Nate Burleson: Calvin Johnson “too damn good” for other Lions to help

Drafting running back Mikel Leshoure and receiver Titus Young has been viewed by some as an attempt by the Detroit Lions to find other offensive threats who can draw some coverage away from the team’s offensive star, Calvin Johnson.

But veteran Lions receiver Nate Burleson says there’s no one the Lions could add who would stop Johnson from being double teamed.

“No, [Johnson’s] just too good. He’s just too damn good,” Burleson told Tom Kowalski of “Occasionally you’d see a team throw one-on-one coverage out there and they’d get burned. No, no matter what talent we surround him with, he’s going to attract the attention. No matter how many people you put on the Lakers, Kobe Bryant’s still going to get double-teamed. Calvin is that type of individual, he’s one of the best in the game and he’s always going to get that type of coverage.”

Burleson said that where the Lions will benefit from drafting a couple of offensive playmakers is that it’s two more players who can benefit from Johnson drawing double teams.

“We’ve got to benefit from that. It’s up to us to make the plays,” Burleson said.

According to Burleson, spreading the ball around will work particularly well in Detroit because of the attitudes of the players in Detroit.

“You’ve got to give credit to the Detroit Lions for the types of players they’ve been bringing in over the last couple of years,” Burleson said. “There have been some guys out there with questionable character, guys who clearly demand the ball more than anything and have a selfish attitude. They brought in guys who want to make plays and contribute to the team.”

10 responses to “Nate Burleson: Calvin Johnson “too damn good” for other Lions to help

  1. I really really like this team. I am going to enjoy watching them win this year! GO LIONS!

  2. Not a Lions fan but with all the city has been through with the economy/Matt Millen disaster it’s hard not to get behind this team. They’ve put together a pretty good, young roster if they can keep Stafford healthy watch out.

  3. Not many people realize his greatness, He had 1331 yards couple of years ago when the Lions went 0-16 while being double or triple teamed every game and didnt even make the pro bowl

  4. Nate Burleson is exactly right. I think he may have a life as a coach after his playing days are over. He sounds pretty intelligent.

  5. I have been a Pats fan for over 35 years so when I say this I mean it. I am happy for the TRUE Lions fans. They have been slowly but surely doing the right things to turn themselves from a doormat into a contender. I look forward to seeing them become a team that the fans can take pride in once again. As long as they don’t do well when/if playing the Patriots of course…..

  6. CJ is a beast.

    The Lions pass progressions are as follows:
    1. If CJ is only single covered, throw him the ball.
    2. If CJ double covered, check 2nd WR to see if he is WIDE open.
    3. Else throw ball up to CJ, regardless of how many people are on him.

    Looking at above makes me wonder why Stafford doesn’t have a better completion percentage.

  7. Burleson is right. Calvin and Andre Johnson are both players that really can’t be stopped. I think Titus Young is in the perfect position in Detroit. I’m a Niners fan but I have a soft spot for the Lions because of growing up with Barry Sanders, quite possibly my all-time favorite player other than Jerry Rice and Steve Young. I hope they continue to improve because they have a very likable team with what seem to be character guys. They are really only an offensive line away from being a very competitive team. They had a solid draft, but I do question why they didn’t pick up an OT. Jeff Backus is a large reason why Stafford has been injured so much.

  8. I’m a Bears fan. I have to say, “Week one. That was a catch.” We were lucky as hell to get that victory. CJ is a death machine.

    Of course, CJ needs a QB who can remain uninjured for more than 20 minutes per season before I really start worrying about the Lions…

  9. The Lions are this years feel good story just like the Saints were. If they make playoffs I will definetely be cheering for them

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