Ike Taylor isn’t down with a hometown discount

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Despite a feeling in Pittsburgh that Ike Taylor was likely to return to the team, Florio credited a source recently that said Taylor planned to test the free agent market.

Taylor made that strategy pretty clear during a Wednesday appearance on Jim Rome is Burning, saying he wouldn’t take a hometown discount.

“I need that market value.  I work so hard,” Taylor told Rome. “I’ve been through so much, I feel so unappreciated, feel so underrated at my position, I feel like it’s my time to get my worth, in whatever city that’s in.”

The nine-year veteran was very pragmatic in the interview and hoped to stay in Pittsburgh, but he knows the Steelers track record with free agents well.

“I would love to [return to Pittsburgh], but they usually sign player a year before [free agency], so we’ll see what happens,” Taylor said.

Taylor could wind up getting big money from a team that falls short in the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes.

41 responses to “Ike Taylor isn’t down with a hometown discount

  1. Yes, Ike! Bleed ’em dry! I’d love to see the Steelers either:

    A. Overpay for you

    B. Lose you, and have Bryant McFadden be the #1 CB

    …Let me see you squirm Pitt!

  2. If the players win in in court, he MIGHT have to compete with every cornerback in the league for a team. Surely that will bring down the price offered to every player.

    That said, I hope he gets to stay in P’burg (and I am a denver fan…lol..td’s on that aspect, I know))

  3. Isn’t there a trend that teams that lose the superbowl don’t make the playoffs. I know last year the colts backed their way in. Looks like this is the start of pittsburgs down fall.

  4. For a guy that gets used like toilet paper he might want to consider a “Hometown discount”

  5. Being a huge steelers fan…. I hope they don’t resign him and get Nnamdi!

  6. Don’t be stupid Ike…look atall the other free agents that take money over staying with the steelers. Plus, that superbowl bonus is pretty far just strive to get back there.

  7. Pittsburgh doesn’t pay cornerbacks, ever since Rod Woodson left there hasn’t been a prominent CB in the Steelers backfield (unless you consider Taylor to be one). They’ve consistently had a pretty terrible pass defense, the stats may not reflect this but good quarterbacks have consistently managed to torch their secondary. Still, they are consistently one of the best teams in the league. I like Taylor, I’ve actually been one of his biggest supporters through his time in Pittsburgh, but I don’t believe him leaving will change much.

  8. ravenator says:
    May 18, 2011 5:54 PM
    Yes, Ike! Bleed ‘em dry! I’d love to see the Steelers either:

    A. Overpay for you

    B. Lose you, and have Bryant McFadden be the #1 CB

    …Let me see you squirm Pitt!

    Maybe Baltimore will sign him. I heard your DBs tore it up last year!

  9. Hands of Stone…I’ve never seen a cornerback drop as many balls as Ike.

  10. If it comes down to signing Ike or Woodley to a big contract then i say good-bye Ike . See you later and happy trails . Woodley is the #1 priority to get resigned to a long term deal . We can get another about average CB for alot cheaper . Sign someone like a Carlos Rogers or Josh Wilson and take the saving and pass it along to our pending or soon to be FA linebackers Woodley and Timmons .

  11. Ike is 31 almost 32 what the hell is he talking about that’s like 70 in NFL years and he is a good CB not a great CB………….The guy had a good season does anyone remember 2009?

  12. when you’ve already been a champion twice and you’re closing in a a decade into a you’re career, there’s nothing wrong with playing for the money.

  13. Ike’s just the typical mercenary. “I love the town, the team and the fans. I want to spend the rest of my career here…uh…unless…uh…another team offers me 5% more than my current team can afford.”

  14. As a Ravens fan, I hope like hell they sign him to a mega dollars contract. Ike Taylor may be their best CB, but the truth is that he is at very very best mediocre. Take em’ for every freaking dollar you can.

  15. I happen to think he is underrated, but I also happen to believe the Steelers will not re-sign him. Corners are the least valuable part of a zone blitz defense. Will it hurt to see him go? Yes. But should the Steelers pay him even market value to stay? No.

  16. As a Ravens fan you should know Pittsburgh does not overpay talent over 30. Ask Faneca. They will find someone to do the job, and let the stars of that D do their job. As the reader above noted you cannot name one star CB to don the black and gold since Rod left. 3 Superbowl appearances later I would say Lebeau has his D-scheme set and is not going to panic if Ike leaves.

    Rain meet parade.

  17. Ike did the hometown discount on the last contract. I’m sure if it’s close the Steelers win but who knows how things will shake out.

  18. Ike..Ike..Ike…or better known as “hands of stone” I know why you play defense…cause you CAN’T CATCH…if you could..you’d be playing offense…

    Fast??? yup…

    Dumb???…er..than a box of rocks.

    PLEASE GO!!!..Do the black and gold a favor and LEAVE..Go to the Cleveland Brownstains and play for a bunch of LOSERS…

  19. Okay…so I’m a die hard Steelers fan, but come one guys! TAYLOR ISNT THAT GOOD! In his 9 years with the team they’ve always been lack luster in the CB position. He’s DECENT at best in coverage and whenever he’s thrown to in the end zone he usually gets flagged or isn’t looking up at the ball and staring straight at the receiver when he catches it. I’m down with them just letting him go. Underrated??? I’ve never heard of anyone saying Taylor is either overrated or underrated. And maybe it’s because he’s just NOT…THAT…GOOD. AMEN!

