Marcus Cannon says he was “blessed” to be drafted after cancer diagnosis


Marcus Cannon, the guard from TCU that was diagnosed with non-Hodkins Lymphoma two weeks before the Patriots selected him in the fifth round of the draft, says that his recovery is going well.

“I’m feeling great,” Cannon told Dana Jacobson on ESPN’s First Take. “I just had treatment in the last few days.  I’m up moving around and having fun.”

Cannon said he didn’t have a definite timetable of how long the treatments would last, but things are looking “better and better” and the lump found at the Combine was now totally gone.  Asked about his draft experience, Cannon only spoke about the positives, saying his conversation with Bill Belichick was “awesome” when New England selected him.

“I’m just so blessed to have this disease and still be picked up by a team,” Cannon said. “I’ve seen how much I really love football.  That’s really why it didn’t bother me if I dropped in the draft.  I’m in love with football.  If I would have gone in the seventh round, I’d be happy because I just want to play football.”

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  1. PUP list him for precautionary reasons, then let him go to work in Week 7.
    A 360 lb. Guard playing alongside Vollmer or Solder for the next decade; I guess that’s pretty good news for the Patriots.
    Every mock I saw had this guy going late first or early second. As long as his health checks out, and by all indications that looks good, getting a stud like this in round 5 is a flat-out steal. A first round talent and he’ll be an absolute road grater for their running game.

  2. All a team had to do was turn on a Red Sox game and watch Jon Lester pitch.

  3. With all the depressing news during this off-season of strife and litigation, we needed a story like this one. Thank you. It brings a modicum of much needed perspective to what is truly important in life.

    I hope PFT will check in with Marcus Cannon from time to time and let your readers know how he’s doing?

  4. Damn it, I wish the Raiders would’ve grabbed this guy when they had the chance to. He will probably be the steal of the draft.

  5. This guy is seriously awesome on film. When he recovers from his treatments and returns to form sometime near the middle of this year, team will regret not spending a 4th rounder on him.

  6. I saw him on FT also. What a nice, humble kid. I’d be rooting for him even if he weren’t a Patriot.

  7. Everyone knows this kid’s health is the first and foremost concern – but aside from that he might have been selected in the first round.

    So the Pats used #17 on a starting OL in Solder, turned #28 into a higher 1st for next year plus a pass catching starting RB in the 2nd, use a 3rd rounder for a QB project who if he simply behaves – and doesn’t even play – is worth a 1st rounder in trade, and may have picked up another 1st round caliber OL with Cannon in the 5th.

    I’m counting a lot of 1st round references and starters in that previous paragraph

  8. All indications are that the prognosis is very good. It seems as though the Pats took a calculated risk whereas many other teams may have just written the guy off once the cancer flag came up. I mean who knows…maybe another team was going to pick him with the very next pick???….I don’t know. What I do know is that the Pats picked this kid in the 5th round, his prognosis for a quick and full recovery are excellent and he’s a 1st round talent. Did the Pats keep an open mind and research the prognosis a bit more than other teams that may have just written him off??? Not sure we’ll ever know but this is the sort savvy the Pats seem to always come up with.

  9. eh – it’s always a crapshoot, but a bust at #17 doesn’t hurt all that bad salary wise – and offensive linemen are pretty much as safe as it gets

  10. Huge bust potential?
    Couldn’t be more inaccurate. He’s got the most potential of any Offensive Lineman in the draft. He had one penalty and allowed one sack in 13 games for Colorado last season, so it’s not all down-the-road at this point either.
    It was reported a couple days ago the Giants would’ve taken Solder at #19 if NE hadn’t grabbed him at 17. Also, the Colts had him as their highest ranked Offensive Tackle and the Indy Star reported they only took Costanza as a fall-back option.
    Most evaluators claimed Solder had more tools for the position than any other OL, including Tyron Smith.
    He’s a 6’8″, 320 lb. guy who spent his first two years in Boulder at TE and as a result, has exceptional feet and agility for a guy his size. Plus, with his frame, he’ll easily put on another 20 lbs. of muscle in New England.

  11. abill wsa way smart taking this young man…when fully recovered & teamed up with either Solder or Vollmer the holes created should be huge….Wish Marcus a speedy & full recovery as well as great success on the field…..

  12. We got 2 1st round OL in the draft both with Patriot style attitudes. Love this draft. Still dont get the QB pick but in Bill I trust. 😉

    Solder will be a stud on the OL and in the offense. What I havent heard anyone talk about is the mike vrabel affect on goal line stands. I think Vrable had something like 5 touchdown passes as a LB for the pats. Solder can do the same as a OL. He could report in as a TE for goal line stands. Is he going to block or shoot out for a TD pass?

    Best wishes for a speedy recover Cannon.

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