Falcons NFLPA* rep hopes attention turns to collective bargaining


While we wait and wait for litigation and leverage football to end, Falcons linebacker and NFLPA* rep Coy Wire hopes the two sides get back to the bargaining table sooner than later.

“Hopefully, they can just turn their attention to getting a collectively bargained for agreement,” Wire said. “I think maybe its better that a decision was finally made about the stay and the lockout. Now, we can get down to the important matter at hand.”

It’s sort of amazing that this opinion is even noteworthy.  But it’s not one we’ve heard from any players publicly, and it’s certainly not the public stance and the NFLPA*.

Both sides seem more interested in exercising all legal leverage than they do getting “down to the important matter at hand.”

At some point, we can only hope the two sides will turn their attention to getting a collectively bargained for agreement.  Even the players and owners have to agree that’s the best ending to all this drama.

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  1. Earlier I stated that I haven’t seen anything from the players side that is conducive to getting a deal done.

    Thank you Coy Wire for correcting that, and thank you for being a Falcon.

    Now if you could deliver a few hits to your fellow team reps to get them to agree with you, that would be fantastic.

  2. Coy Wire has always been a stand up dude in Buffalo and Atlanta. It is nice to hear this from a player. Now that one has spoken out, lets hope that others who share this view speak out as well.

  3. Make this man head of the NFLPA and we’ll have a deal done by the time the June 3 hearing rolls around.

  4. What I’m confused about was an interview Kevin Mawae gave yesterday on Sirius NFL radio where he stated they needed to negotiate an agreement, he said, “you know, where they give us a proposal and we give them a counter proposal”.

    Now this is where I’m confused and maybe I missed it but where is the counter proposal from the players? We had a proposal in March and another one just the other day by the owners and I’ve heard of no such counter proposal from the NFLPA and talks are again not happening.

    So NFLPA – Where’s the beef? You can sure talk it up like you’d like to get this done and back to football but all I’m hearing is rhetoric and I’m not seeing the slightest bit of action on your part!

  5. Both sides seem more interested in exercising all legal leverage than they do getting “down to the important matter at hand.”


    Who was it that sued again? Did I miss something and the NFL sued the NFLPA? The NFL’s public, and most likely private stance is that they want a return to collective bargaining negotiations.

  6. @ whatsafairway

    The players proposal is to exactly continue the previous cba. That is their negotiating stance. No counter offers other than that deal set in stone. No negotiations allowed.

    the nflpa idea of contract negotiations = no compromise on anything

  7. If he’s a player rep for the Falcons shouldn’t he be able to voice these opinions directly to De Smith? He De…who are you working for again? Listen to the man and get to the bargaining table.

    Please and Thank You!

  8. This is good to hear, now all we need is 31 other player reps to say “we should start trying to get a CBA done” and maybe it will happen.

  9. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but now, given that the NFLPA* is just a trade association, couldn’t the players re-constitute the union as a different legal entity?

    And then put in charge of this entity somebody who actually wanted to negotiate a new deal instead of quoting the Godfather.

    What would happen if just a few players attempted to join underneath this umbrella and begin negotiating with the hopes of generating a groundswell of support?

    Again, I don’t understand the legalities involved —- but I am curious…

  10. The owners have now made two offers to the players without a response. Your characterization that ‘Both sides seem more interested in exercising all legal leverage than they do getting “down to the important matter at hand.” is incredibly inaccurate.

  11. Both sides or de-bag smith? Not the biggest goodell fan, but he has called for negotiations for weeks and has never deviated from that stance, while the players continue to try to toil in court past training camp

  12. “Both sides seem more interested in exercising all legal leverage than they do getting “down to the important matter at hand.”


    Really? Seems to me that the NFL keeps offering the Players deals and the Players say NO not only to the offer, but they also say NO to making a counter offer and say NO to any form of negotiation whatsoever.

    We’re all waiting for the players.

  13. Coy Wire is one of the great guys in the NFL today, he’s bright, well spoken, a leader on and off the field and great in the community. He may not be well known outside of Atlanta and Buffalo but we need more players like to this to speak up and less of guys like Roddy White who are great players but can’t put a sentence together on Twitter.

