Columnist complains about Colts secret workouts


Like most teams, the Colts have held reportedly held informal workouts during the lockout.   Unlike most teams — but not all — they have gone out of their way to keep the practices a secret.

Bob Kravitz, the dean of Indianapolis sportswriters, wrote a column about it Wednesday in the Indianapolis Star.

“I’m looking for the right words to characterize the players’ — and by that, I mean Manning’s — insistence on working out in utter secrecy, keeping fans and media at bay.



Idiotic,” Kravitz writes.

We like Kravitz’s writing a lot in general and the points he makes in the column are largely true. The secrecy seems out of habit more than anything. The paranoia is great enough that Dallas Clark reportedly complained when cameras were at a facility where Clark works out. The cameras were following Deion Branch, who also works out there.

Paul Kuharsky of writes that fans have reportedly complained that Kravitz comes off as a whiner, which is a fair point.  Is this an issue worthy of a column?

It sounds partly like a writer frustrated with one of the most difficult organizations in the league for the media to deal with from the top down. The fans do suffer — reporting on the Colts is consistently inferior to other small market NFL teams in quantity and quality of coverage.

It’s a media strategy the organization is obviously comfortable with, and one that won’t change until the team starts losing again.

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  1. At night, does everyone in Indianapolis, kneel before their bed, and thank God for the Chicago Bears?…Without that team that year, there is no way this team ever wins a title….

  2. “It’s a media strategy the organization is obviously comfortable with, and one that won’t change until the team starts losing again.”

    Which will either be this year when Manning leaves for greener pastures, or in 3 more years when he retires.

    Either way, wont take Colt’s fans long to get the coverage they so desire.

  3. jw731, I didn’t realize that the Bears were the only other team in the league that year. I thought all 32 teams had a chance to win the Super Bowl in 2006, but what do I know? Btw, the Bears were 15-3 in 2006 and crushed the Saints in the NFC title game. Also, Manning and the Colts put up 32 2nd half points on the #6 ranked Patriots defense in the Afc title game. Owned.

  4. @jw731 Just imagine how much more difficult it would have been if they had to beat a tough team like Baltimore or New England in order to win that title. Oh wait… Silly me…

  5. I found a grammatical error in the above update. I think that is unprofessional.
    Here it is:

    Like most teams, the Colts have held reportedly held informal workouts during the lockout.
    Thumbs up if you are sick of this crap.

  6. “Is this an issue worthy of a column?”

    I was thinking the same thing as I read this article.

    Can I please have my 3.5 minutes back that it took to read it???

  7. Why does the media think we care about them? Just because they want some useless scoop about what color jock Dallas Clark is wearing doesn’t mean the fans give a crap. I, personally, could not care any less about how much the team talks to the local beat guys.

  8. When Kravitz reports that the Colts lost a game, the Indy fanboys scream that he’s being negative. Indy-fan really does think that Jesus wants the Colts to win.

  9. Man, I miss Kravitz. When he packed up and headed to Indy, the collective IQ of the Denver sports media went down by about 2/3rds.

  10. Bob Kravitz, the dean of Indianapolis sportswriters
    no one and I mean no one gives a crap about Bob Krapitz and his columns. he needs to go back to Denver or replace Wilbon on PTI which would make it Pardon The Ingnorance with him and Kornholer.

  11. It’s not just print media that gets the shaft. When was the last time you saw the local television media talking to Peyton Manning? It doesn’t happen much, because he doesn’t want it to happen much. The rest of the organization is pretty tight-lipped, but Manning takes them to an entirely different level.

  12. Hey Idiots!

    This workouts are closed to the media except the first one of the off season. They don’t allow media or anyone into these work outs on any other season!

    This is only an issue because of the lock out. So this moron doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  13. SHUSH!

    Don’t tell anyone, but I saw them practicing down a Ricks Boatyard. Irsay was there too.

  14. With everything else going on ( or maybe not going on) just maybe the players don’t want to talk about it every time they get together to practice.

    These types of practices, at their best, are nowhere near what they would have in other times. They sure don’t need all the the media distractions.

    Too bad the other teams don’t do the same.

    Screw the media, they just want some player to make ANOTHER stupid comment, so they can put it in their blog and sensationalize it.

    Cheers to the Colts.

