Raiders have creative approach to lockout economics

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At a time when teams like the Jets are requiring employees to take unpaid time off and teams like the Dolphins are slashing pay but not cutting hours, the Raiders have come up with a unique way of addressing the problems presented by the lockout.

According to Jarrett Bell of USA Today, the Raiders aren’t reducing pay or putting employees on furlough.  Instead, they want the employees to sell season tickets.

“I understand that some clubs are taking different approaches,” team president Amy Trask told Bell. “[But] a very strong argument can be made that this is something that staff members of every team should be doing all the time.”

And before folks roll their eyes and assume it’s another typical kooky Raiders approach, keep this in mind:  When the plan was announced on March 11, the employees greeted it with relief.

“It was like Christmas,” Raiders defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan told Bell.  “And with a big sigh of relief.”

The sales obligation depends on the length of the lockout and the size of the employee’s salary.  And there’s no “or else” mandate.

We’ll work with them,” Trask said as to employees who can’t manage to make sales.  “The goal is for everyone to succeed.”

Of course, if enough employees succeed, there won’t be any more season tickets to sell.  But with average attendance in 2010 of only 46,431, that won’t happen for a while.

27 responses to “Raiders have creative approach to lockout economics

  1. Hmmmm..maybe old Al has a bit of sense after all, and some consideration for his employees. Kudos to the raiders organization (even if I hate them…lol)

  2. Big Al?, you talking about the College Coach, College Personnel Guy at USC, Chargers Assistant Coach, NFL Head Coach and NFL Coach of the Year Award Winner, maybe the AFL Enforcer and Commissioner, no, maybe NFL Owner and Hall of Fame?, not yet?

    Would it be what was an NFL Record until the Steelers broke it this year, playing in (14) AFC Championship Games making (5) Super Bowls winning (3) Super Bowls. Or maybe it is the other (5) Super Bowls he had his Raiders a play away from or stolen from him like the Liddell Fumble or Immaculate Reception. Wow does that mean that Al Davis has had his Team in or a Play away from Playing in almost 25% OF EVERY SUPER BOWL PLAYED TO DATE, just a stunning stat.

    Maybe the Media and other Teams Fans, you know the same ones that were laughing when Al Davis picked Nnamdi late round 1. You know the same ones that were calling him a Bust going into year 3 with the Raiders. You now all have your Heads shoved so far up Nnamdi’s Rear he sees your smile when he brushes his teeth. Here is another little let down for ya, Nnamdi will be wearing the Silver and Black this year.

    See, I have to laugh when I keep reading a bunch of instant Football Experts and other know nothing Fans knocking a man that is so much more then they are. Raider Rock to all and to all a good night.

  3. The story should just read” Raiders arent going layoff employees” even though several higher revenue teams are. Kudos to Al for, as always, putting the employee\player above money.

  4. al davis has sued the nfl for antitrust before. notice how hes been quiet during all of this. i wouldnt be suprised if he took an even wilder approach and went against the other owners just to stick it to the nfl.

  5. As a business man and objective raiders football fan. I think this is a great business plan which causes no pain to the staff and can only increase revenues. Well played Al Davis.

  6. This is reasonable. I used to have to sell Ghiradelli chocolate for my youth soccer team when I was 8 years-old, raffle tickets for little league (which came with Round Table Pizza discount coupons) and magazines for the junior high school Washington DC trip. I wonder if their GM and scouts can get their moms to buy the leftovers like my mom did.

    Just another reason to laugh at the Raiders.

  7. Thank you for being the funniest post in a long time aww i laughed so hard just from the first post alone…..

    Some Raiders fans are dellusional and some live in the real world. Dellusional ones look to the past as their leverage to claim dominance in a time they’ve never had it.

    A die hard Raider fan I know CANT WAIT for Al Davis to die.

    As a Charger fan, I need Al Davis to be alive so I can feel better about the mess made by Ryan Leaf all thanks to Jamarcus……god bless you Al and Jarmarcus

  8. Perfect opportunity to set up MLM, Al. “Love Football? Get Rich Now With This Amazing Opportunity!” The Raiders will always be low rent.