  14. This is why I like the Falcons as well in addition to my beloved Broncos. They’re just rife with standup guys who aren’t morons. Pay attention to Coy Wire. Those Stanford guys actually have brains in their heads!

  15. I’m surprised there haven’t been more players speaking out against the NFLPA*. Let’s face it most players don’t have great judgement about what they should and shouldn’t talk about in public and some players are being put at a big individual disadvantage because of this dispute.

    Imagine if you were a 4th, 3rd, or even 2nd round draft pick right now. You’re not going to get much PT this season because you will be completely green going into the regular season and then they’ll be another draft and free agency and by next year you could be the forgotten man.

    Or if you were due to be a big name free agent, you could end up earning much less than you would hve done this year as no teams are prepared to splash big money under the shadow of an anti-trust lawsuit. Or maybe some free agents won’t get picked up at all because they won’t have time to learn the systems and they only have a couple of years left in them.

    So put me down as mildly surprised that no outspoken players have vented their disappointment in public.

  16. “It’s sort of amazing that this opinion is even noteworthy. ”

    Why is it so amazing? He’s one of 32 player reps. Doesn’t he represent 1/32 of the players union? Hopefully, Dee Smith doesn’t blow him off like you did.
    If more player reps share the same opinion, the “union” should be at the table, instead of turning down every offer the owners make without a counter-offer.

  17. @piemasteruk, more players, who are like Coy Wire, not stars, are going to speak out because they have to know DeMaurice doesn’t care about them. It always sucks to be led by someone who doesn’t care about you. Thankfully at my workplace and my church, etc. I don’t have to worry about that.

  18. One down 31 to go.

    Lets hope it gets the players to negotiate, not continue to litigate.

    Do the players have ANY negotiators in their group?

  19. Guys like Coy Wire, aging non-elite role players, are the ones really hurt by this stoppage. Hearing the elite guys like Brees saying they are “fighting for the little man” is insulting. If guys like Wire had De Smith’s ear the players would be far better off.

  20. Holy crap! A player that makes sense! Better get him off the committee before he does something useful like negotiate! Good job Coy! We the fans need to hear more guys with common sense speak out.

  21. I would correct those on this site here or anywhere else who say that the players did not respond to the offer the owners made on March 11. That is not correct. The players got up and left the negotiating table, called the deal the worst in the history, decertified as a union, and filed anti-trust litigation. There was a response from the players to the offer that the owners put forth and it got us to this two month litigation mess that only served to make the owners position stronger.

    To say that there are now two offers from the owners to the players that have not been responded is not correct.

  22. Am I missing something? How can a representative of a non-union trade association ask for a collective bargaining agreement? Does this not further show that the decertification was a sham? I like Coy’s thinking, but I can’t imagine that the NFLPA* (the non-union union) wants guys talking like this.

  23. Makes me wonder how many other players and player reps feel the same way.

    Demaurice Smith won’t like hearing about this, and he’ll probably send Wire a nasty message.

    It has become painfully obvious to everyone observing this that Smith is more interested in making a name for himself publicly than in getting a deal done. Why this guy was ever elected to this position is beyond me. He’s not a former player, and he has no idea what the average player goes through when a work stoppage occurs or when the checks stop coming in.

  24. Tell Coy Wire to get together with some other players, form the PANFL (Players Association of the NFL), and go negotiate. If the NFLPA really did decertify, then Coy and other players are free to negotiate themselves.

    I keep hearing players say that they want to play and imply that they are willing to negotiate, but I HAVE NOT HEARD D. SMITH SAY “LET’S NEGOTIATE”. If what I hear is correct, then the players apparently think that they work for Smith, not that Smith works for them.

    This mess was created by Smith. FACT: D. Smith walked out of CBA negotiations, decertified the union, had certain players file suit, and did not attend at least one court ordered mediation session.

    Fans, players, and PFT employees that really want football need to tell D. Smith to get his butt into negotiations.

  25. fwippel says: May 18, 2011 5:07 PM

    Makes me wonder how many other players and player reps feel the same way.

    Demaurice Smith won’t like hearing about this, and he’ll probably send Wire a nasty message.

    Actually, D. Smith will probably put a horse’s head in Coy’s bed.

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