Cowboys don’t plan any paycuts or layoffs


The Cowboys won’t join the number of teams that have cut employee pay during the lockout.  There won’t be any layoffs either.

“Each team has its own approach,” Jerry Jones said Wednesday via the Dallas Morning News. “Each team has its own need for its off-the-field employees that includes their coaching staff. We, for all practical purposes, are year-round for 99 percent of the employees that we have.”

Coaches are year round on every team, but that hasn’t stopped some owners from using the lockout as an excuse to punish people that have nothing to do with the labor dispute.

Jones noted that it’s been a “normal” year with hirings and firings as you’d expect.  He also expressed optimism that the labor mess will end, although he had no idea on a timeline.  Like the rest of us.

“This train is going to get there; I just want to be on it,” Jones said.

15 responses to “Cowboys don’t plan any paycuts or layoffs

  1. “This train is going to get there; I just want to be on it,” Jones said.”

    On it? Jerruh, you’ve been driving the damn thing ever since the owners opted out.

  2. Jerry deserves some respect for keeping all the non football player employees, on staff & at full wages.

    At the same time, its no wonder. He hasnt lost any money yet. Season ticket holders have already paid for the 2011 season tickets. They were due May 1st.

    An owner like Jerry Jones doesnt lose a dime until we start missing games. My point is, although a noble gesture, nobody needs to break their arm patting him on the back yet…

  3. At 68, Jerry Jones could probably whip any other owner’s ass, not to mention at least 75% of PFT Planet. One of the very few team owners in NFL history that have had a decent level of success as a football player (he was, in fact, co-captain of the 1964 National Champion Arkansas Razorbacks).

  4. Another point….. owners like Jerry are making money they wouldnt normally make right now. Think of the millions that are paid out usually by now in signing free agents, & draft picks.

    MILLIONS in signing bonuses, etc. Actual dollars leaving the owners’ checking accounts. They will eventually have to write those checks but….. until they do, the owners are earning interest on those dollars. What do you think the interest on say 30-40 million is for even a month..? let alone a few months..? Safe to say, it much more than most of us make in a year.

  5. That’s because Jerry is probably paying his undocumented workers 10 cents an hour.

  6. As an Eagles fan who loves nothing more than to bash Jerry Jones and the Cowboys at every turn… I really can’t say anything negative to this.

    Jerruh got this one right. Respect.

  7. As a lifelong Steelers fan who hates the Cowboys and despises Jones, I have to give him credit for staying classy.

  8. Simply the greatest organization in league history, and we have another example of it right here.

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