Glazer: Most players just waiting for news, like the rest of us

NFL fans aren’t the only ones that are in the dark when it comes to the current labor negotiations.

Jay Glazer of FOX joined PFT Live Thursday, and said that most of the players he’s talked to over the offseason don’t know what’s going on in the lockout, and certainly aren’t sure where it will go next.

That’s the kind of offseason it’s been: No one really knows anything. Glazer says it’s hard to get a consistent account of what’s been going on behind closed doors.

For the rest of Glazer’s interview, including the heartbreaking connection between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Strahan, head to the PFT Live homepage or download it as a podcast on iTunes.

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5 responses to “Glazer: Most players just waiting for news, like the rest of us

  1. I think it’s very troublesome that some players don’t have a clue of what is happening. Do they understand the implications of their decisions?

  2. I’m not surprised but if I was a player and my paycheck was in trouble I would sure want to know what is being offered and what have we done to provide feedback besides “it is the worst offer in all of sports”. Mr. Smith speaks at Maryland and he digs that and at the sametime he is digging the NFL players a hole that might be hard to dig out of.

  3. This isn’t a surprise. For a lot of these guys, in college and for many others even as far back as high school, things just get taken care of for them. Their grades get “massaged”, their police records get “cleaned up”, the coaches and the athletic departments just take care of everything.

    When they get to the NFL, it’s more of the same. They don’t know what’s going on, they aren’t informed, and they are barely paying attention, because somebody else, as always, is taking care of things.

    That’s just the nature of the beast. If it isn’t the coaches and the trainers, it’s their agents. That’s why, when the leave football, the roof falls in for most of them. They’ve never had to be responsible for themselves and therefore, two years after leaving football, 78% of them file for personal bankrutcy.

    It’s not slavery, it’s the ultimate nanny state.

  4. Well that’s encouraging. Their own union/trade association/legal team/whateverthehelltheyare doesn’t even communicate with their own clients. Don’t expect to hear much as a fan or media member. Although, it may be for the best as any kind of email, update newsletter, etc that they’ve give the players would just end up leading to some idiot opening up his piehole to say something off the wall stupid and embarrassing them for the umpteenth time.

  5. Most of the players are no longer a part of the picture. They disbanded the union and now their fates are in the hands of the eight players suing the league plus assorted lawyers.

    I hope the mid tier players like Heath Evans, Mike Vrabel, etc. realize the current lawsuit is aimed at making more money for the stars of the league and less money for the lower tier players.

    No salary cap = no salary floor and no veteran minimums. Brady, Brees and Manning will get rich while the 3rd string guys get UFL wages.

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