Lester Bagley says new stadium is coming for Vikings


Vikings V.P. of public affairs and stadium development Lester Bagley joined PFT Live on Thursday to talk about the stretch run for a new stadium in Minnesota for the team.

For the short, sound-bite version, Bagley said it’s coming.

For the long version, check out the full show by clicking the box in the upper right hand corner of the page or visit the PFT Live home page.  Or download the podcast at iTunes.

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15 responses to “Lester Bagley says new stadium is coming for Vikings

  1. Not in Arden Hills or the city of Minneapolis is it. I’ve never seen vikes fans more keyed up. They’ve spent hours poring over city charter documents to find a way to force a referendum on using public funds for a vikes stadium. No way it passes if it goes to a public vote. Which appears to be almost certain. Try again, Zygi.

  2. They got he funds by reducing the allotment for school lunches for children below the poverty level. Zigi Wilf celebrated the news by purchasing a gold plated umbrella stand for his foyer.

  3. It doesn’t matter if they build a stadium or don’t build a stadium.
    It does’t matter if they build in Arden Hills or Beverly Hills.

    That Purple team ain’t never won a Super Bowl, and the never will.

  4. Wilf and the NFL are footing the bill like they should! Best news ever! Right? Bring on the PSL’s!

  5. First no one wanted to pay for it – three years running now. But Vikes were locked in contract at present stadium through 2011, No problem, it can wait, ha they can’t go anywhere.

    Now 2011 both dems and repubs want the credit for saving the vikes so they are all for the stadium but can only offer X amount of money since hey, the state is 4B in the hole right now and the citizens are restless.

    Now at the waning hour, weeks before the legislative session is due to end for the year, they are fighting over the site but haven’t figured out how to pay for it. This is the insanity that we Minnesotans deal with daily.

    For sure no one wants those big salaries leaving the state you can count on that. LA will never happen.

  6. Coming into the home stretch. Getting a new stadium is exciting but even when they finalize the deal we still have to wait 3 years to bask in its glory.

    The haters will have to convert their “LA” comments over to strictly “superbowl” comments though. I’m worried about whether or not they can make the adjustment. It is funny sometimes what they latch onto over there.

  7. I can sum up why this team will not be going to L.A.

    Even if the L.A group does build a billion dollar stadium, Wilf would not move the franchise and share ownership. He would sell it.

    That said, is the L.A group going to build said billion dollar stadium, and STILL have another billion dollars to buy the team? Better yet, the states deficit is about 5 times WORSE than Minnesota’s.

    Better yet, would Wilf even sell the team, knowing he has a multi billion dollar investment in the wings?

    I doubt both.

    Sorry to break it to you L.A, unless you all pitch in the IOUs your state will give you as tax returns, you wont be seeing the Vikings.

  8. I heard the vikes are headed to Mexico City, where they will be named the Fish Taco… This way they can keep their silly colours and dumb mascots – like the purple Barney dinosaur and the bald dude on the Harley.

    I guess they got the idea for fish tacos when they caught a wiff of the bald guy on his Harley. That dude seriously need to take a bath!

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