo his columns that got him famous were, imo, Dave Barry ripoffs. Not plagiarized, just the shtick.

  33. Jim Irsay inherited the Colts and just enough money to pay for taxes from his fathers estate. The remainder went to his step-mother.

    He is now one of the 400 richest men on the planet.

    And Augustus inherited from Caesar an empire and left Tiberius the world.

  34. Jim Irsay is a clown, a guy his age, behaving like a 13 year old on Twitter,..his Tweets are child like…because he is a child, hes never had to earn a thing in his life,…and now hes taking credit for a superbowl…stadium…etc…ya right,..the next time Bill Polian asks Jim for his thoughts on what to do will be the first…Jim Irsay is just the stupid kid of a rich dad…hes beyond embarrassing.

  35. “just about anyone who has observed the Colts through the years would agree that Irsay has been an effective owner”

    Well, effective at raising the hopes of fans much higher each season before inevitably disappointing them by playing it safe at the end of the season, then wheezing out of playoff games. Then again, there was that Super Bowl a few years ago, when they beat a much weaker opponent…

    I like the Colts team, but from Dungy to Caldwell to Polian to Irsay, they’re led by timid play-it-safers who have let the fans and franchise down year after year. No, fellas, it’s not good enough to win all those regular-season games only to kill the engine and coast to a stop in the playoffs. It’s not okay to leave the best QB in football short-handed and unprotected year after year. It’s a shame on all of you that your team doesn’t have at least 3 Super Bowl victories by now.

  36. Being a fan of an AFC South rival of the Colts, who I can’t stand….I love the way Irsay did this. Kornholio is a piece of ___! (Add analogy) I kind of like him now because I’ve always loathed Kornheiser. I used the phrase loathe because I don’t know if there’s a stronger word to use? Can anyone else think of a better word than loathe?

  37. tony kornheiser sucks, but he’s right. most sports owners are just playing with daddys money and they really have no right to but in. people like robert kraft and al davis can actually speak out because theyve actually put themselves oon the line to build a franchise. not some clown who is only important because his team sucked enough to get the first round pick in 1998.

  38. swervinmervin says: May 17, 2011 8:44 PM

    Go Tony! I think his comments were friggin hilarious! Especially when he said most owners wouldn’t trust Jimmy to call a cab for them! Classic!

    I AGREE! It’s called humor, people. Lighten up.

    I don’t really get all the hate.

    Maybe, we’re all on edge over the lockout crap.

  39. More junior high school behavior from those ego driven fools in our sports media.

    I remember the days when sports media wasn’t always making the story about themselves. But since we’re now living in the ESPN generation, it’s seems more about saying irresponsible ish to get the athletes, coaches, owners and even fans to respond so these fools can then turn it into a story..

    Why bother end the lock-out when theses folks in the sports media can figure out ways of making this off season more about them. Even thou they desparately try to convince everyone that it’s the fans they are concerned about…KEEP BELIEVING THAT BS.

  40. Now its not really fair to take the comments about Sally out of context, Tony repeatedly says on his show how much he likes and respects Sally’s writing even if he disagrees with it. That said, I love to see him let lose like this, we could stand to see a bit more of the old Mr. Tony who’s not afraid to call someone out, and as we can see by the oh so eloquent response by Mr. Irsay, I think he found the right target this time.

  41. Alot of people bashing TK for telling the truth. And to say he doesnt know anything about sports is retarded. He has his style of humor and its made him millions. So why isnt this owner sitting in on the meetings? And to say the colts have been so great the past ten years??? really. You have Manning and should have won alot more than 1 SB unless they are happy being the regular season champs.

  42. I don’t care for Jeff Lurie, but we should be happy.

    We could have someone like Irsay, who sounds like a 7th grade girl at a lunch table.

    Yo, yo, yo, this is MC Irsay, keeping it real up in this country club, my homies.

    Representin’ the Trust Fund Mafia, betta recognize!

  43. For those who aren’t familier with Jim Irsay, he is one of those guys who has a life long “mid life crisis”. He plays blues guitar in a band during his free time and thinks he’s still 23. With that being said YES he probably could get this done quickly but Kornheiser is right (it pains me to say it). I doubt the other owners would have him represent them because he would side with the players. Irsay is a people pleaser, not a business man (the opposite of his father).

  44. Twitter: Making even rich white guys sound as intelligent as 20 year old rap stars since 2008.

  45. Not to beat a dead shock jock, but their kind hiding behind a microphone has been going on since Cosell was dis’ing on George Steinbrenner.
    Are we now just catching on that to Rome, Korn-holser, Wil-bore, Cosell, Jim Gray and their kind… it’s all about “the ratings” and getting sponsors to buy ad time on their shows? And really who gives a crap what fat-a$$ed owner and some hack journalist think about each other?

