Goodell speaks “frequently” to Fords during lockout


The Ford Family probably wouldn’t be the first NFL ownership group we’d ask if we wanted advice on how to build a successful NFL franchise. They do have plenty of experience with labor matters, though.

That’s why NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell says he’s leaned on the Fords during the lockout.

“I speak to them frequently to take their experience and whatever they can offer to help us,” Goodell said Thursday to Lions season ticket holders, according to the Associated Press.

The Fords’ most salient piece of advice for Goodell: Don’t hire Matt Millen.

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  1. What Ford said about this topic back in January:

    “[Ford] said the success of Ford Motor’s negotiations with the UAW depend largely on personal contact, which the owners of the NFL don’t have with the players’ union.

    ” ‘It’s kind of too late” for the NFL to establish a working relationship with the players off the football field, modeled on what he has with the UAW, Ford said.”

    Pity they didn’t listen to him. He may have hired Millen, but he has a better grasp on labor issues than any other owner.

  2. he should try speaking to the players more often and GET A DEAL DONE SO WE HAVE FOOTBALL BACK!!!!!

  3. My comment has nothing to do with this post. I’m just glad PFT Finally has an app on Android. Look for the NBC Sportstalk app. Go Raiders!

  4. Agreed, He needs to be talking to Smith and the players. We need a new CBA so we can get football back on track. Why is everything getting so difficult.

  5. Advice from Mr. Ford:

    It’s too late….there’s already a union….you’re doomed.

  6. And folks wonder why Goodell’s rep is in the toilet… Why in the world would anyone take advice from the Fords? They’re inbred idiots.

    Here’s my dealings with the Fords… I was an unfortunate customer of the Ford Windstar (better known as the Deathstar). Ford decided to save some money and bought cheap Chinese steal. So one day I get a recall notice.

    I turn my car in, right, they impound it… For 3 months. In the mean time they pay for a rental at 40 bucks a day, for 3 months. Cost of 3,360 bucks… Then they tell me either take 3,700 hundred for it or else and give me a week to find a car… So, roughly 7,000 grand for a car that was only 3,500 bucks by blue book standards.

    Now how is that good business? Look for the same kind of stupidity in the negotiations…

  7. Well, that’s a lie, according to Ford Jr, at least. Check out his last interview. Don’t know where it is, however.

  8. Well, doesn’t Goodell have to talk to the Fords a lot? In addition to being owners, they are also the leading advertisers for the NFL. The NFL can’t exist without FORD advertising. He has to keep them happy.

  9. hate to break it to yall but it is widely assumed up here that ford dictated that millen make certain high picks.

    and roger probly talked to ford to make sure ford would keep those car ads coming.

  10. The only thing the Fords say back is “Turn left…in 200 yards… 100 yards……turn left, NOW……”. In a really irritating tone of voice.


    The Ford family are some of the best, most generous owners in the league.

    The have traditionally given first time coaches and GMs their first opportunity to succeed in the NFL when most teams hired some other teams staff.

    They build the best facilities for players…and fans.

    They built their stadiums with very little or no public money.

    Ford Motor Company was awarded the naming rights to the stadium because they were the highest competitive bidder… they could have had it for free.

    FYI: When a Ford walks into an owners meeting the other owners go weak-in-the-knees, because they know that the Ford Family is still known as “American Royalty” around the world. They remember when Ford paid workers $5 per day…unheard of wages for the times. The owners know Ford was the first to have a school so workers could learn proper English, learn to read and do math. And more recently when computers came out Billy JR gave all the employees computers so they could get in on the “New-Technology”.

    The owners remember WW II when President Roosevelt called Detroit “the arsenal of democracy”, yes he was talking about Ford, in large part.

    So I can see why they consult with the Ford’s on life-shaping decisions in regards to league business.

    Have they built a winner yet, hell no.

    Will they…one can only hope.

  12. I love ford cars and i am half japanese.

    This NFL lockout is way different then auto industry labor disputes.

    In the Auto industry employees can actually go to other businesses to get jobs.. Its called competition.. The NFL has none.

    The best course of action ive said for the players would be to join the UFL this year. With the greatly increased revenue they could start paying players nfl comparable salaries.

    The NFL would quickly jump on a deal if the big names were to be playing in the UFL.

    More importantly it could provide the players with greater leverage for years if they do that.

    Luckily for us i think players are too short sighted for this strategy.

  13. I’ll bet the Fords have some great anecdotes from their family history of dealing with labor. Spying on “commies”, providing financial and political support to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement, publishing anti-semitic racial propaganda for the workers’ enjoyment, closing factories and shipping jobs to Mexico and China, what a role model for great employee relations!!

  14. “Don’t blame Ford for outsourcing, blame capitalism.”


    Wrong. Blame the unions for making it impossible to compete with ludicrous labor costs and low productivity.

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