Carlos Rogers takes a swipe at DeAngelo Hall


Redskins cornerback Carlos Rogers has had a rough couple of years.  In 2010, he was blocked from becoming an unrestricted free agent by the rules of the uncapped year.  This time around, he’s got enough years of service (six) to hit the open market even under the 2010 rules, but the market hasn’t opened yet — and it may not open for a while.

Rogers recently vented about his situation to David Elfin, the official blogger for 106.7 the Fan in D.C.  And it sounds as if Rogers is ready to move on.  And he has used that occasion to throw a barb or two at fellow Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

“I ain’t never discounting the Redskins, but my mindset right now is that it’s time for a change,” Rogers said.  “I don’t think I’ve been as appreciated as I should be in that organization, not by everybody.  I’ve always been the No. 2 corner, but I’m the one they put on a guy they want to shut down.”

Rogers elaborated via text message to Chris Russell of ESPN 980.  “I wasn’t the corner that gave up the most TD’s or yards or first downs,” Rogers said, “but I’m the corner that is looked at [as] the 2nd corner, [that] I need to be replaced.”

He’s obviously talking about Hall, who was heralded in 2010 for a four-interception game — and who ultimately was named MVP of the Pro Bowl.  And so if Rogers somehow returns to Washington for 2011, there will be even more drama in D.C., regardless of how many miles away from town Donovan McNabb may be.

40 responses to “Carlos Rogers takes a swipe at DeAngelo Hall

  1. Carlos might be able to gripe if he didnt have block hands. I mean I have never seen someone drop so many easy INT’s. I would love for him to stay in Washington I hope they can come to an understanding. But who know it might not even matter if they dont play football this year.

  2. If it wasn’t for Rogers blitzing and forcing the QB to throw off of his back foot, the second of those four interceptions doesn’t happen for Hall.

    Don’t get me wrong, Hall is a decent CB, but Rogers is the Redskins true #1 DB.

  3. Yes Deanglo Hall is considered a better CB than Rodgers, and yes Rodgers does a better job in coverage. However when a ball hits Deanglo square in the hands most the time he catches the interception. This is why Rodgers will never be a number 1 CB. As a redskins fan I’d be happy to see him go. I’m tired of yelling at the tv “HOW COULD YOU DROP THAT!”

  4. He’s RIGHT. PFT should post how many yards D Hall gave up last year. He made the pro bowl, but gave up something like the most or second most yards as ANY corner. How the heck do you give up the most yards at your position AND make the pro bowl? Hot air and D Hall has plenty of that to go around. I hope the Skins keep Rogers. He might not be the best, but he’s pretty good when healthy and corners are hard to find.

  5. Hall might be the biggest scumbag in the NFL. Love seeing teammates rip on him

  6. Later Carlos. It was great. Thank god we passed up on Demarcus ware for you. Not. Oh yeah, remember the Pittsburgh Monday night game 4 years ago when zorn was 6-2 . The game was 6-0 skins and big Ben hit you right in the numbers for what would have been a sure pick 6 and a possible re-direction of this train wreck we call the Washington redskins. You could have changed history. Haha. Just sayin.

  7. Its real simple Carlos, if you could hold onto at least 2 of the many INTs you drop each season not only would you be thought of as the Skins #1 CB, LiL Danny would of payed you that way. See what it did for MeAngelo? Average cover corner at best, but when he gets his hand on the ball he makes things happen.

    Be bitter all you want Carlos, but make sure you are working on your hand/eye coordination at the same time.

  8. carlos rogers has been underappreciated here in DC, he plays man to man constantly, and he does a great job shutting down #1 receivers for most of games

    but unfortunately, his inability to come up with interceptions when the ball is in play will always stick out as a reason why he isnt the #1 corner (that and the double moves)

    I hope the skins give him an offer to come back at least, but no use breaking the bank for him. Will be interesting to see what is value is elsewhere

  9. I’ll echo the other sentiments that if he hadn’t earned the nickname “Stone Hands” and could actually hold onto a football better than a greased watermelon he’d be more appreciated. Carlos in my 30+ years as a fan I have never seen any CB for ANY team drop as many game changing INT’s as you have, it’s not even close. Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya if your attitude is this crappy and void of accountability. You represent the same problem DM does: players who value themselves more than the league does. It’s really simple…make more plays and stop choking every time you get a chance and you’d be treated with more respect for your play.

