Jury sides with Jon Beason in civil trial, awards him $1

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A jury in North Carolina found on Thursday that Panthers linebacker Jon Beason did not assault a man at a strip club in November of 2009.

The civil trial was brought by a man who accused Beason of punching him.  Beason said he was set up and was held back by friends and never struck the man.

In addition, the jury awarded Beason $1 in damages for slander.  No, that’s not a typo.  Beason had been seeking $1 in damages as a way to clear his name.

“I think I’m more mature because of it,” Beason said. “Hopefully, he’ll learn a lesson here too.”

19 responses to “Jury sides with Jon Beason in civil trial, awards him $1

  1. If it’s a ‘strip club’… and you’re a rich, famous athlete… then one of you shouldn’t be there. And they can’t move the strip club…

  2. I have to smile and shake my head when I see the supporters of going to strip clubs like it’s just a normal thing to do.

  3. I can say, having talked to Beason on numerous occasions, that I was surprised that someone of his character would be at a club like that, but we do not know the circumstances nor do I care to know. Having said that, they are legal and is a responsible man who has the right to be there. He learned a lesson. However, do not judge him–judge the ass who accused him. I think he should be charged for attempting to use our crowded courts to profit from slander and lying under oath.

  4. What exactly is wrong with going to a strip club? It’s just a bar with boobs! For you religious people, God created us to be nude, remember????

  5. Yes he has the right to go to strip clubs but it’s probably not wise to do so in a place one may be recognized. I am sure he felt that if he just had a nice normal night out with the boys what’s the harm? And there wouldn’t have been any harm if that dolt hadn’t tried his little money grab. Beason suing for $1 shows that he did just want to clear his name. Beason’s a smart kid so I am sure he has learned a lesson.

  6. He hired a lawyer to sue for $1? The NFL players better hope he’s not on the negotiating commitee.

  7. That’s one free lap dance for his trouble.

    I sure hope she’s good looking…

  8. Strip clubs are passe and, well, lame, but whatever. Go to a strip club if you want, as long as you take steps to avoid contributing to human trafficking. Why judge Beason for this, just because he may not subscribe to prude values?

  9. I went to a topless strip club, The lady said i could get a special dance in a private room for 60 dollars..

    She took me to the room flashed me her snatch for 5 seconds and took my 60 dollars then i got thrown out after arguing. lmao

    worst 60 dollars spent in my life.

  10. He hired a lawyer to sue for $1? The NFL players better hope he’s not on the negotiating commitee

    That’s funny I don;t care who you are LOL.

    If the NFLPA had anythin g to do withn this the case wouyld still be going on.

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