How Randy Moss is enjoying the lockout

Criticize Twitter all you want.  Without it, we wouldn’t have the picture from this post.

We present Randy Moss, making a pitstop at GameStop, sometime Monday evening.   (Perhaps getting a copy of L.A. Noire, which looks more advanced than NHL ’94, the last video game I played regularly.)

Just met Randy Moss in my store, very nice guy,” writes “Rick.”

Some may say that lockout desperation inspired this post.  We’d like to think we’d pass along a picture this funny no matter the year.

Ever the conspiracy theorist, Florio says to note Moss is wearing Patriots colors.

Okay, maybe we’re a little bored.

25 responses to “How Randy Moss is enjoying the lockout

  1. It’s a new game he was getting……Just released….Called NFL bong wars, where grown men can compete, while making millions, sitting on their futon,smoked up… while their advisors send monthly checks, to whomever just so happened to mother their child…..It’s the follow up to the ever popular “keepin it real” series….

  2. honestly L.A. Noire if you wanted to be funny say a different game. In L.A Noire you play a detective…….oh wait maybe he wants to see what its like being the police officer getting hit instead of the one doing the hitting. It all makes sense now.

  3. “Some may say that lockout desperation inspired this post. We’d like to think we’d pass along a picture this funny no matter the year.”

    Someone explain to me why the picture is funny… I’m not too far from removing this site from my bookmarks entirely.

  4. I am not a Moss fan by any means but I don’t like when people lump him in with the “typical egotistical/diva WR” thing. He doesn’t really want it to be “all about him” that way…attention wise. He does better when he’s a piece of the puzzle and doesn’t have to try to be a public leader or have media attention on him. To his credit, he did try not to speak to the press much in NE but he had to do the NFL mandated stuff…and well…you see what happened.

  5. He probably bought Madden 07 to bring back memories of when he was actually skilled…

  6. I swear, Bill Belichick only goes after guys that love video games.

    Danny Woodhead and Shawn Vereen are both avid gamers.

    I remember when XBox 360 came out, I was working at Circuit City at the time and we held two systems on launch day for Laurence Maroney and Corey Dillon.

  7. Agree with danimalk’s sentiments – this pic is not remotely funny.

    Also, logging into wordpress to post comments here sucks.

  8. Moss is a hard dude to figure out. The food incident in Minn shows us a self-important d-bag, but this makes him seem somewhat down to earth.

  9. you could literally score 20 goals in NHL 94 if you wanted. All you had to do was “the cheese” cut in front of the goalie. I did all the time.

  10. Nah, this is part of the NFL geek outreach programme. Look out for other pictures doing the rounds out there, including Matt Ryan at a Star Trek convention, Clay Matthews at a Magic: The Gathering tournament and D’Brikashaw Ferguson playing Dungeons and Dragons.

  11. Which one of these guys is Randy Moss sorry dont know much about football

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