PFT Live: Jay Glazer and Vikings stadium talk

Months after shaming Florio to get in better shape, Jay Glazer of FOX joins PFT Live on Thursday.

Glazer will talk about why he’s so bored during the lockout, and go over the latest rumors he’s hearing from around the league.

With time running out for the Vikings to get a stadium proposal approved, we also welcome Vikings VP of Public Affairs and Stadium Development Lester Bagley to the show.

Watch it live right here at noon.

11 responses to “PFT Live: Jay Glazer and Vikings stadium talk

  1. If ever the term…”Time to do some yard work, or mow the grass, mulch whatever” …it would be noon today

  2. let’s talk about ways to spend more taxpayers money so a priveledged few can run a sports team and a few more priveledge people can buy PSL’s or other amenities.

    Give me a break – STOP THIS PUBLIC FUNDING. Or better yet, fund this ONLY IF THE PUBLIC OWNS THE TEAM

  3. All you sheeple demanding the public doesn’t pay for the stadium need to do some homework for cripes sake. The State and County (not to mention City) already use the parking lots and the dome more than than Vikes do. Not only that; the State would never aree to pay something if there wasn’t a benefit to them. Building in Arden Hills opens up a HUGE oppotunity to develop that land further than just the stadium. This means jobs … and not just the temporary construction jobs. People work at this buildings as long as they are occupied. And all of those jobs means more taxes being paid. In turn, helping in the long run to keep YOUR taxes down.

    Look some crap up instead of consistantly basing your opinions on those who are simply looking to get re-elected.

    Support your team, support helping them stay.

  4. There should never be public funding for stadiums in professional sports. The owners have, or should have, enough money to fund it themselves. No public money was used to build Gillette Stadium, the Bank North Garden or the renovations to Fenway Park!! ONLY some infrastructure was provided! If I cant afford to go to games, or simply cant go, why should I have to pay for it??? I SHOULDNT!!

  5. Also …

    Are gignt o sit there and tell me that you’ll put that same thinking into EVERYTHING else that similar? Like; how about the state also takes away the tax break for home improvements? How about education? Should the State also stop spending your tax money on helping people get a college education? States do all they can to attrcat businesses to their area in an effort to increase jobs. the increase in jobs offsets the tax breaks the companies get, by increasing the amount the state gets through incoe taxes. Which the business owners also pay. And funny how when we talk about the lockout how “this is a business” to you stadium nay-sayers. then when it comes to the stadium, it’s suddenly just a sport.

  6. Why do some people that make comments not understand the tax revenue brought in by the players, games, etc? Some public money should be used give the state, county, and city will be getting the tax benefit.

    Wait…let them leave so the actual tax deficit increases. vs the situation today.

  7. Vikings Fans-Go to the Minnesota Momentum page on Facebook and sign up. Today they have links to phone #’s for Governors, Reps, and Senators offices.Each call takes about 30 seconds. Make the call and get a stadium.

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