  15. Since the NFL is in lockdown, these workouts are private individuals taking part in private activities. No one has a right to be in on that.

    Oh, and the people commenting above on the Colts’ Super Bowl win are all correct. They did beat some very tought teams on the way to the game, and did get lucky with an inferior final opponent (and inferior opposing conference in general).

    If they’d had a better track record since then, there wouldn’t be questions about their SB win. But year after year, it’s the same – do great in the regular season, then wheeze out when it counts. Resting players late in the season, killing momentum, that’s all been well-covered. No excuse for that pathetic SB against the Saints.

    Win another one and all the questions go away. Manning deserves it, now if only the incompetent leadership of that team would get him the team he needs…

  16. Since when does the MEDIA have a RIGHT to being privy to anything? They can’t keep secrets b/c they all want to make a name for themselves at the expense of others.

    Why is it if the media is not allowed somewhere then they are “offended” and demand entrance? The Colts are a PRIVATE entity, they are not required to be subject to public scutiny at the behest of the media.

    I am so tired of the media, sports and otherwise, forcing themselves onto private businesses and citizens solely for their own benefit.

    reporters should be banned from all informal NFL workouts IMO, the media just wants a story, and if they don’t get one they’ll make one up anyway.

  17. If there is nothing to report, then don’t wire an article. Kravitz needs to get over hisself.

  18. Is this some elementary school newletter I stumbled onto? The snappy repartee is truly enlightening. Look Indy has a bunch of fairweather, hayseed fans who jumped on the bandwagon when Peyton got there and they’ll be quick to jump off when he’s gone and they can all go back to watching basketball and racing. Kravitz will leave for some other football town and all will be right in redneck heaven. Now everyone go back to your barn and play nice.

  19. The local press’ sense of entitlement is getting bad many places. With the internet and national media now competition for them, if the local guy can break a story on twitter, or as an recognized “insider”it gives them their ego boost and validates them.

    Obviously not being able to get to the inner circle of watching some passes thrown and observing calesthenics for Manning, means that whoever this schlub is, can’t get that inside scoop that he can use to build his rep as a “Colts Source” or “Insider”.

    It also means he actually has to do some actual journalism work, digging and researching something else to produce his column, as opposed to taking the day off to go stand and watch nothing of significance, all while expensing coffee, gas and lunch and bs’ing with the other press that out number the players.

  20. it would be okay if he were just whining about the practices but when he drags manning’s family into it he went overboard. he is upset he wasn’t invited to the birth of peyton’s twins or that they did not make it a media event when it happened. how is that anybody’s business but manning’s? why does the he or the public have a right to know anything about his wife and kids other than to know he has them?maybe because he grew up in the spotlight because of his dad and he does not want his kids to might have something to do with it but it is his business and not the press.

  21. @ jw731

    I didnt realize the Bears were just placed in the SB that year so the Colts could get an easy win. I thought they dominated the NFC that year and earned their way. Silly me I guess.

    And beating the Ravens and Pats to get to the SB means nothing to you??

    I bet you didnt complain when the spygate Pats squeaked out a SB win over Jake Delhomme and that expansion team, did you?? Shut your face

  22. Got to love how the sports media interject the fans into everything as a way of appearing to seem everything they are doing is more for us and not them behaving as if they should know everything happening as it pertains to NFL.

    Like I really care to know every day which team is practicing together. I just want them to end the lock-out. Everything else IMO, is plain silly and useless information.

    I swear these sports media guys behave like spoilt brats.

  23. Kravitz is just in need of something to put into a column. There’s not much going on in Indiana sports right now. The Pacers are out of the playoffs, college hoops is long gone, there’s no baseball there. With the exception of the Indy 500, there’s nothing for these guys to write about until the Colts start up again.

  24. First of all, why the heck is a N.E. Patriot (Deion Branch) working out in Indy?
    I wouldn’t trust anyone in that organization…

    Finally, a celebrity has one-upped the media — Ya see, Peyton never struck me as the dramatic type, cf. Brady and Brees, and that’s why news emanating directly from Manning’s mouth seems genuine and not staged or feigned as when it concerns the likes of Brady or Brees, who appear to bask in the limelight.

    I don’t think, and I pray Peyton’ll never be the league’s Drama Queen quite like Brady, even Brees.

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