  9. This makes allot of sense.

    Instead of cutting employees pay while nothing is going on, have them do something worthwhile.

    Everyone is happy.

  10. It’s sad when so many people in the news media trash Al Davis. This man has done as much or more to make the NFL successful as anyone in history.

    He was one of the first owners to stand for civil rights, moving his team to hotels that would accept black players. He sent a clear message to his players — the Raiders are color blind.

    He forced the AFL NFL merger. He was the first to hire an Hispanic hhead coach. He was the first to hire a black head coach. He was the first to hire a female CEO. The Raiders are one of only a few teams that pay 100% of medical insurance for players. He often pays for medical costs for former players and even those who competed against his teams.

    This is why his former players love him. He’s hard nosed, but fair, extremely competitive and compassionate.

    It came as no surprise whatsoever that the Raiders took a different tack when it came to dealing with their employees during the lockout.

  11. If Kraft, or Jones had done this it would be hailed as a great move by an owner! When Davis does it it’s “creative”? Anybody that doesn’t respect this is just a Raider hater. Oh yeah, does the Charger fan know they got swept last year
    and have a better record all time, oh yeah and that the Chargers have never won a Superbowl?
    Just asking!

    Long Live Al Davis!!!!

  12. Those who continue to knock A.D. and the Raiders really don’t know too much about the game of football… Brush up on history before you open your uneducated mouths… As for the lowly Chargers fans, there is no relevance to anything you say, win some championships or even get to the big game before you can even start to criticize the Silver & Black!!

    Go Big Al & Go RAIDERS!!

  13. chargerdillon says:

    As a Charger fan, I need Al Davis to be alive so I can feel better about the mess made by Ryan Leaf all thanks to Jamarcus……god bless you Al and Jarmarcus
    God bless the chargers organization for not being capable of putting together a superbowl winning team EVER. LMAO.

    Couple of easy wins against them, again.

  14. I can’t stand the Raiders, but this makes sense to me.

    On another note – Al Davis was overheard saying to someone “I may have Alzheimers, but at least I don’t have Alzheimers”.

  15. How about Dolts fans making fun of other teams, wow. WTF have you losers EVER won?

    Nothing at all.

    Charger fans equal complete and total losers.

  16. toiletking says: May 18, 2011 10:46 PM

    you guys are right. there is absolutely nothing greedy about the owners.
    You have a good screen name. BPH…blind player homers are just as bad as blind owner homers.

    I’m a Pats fan but I think that the Raiders are like Tony Romo…hated and criticized at times for the wrong reasons. What’s wrong with this approach??? Keeping people EMPLOYED at their full salary instead of cutting their pay is being criticized?? REALLY???

  17. Props to Davis for keeping the checks to his staff coming.

    Props to Raider fans for having the ability to forget that the Chargers won, was it 13 in a row against the raiders? Your sweep of last season was very impressive.

    Lockout or not, at least you got the Argonauts, Joe.

  18. I am proud to say they got me back. They called me on draft day, and I couldn’t help but sign on knowing we got Wiz jr, and barksdale to pound the ball, taiwan to go the distance, and the steal of the draft is the kid moore from tennessee.
    After a fews year of having to take prozac for the depression my beloved raiders caused me, i was cured last year by watching j-bust riding his moped away, mcfadden running over people last year, jacoby ford blowing by people, seymour dropping big ‘glass chin” ben like a paper doll, hue jackson calling plays that resulted in points, and going undefeated in the AFC West. Winning cures everthing, and 8-8 laid the foundation for what is coming

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!

  19. @humbolt
    I have an idea for all the spare time you have on your hands….why don’t you pull down your little POWDER BLUE PANTS and play with your @$$hole!!! And when that gets as depressing as watching THE SILVER AND BLACK clock your whack @$$ CHOKERS, you can come and HUM on my BOLT(silver and black nuts included).

    RAIDER ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. With a season ticket base of what, 23,000, there should be plenty of good seats available. Let’s face it, after looking at some of those “crowds” that have showed up on game day, Al could have strolled around the stadium personally thanking everyone for coming and still been back in his seat before halftime.

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