Jim Harbaugh isn’t leaving anything to chance


When the lockout finally ends, I’m go to remember the little things.

I’m going to remember a lot of stories about John Beck. I’m going remember not fully understanding what David Cornwell and Florio are talking about on PFT Live.   I’m going to remember 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh getting league permission to bring Alex Smith’s wife flowers.

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com writes that Harbaugh was among the visitors to Alex and Elizabeth Smith last week when they welcomed their first child to the world.  (We send our congrats.)

The 49ers confirmed the visit and said they first asked for league approval to offer face-to-face congratulations.  The NFL approved because it was a social visit.

The expected return of Smith to the 49ers has been one of the more surprising stories of this offseason.  Harbaugh recruited Smith like a college prospect and it’s clear he’s not leaving anything to chance.

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  1. Gotta love a new coach that does all the little things like this. Glad the league gave approval.

    Oh, an congrats to Alex and Elizabeth!!!

  2. It seems that Harbaugh genuinely see’s something he likes in Smith. The argument that he’s just doing this because of the lockout gets weaker and weaker every day.

  3. Not an Alex Smith fan at all, but given their new child would feel pretty guilty to bash the guy today….

  4. its obvious, Jim Harbaugh sees Alex Smith as his best chance at being in position to draft his boy Andrew Luck with the top pick in 2012.

  5. @lovesportsandsurfing
    Your an idiot in more ways than 1. A) With the lockout, there is no better option at QB available for the 49ers. B) The 49ers moved up to draft Kaepernick as the future of the franchis. Even IF (and that a HUGE if), the 49ers were the number 1 pick in 2012, I doubt Luck would be a primary target.

  6. Hardbug presented Mrs. Smith with the flowers along with a large thick binder filled with notes, instructions, and diagrams, for her reading pleasure.

  7. That was a classy thing for Harbaugh to do. I just hope Smith doesn’t tweet like Ocho that getting to have a social chat with someone from management was “cool as fudge.”

  8. Alex smith will lead the Niners to the division championship … Lock it up. Hey St. Louis boy, who had a better qb rating and better stats? Alex in the worst offensive scheme ever or Bradford with offensive guru schmur? Just what I thought. Give Alex a year with harbaugh and he will be way more improved!

    Prediction – first time SF meets St.L, Patrick Willis puts a hurt on Samantha Bradford and he is out for the season!

  9. Love what Jim is doing with what he’s has. As a 49 Faithful, I like his game plan do far. Keep it up Jim. Go 49ers.

  10. @sterilizecromartie….I’m assuming small–like infant size hands.

    Much smaller than Alex’s 10+ size hands (which are larger than all of the incoming rookie QBs

  11. @SFwillis52 – Sorry man.. I disagree with you. put it this way, say you have kyle orton in your roster and you just drafted an unprooven rookie the previews draft, then you have the number 1 pick and a young Payton Manning that knows your offense and terminology from top to bottom coming out in that draft. what do you? you stick to what you have or do you go after a for sure QB and trade w/e you have?
    ding ding ding.. you take payton manning who already knows your offense. ARE YOU CRAZY!? why would you pass on that!?

  12. @ninerdynasty
    The 49ers won’t draft another QB with the #1 overall pick again anytime soon. They already experienced what can happen if they are wrong, and they know how many years it can set them back. Go all the way back to Peyton Manning in first overall QB’s taken. You have Bradford, Stafford, Russell, Smith, Eli, Palmer, Carr, Vick, Couch, and Peyton. After looking at that list, there is no chance in hell you can say Luck is a sure thing. I would love to have Orton, but it’s not gonna happen. Harbaugh got the guy he wanted. And I don’t even know why anyone thinks the Niners are going to be the number 1 pick. As bad as everyone says Alex has been, the Niners have never been the worst team in the league with him, so this whole conversation is pointless

  13. SFwillis52 – So you’re telling me that harbaugh has doubts about his QB in college who had a completion ratio of 71% and who knows harbaugh’s offense and terminology from top to bottom? You are not making sense.. why would you settle for a possible McNabb type of prospect when you can have a Manning type of prospect. You wouldn’t make it in this league if you’re not ALWAYS trying to improve your roster.

  14. @ninerdynasty

    Dude… give it a rest already. We’re not getting Luck next year so move on for Christs sake… And what’s up with the CK = McNaab and Luck = Manning?!? Stop being so closed minded

  15. i’m not being closed minded “dude”.. im just realistic, there is no way that a any team passes up on andrew luck period!. All i’m saying is that, if he’s there when the niners pick in the first round, be sure that he will be a niner. I know that’s not going to happen because i think the niners wont be near the top 5 picks on the next draft, but it would be nice to have two top flight prospects and to have the ability to trade 1 for multiple picks in future drafts.

  16. there is so much fury and anger built up inside of me because of the last 2 seasons where the niners should have dominated their division. I hope smith shuts everyone up for once and unleashes all this frustration out on the division. no lockout…..please. i want to watch my niners where they belong and where they are comfy. In the damn playoffs!

  17. Alex hasn’t had the right leadership to become a leader of men himself. As much as I liked mike singletary, he obviously wasn’t a good head coach. Alex has had several offensive coordinators and been under scrutiny his whole career. I think having a smart head coach that knows qbs and his first child could change things around for him

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