Javier Arenas haunted by Tuscaloosa tornado

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On Wednesday, April 27, a lot was going on in the NFL.  It was the day before the first round of the draft, which meant taping PFT Live earlier than usual, heading to New York, witnessing the “We want football!” crowd outside Radio City Music Hall, and then processing the decision from Judge Susan Nelson that her decision from two days earlier lifting the lockout meant that the lockout had indeed been lifted.

With all that activity, it was easy to not fully realize that a nightmare had unfolded in Alabama, specifically in Tuscaloosa.  In the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, Lars Anderson paints a picture that is as compelling and enlightening as it is horrifying and depressing.

Among the folks who lived through the mile-wide tornado that ravaged the city in which the University of Alabama is located was Chiefs cornerback Javier Arenas, a second-round pick in 2010.

“It’s hard,” Arenas told Anderson.  “I’m trying to get my head together.  It’s going to take time.”

Arenas’ story is one of several Anderson shares, and we highly recommend reading the entire article.

7 responses to “Javier Arenas haunted by Tuscaloosa tornado

  1. Wow…. Read that article linked in the story. It is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the scenario these people experienced. This should give us all some perspective on what’s important My heart goes out to all of the people in Alabama.

  2. I loved this guy wen he was at bama. Rlly wanted Tampa to snag him. He’s s class act and good upcoming corner on a D that should be watched in the years to come. I hope this gets sorted out for him. Sometimes people don’t get how hard things like this are on people

  3. I cannot believe this is happening right now & the government isn’t in there with the troops. We fighting a war for people that hate us versus fighting for the taxpaying american citizens. I cannot stand how things are ran here, it’s more backwards then one could expect.

    Help the US recover = help the people in the US.

  4. My brother and his family live in Tuscaloosa, and extended family in Birmingham and smaller Alabama towns that were hit that day. They lost friends in the storms and have been working nonstop in the relief efforts. Dealing with the aftermath has taken a tremendous toll. We all loved Javier as a Bama player and have been thrilled for his NFL success. I pray he can put this behind him soon.

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