  20. Ike, you may make more money and thats your choice, but you won’t be as good with any other team.

  21. Ike ain’t down with hometown discount? How about rape and stupidy that seems be the other opportunities in steel city!

  22. Man, all the Ravens fans have bitter beer face when it comes to the Steelers.

  23. As an eagles fan if we fall short of nnamdi I sure in the hell wouldn’t mind this guy at all!

  24. Some of you supposed Steeler fans disgust me with your lack of knowledge. So uninformed and clueless – yet so confident in your lame-assed “opinion(s).”

    Ike is far from mediocre. It’s mind-blowing that fans can be so passionate about Steeler football – yet so astonishingly clued out about what actually makes it tick.

    Ike is real – sure, it’s well known that he has bricks for hands – but Ike is a big, fast, physical shut-down corner who is strong on run support too.

    Mans up versus number ones every week game in and game out.

    Was raw out of Lousiana-Lafayette and worked his ass off to learn how to play Steeler football – and he has!

    Busts his ass every year in season and out of season to both learn the playbook and be in top shape. He is the antithesis of an Albert Haynesworth-type player.

    Ike is loyal, a true baller and he knows our scheme.

    All you shortsighted pea-brained morons who dis on Ike don’t know jack about football. No way any of you chumps ever fastened a chinstrap either – it shows.

    You want to know what makes Ike special – ask Dick LeBeau. You don’t ask Joe Six-Pack in the stands.

    Real Pittsburgh Steeler Fan

  25. We will not overpay Ike but B-Mac is even worse. Our young guys haven’t shown enough. Somebody said something about Nnamdi but that’s more unrealistic they paying Ike. But if Steeler fans want another chance this year we gotta sign a mid-level guy for at least a year. I’m about to look up possible free agents right now.

  26. Do people pay attention. It’s so laughable to say this is the start of the downfall for the Steelers. They never overpay for players. Especially when they are 30+.. See how good Ike does on another team that doesn’t have Harrison and Woodley harassing the QB on every play. Can anyone name the last dominant CB they had? Rod Woodson maybe, they have found a way to win using average corners and dominant pass rushers.

  27. @paulieorkid: didn’t you copy and paste that same thing in the last few Ike threads? All Steeler fans know he’s definitely serviceable, but just because he’s the best CB on the team at this time doesn’t make him a necessity. Yes, he’s done well for us, but that doesn’t mean someone else that’s already in the system and younger can’t step in and do the same thing he’s done.

    That being said, I’d hate to see him go just because the backups could use another year to get better… But if he does, they’ll just plug in someone else and the D will still be one of the best in the league.

    Oh, and Ravens fans…you must be more delusional than Raiders fans to think that losing Ike will help you out against Pittsburgh. Flacco can’t stay standing long enough to throw a pass, let alone complete one against our 3rd string CB. Keep dreamin, chumps… Always gonna be #2 behind the Steelers!

  28. @hamburghlar:

    Yeah, good call – copied and pasted a large chunk of it. But for a purpose.

    Ike is way beyond “serviceable.” Ike is the real deal.

    Aside from dropping a lot of pic opps, name one area of his play that is not very strong.

    There are none. NFL personnel people get this. This will be reflected in what his next payday is …. unless the Steelers make the effort to re-sign him first. LeBeau gets it. Tomlin (a former DBs coach) gets it.

    It’s frustrating that so many Steeler fans struggle to distinguish what does or doesn’t make a player valuable on the field …. particularly in the varied schemes the Steelers run defensively.

  29. ravenator says:
    May 18, 2011 5:54 PM
    Yes, Ike! Bleed ‘em dry! I’d love to see the Steelers either:

    A. Overpay for you

    B. Lose you, and have Bryant McFadden be the #1 CB

    …Let me see you squirm Pitt!
    Seriously??? You deserve a right to talk about the Steelers when your team actually wins a AFC Championship game…oh and wait till your Raven’s don’t pay Flacco what he thinks he deserves…you’ll be hunting a free agent QB..just watch what you wish for…

    First off…Ike was burnt on more occasion…LeBeau is a master we’ll rebuild at the CB position…im not worried. Ike if you wanna go…see ya!

  30. @paulieorkid: I agree to a point. He does help a ton and is great at the shutdown part, but his stats make that point look better. Main reason is that it’s not necessarily that he’s so good at shutting WR’s down, its that the other side is even worse at coverage… Other team’s QB’s tend to blow up McFadden and Gay because they are so easily burned and that makes Ike look better than he sometimes is.

    But I do think some fans use the “suck” word too much.. he’s in the NFL, a starting CB and the best one on a top 3 defense.. That’s not suck if you ask me. But he could be better….

    Cmon Nnamdi!

  31. If you take away the pressure the Steelers front seven gets on the QB, Ike Taylor would be lucky to get a starting job. He’s a fake bully – and when he gets punched in the nose, he becomes a good WR’s dream matchup.

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