  10. Yes D-Hall gave up some yards and some TD’s but the stat that you wont find about Carlos is how many yard and TD’s were given up after he dropped easy INT’s.

  11. Yea…everyone else basically already said it, but he just does not force turnovers and Deangelo does. Haslett’s defense is supposed to be high risk and high reward…the yards are not a shock…the lack of turnovers are. Deangelo also forces more fumbles than Rogers as he goes for the strip more. One is really not much better than the other…just very, very, very different. I think most Skins fans would like to have Rogers back…at the right price of course.

  12. Carlos Rogers doesn’t get nearly the love he deserves. They ALWAYS through towards Hall, not him, for a reason. But alas, he does have bricks for hands. Knocking it down and not letting WR’s get open aren’t nearly as much fun as Int’s, even if he is more productive. Hall runs his mouth and gets burned weekly, Rogers is quiet (relatively) and does his thing week in and week out……The NFL is about TV ratings, Carlos!!!

  13. Never, ever seen worse hands at the NFL level.

    He is a fairly decent cover corner, in that he doesn’t get burnt too often. So, he is far better in coverage than DeAngelo Hall but that isn’t difficult, because Hall is terrible.

    Unfortunately for Carlos he poses almost zero threat 0f a turnover, whilst at the same time thinking he is one of the premier players at his position. He doesn’t get in position to make that many interception and when he does he almost always drops them.

    If he keeps his ego in check and signs a modest contract he’ll be a solid player for someone. If he doesn’t, he is going to spend a awfully long time waiting for someone to pay him like an elite player.

  14. Carlos Rogers is a very good cover corner but he has dropped at least 30 interceptions in his career and that’s the reason why he’s being discredited as a tue #1 cornerback. IMO he’s better than Hall though. The Redskins run a lot of zone coverage so unless Haslett plans to change to more man coverages he can be replaced. With Atogwe, Landry, Hall in the secondary the message is that they want to cause more turnovers. Carlos has never been good for those. I wish him the best though. With the Skins luck though, he’ll probably go to Philly or Dallas and lock their number 1 WR down for the next 3-5 years.

  15. Excuse me Carlos I bite on double moves and have no hands Rogers that’s your problem…first you criticize the fans because you got booed now you criticize a team mate because he can hold on to a ball and make a game changing play…you’ve had many of those opportunities and failed miserably…do you cover better than Hall yes, do you make plays that can change a game well yes usually for the other team either biting on a double move or dropping a game ending INT only to give the opposing team another chance…personally I say see ya because you know what makes good cover corners? No not themselves but a good pass rush that gets pressure

  16. Hey…a Redskins post and not a peep from ‘hailtotheredskins’ – who is obviously just an owner shill for lockout propaganda and knows little or nothing about the ‘ Skins.

  17. Here’s some more inside info that you won’t find on here: Rogers has been living in Jason Campbell’s basement for a couple years because he went broke on his millions.

    Guy is an all time loser.

  18. Carlos learn to catch and stop biting on the double move. You want to test the waters for a team, go right ahead. You tried it before and no one wanted you. I don’t understand your sense of entitlement or this record of accomplishment that you have preceived yourself as an elite DB. If you look at the film you’re a mediocre DB at best in slot and zone situations. Shut down corner? Only before the snap. Shut your mouth, put in the work to be a decent corner, or go away. You’re a poor tackler, have the tendency to take the wrong angle in pursuit of the tackle, has left many Ints on the field, and will get burned on a go route or double move. So please stop believing your own hype.

  19. Anyone else tired of the dumbing down of American
    athletes? What did this guy do while he was in college
    at Auburn? “I ain’t never discounting”

    That said, Carlos Rogers is a very average cornerback.
    He plays 10 yards off the line of scrimmage, gives
    up a ton of first downs, and has hands that make stone seem like cotton. Throwing a teammate under the bus, for whatever reason, is unforgivable. Send him on his way, he’s easily replaceable.