  46. @macker1283 …

    You must have wandered onto this site about two hours ago because PFT has posted several articles a day for months explaining the labor issues in detail. Mike, the site owner, is a former employment attorney and has done a great job breaking things down into layman’s terms. Enter lockout, NFLPA, decertification, etc., in the PFT search window to access earlier articles. This one provides a basic overview:

  47. Eff Irsay and his drunk old man who ran out of baltimore in the middle of the night! TK Stack Money speaks the truth.

  48. Kornholer trusts someone like Kraft? Who MARRIED into money instead of inheriting it. Yeah, that makes sense. Me thinks he trusts Kraft for a different reason.

  49. Kornheiser is a joke. He single handedly ruined monday night football with his commentary. I dont know who is worse him or Theismann. He was the first person to ever make me mute the tv to watch a game.

  50. Ppdoc13-the colts were in Indy 14 years before Manning came along and they’ll be there for many years after he’s gone. Jim Irsay is 5 times the owner AND man his father was.

    Maybe its time to let it go…..?

  51. “When he can win 115 games n a decade,build a top 3 stadium,win n host a Super Bowl,then he can chirp!”

    RLY?!! When the owner stops using the 13 year-old AOLizer to write his tweets, we can readdress this conversation.

  52. That toupee-wearing hack Kornholer doesn’t have a whole lot of room to talk when throwing around the term “bozo”.

  53. At least Kornheiser versus Irsay is a fair fight!

    As for Kornheiser calling out Jenkins that is also probably a fair fight; I’m confident that she’ll get her’s back later.

    As for Jenkins being shrill, well, here in DC remember that we have Dan Snyder for an owner, one of the most egregious gougers ever to have title to a sports franchise; it sort of conditions the atmosphere.

    If nothing else I give Jenkins points for not being a suck-up.

  54. Irsay’s Tweets lead me to question the stability of the owner of my beloved Colts but he has done a good job of finding the right people and giving them the freedom to do the job of creating a top-notch team. Would I have hired Caldwell to follow Dungy? No. Would I pay Manning all the money in the world and threaten the ability of the team to fortify other areas of need? No. But you can’t question the basic direction of the Colts.

    As for Kornheiser, he is just a mean-spirited little man who can’t ever get enough attention. He has to keep his name out there in whatever way possible. Kind of sad when you think about it.

  55. Sorry but I have to side with Irsay on this. Too bad Kornheiser can’t call his boss Dan Snyder a bozo!

  56. “Tony Kornheiser will go down in history as the BIGGEST BOZO to ever be in the booth.”

    Come on, as bad as he was, no one, and I mean NO ONE will ever be worse than Theisman. Have to put hm behind Dierdorf and Dennis Miller too.

  57. Can’t believe the article fails to mention that Dan Snyder signs Kornheiser’s checks. Of course he’s going to defend the owners. To me, it sounds like the parrot repeating the words of the pirate.

  58. “T.Kornheiser is a mean-spirited chump! When he can win 115 games n a decade,build a top 3 stadium,win n host a Super Bowl,then he can chirp!” As far as I know, Peyton Manning and the Colts TEAM won 115 games and a Super Bowl. None of it would’ve happened without a slam dunk first round pick. Taking credit for that just seems ridiculous.

  59. The number of people here speaking out of complete ignorance is astounding. Irsay is hardly a “silver spooner” living off of his daddy’s hard-earned money. He is 10x the owner his drunken idiot father ever was. The best thing Bob ever did was run away from that craphole Baltimore before the local gov’t could declare imminent domain and steal the team from him.

    The problem with the internet is that it gives a voice to those who should stay quiet.

  60. Kornheiser is a shill for ESPN and therefore, a mouthpiece for Robert Kraft. I was just waiting for him to change the subject to the MLB CBA so he could start raving about how good the Red Sox are too.

  61. Of course he loves Kraft cuz hes jewish too. Thats why he sucks up to Larry Brown and David Stern too. Tony is a COMPLETE JOKE!!!

  62. Thank God Irsay has money because his grammer is awful. Is he trying to come across young? I mean who says “I just droppin’ knowledge…”. Was he wearing the tags on his sideways Yankees cap, and his large pants were dropped bellow his @ss when he typed this?

  63. When economy completely fails all these negotiations won’t mean anything anyway.

    american $ down 22% in last 8 years and falling as I write.

  64. kornholer.. we will never trust anybody from the video experts of the nfl the team the owner the coaches the gutless commissioner– irsay all the way

  65. Kornheiser, mike and mike, jim rome, etc- just a bunch of inflated egos and morons that no real football takes seriously.

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