  20. This guy is such a tool. Go ahead and leave Carlos. Who will we ever find that can drop 30 passes thrown right to him????

    Ok so your coverage skills are better than average. That doesn’t help any if we can’t get the ball back. The NFL is all about +/- turnovers. the more turnovers you get, the better chance to win.

  21. On a side note it might be best to let him walk anyway last two years he’s had some injuries plus he’s 30 how much better will he be???

  22. If Carlos would spend less time talking and more time on ball skills then he might actually become somebody’s number 1 CB.

    It’s a shame there’s no stat kept on potential game-changing INTs, or pick-6s, that a guy drops. He’d be in the top 10 all-time I bet.

  23. Carlos is underrated. He’s a good cover corner and brings solid tackling. DHall gets the attention because of the interceptions but I’d take Carlos anyday. Hail!!

  24. Carlos Rogers also said that Dallas and Philly are looking for corners, and that it would be nice to get to play the Redskins twice a year……What a moron…..He no doubt is gone….I say we go hard after Ike Taylor….He wants to test the market and hes a good fit in our 3-4….and he wont cost 15 million…..HAIL!!!

  25. Rodgers….you can’t catch. you cover well, but you have dropped so many picks skins fans are fed up with you. You also call out skins fans on a regular basis. Horrible draft taking you and campbell from Auburn. go to the Raiders, they need a new DB

  26. 2005 Season.
    CR22 Rookie Year.
    Gibbs 2.2
    Shaun Alexander kocked out of the game.
    Rogers drops easiest pick6 in history.
    And that’s been his story ever since.

  27. This guy drives every Skins fan insane. He can cover pretty well, but it doesnt make up for biting on double moves, dropping countless int’s(quite a few pick 6), and running his mouth week after week with almost insubordinate comments. I’ve barely ever heard a good word from this bust of a top 9 pick since he has been in Washington. If he wants to go join that horrible secondary in Dallas, go ahead. At least D Hall has actually won games with his turnovers, Carlos has cost us many games because of dropped int’s, how bout that Carlos?

  28. I’m cracking up at all the “Rogers dropped INTs” posts because that’s what I remember most about him. Back in the 2005 playoffs, the Skins had the Seahawks reeling. They knocked Shaun Alexander out of the game and the Hawks were feeling the weight of a 21 year playoff losing streak monkey on their backs. Rogers then dropped an easy pick six that could have killed all of Seattle’s confidence. But being a Hawks fan, I thank Carlos for the drop. Seattle went on to win the game and make it to the Super Bowl where they lost to the zebras.

    I feel for you Skins fans. You used to have class act Darrell Green. Now it’s the Carlos/DeAngelo debacle.

  29. hey carlos,you big earred stone handed idiot,if you caught all the balls that hit your hands,you be a 1st round hall of famer by now,because you can’t catch a cold in the artic circle in a swimsuit,you are just another half ass player that makes about 10 million too much! give my regards to fred smoot while you guys are sitting home telling each other how great you are!

  30. i’d love to see Carlos get out of D.C. most of their fans are idiots that do nothing but bitch about the players on their roster. then there’s Daniel Snyder.

  31. and they did the same thing with Jason Campbell. how’d Donovan McNabb work out? have fun watching John Beck play behind that joke of an offensive line…..throwing to all of those 2nd round WR busts.

  32. We need a new DB eh….well, I hear Haynesworth does not like playing D-line anymore…might as well put his sorry butt to use. at least he could get in the way….oh wait a minute…hes not a slave, he wont play for 100 million

    yikes. I think we are headed in the right direction dropping carlos, hayneswurff and mcnabb

  33. @Norfva

    i definitely agree with you, but you have to admit the only thing we see when he drops an int in the breadbasket is him dropping a pass with brick hands, i saw him do that atleast 12 times on BIG plays BUT
    you know what….he did infact shut em down.
    he needs to learn to catch but he is a great corner as far as being able to bat down balls and cause a disruption

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