Randy Moss tells young inmates, “I’ve worn those orange jumpsuits””


Titans (for now) receiver Randy Moss, who most recently was spotted buying video games in West Virginia, on Wednesday visited a facility for underage criminal offenders, the Industrial Home for Youth.

“The decisions you made to put yourself here were a mistake,” Moss told the male inmates, according to Ashley B. Craig of the Charleston Daily Mail.  “It happens.  I’ve been there.”

Moss also spoke with the female inmates at the facility.

“Everybody is entitled to a mistake or two or three,” Moss said.  “I don’t want them to think my road was easy.  I’ve had some bumps in the road.

“I’ve been there.  I’ve been where they are.  I’ve worn those orange jumpsuits.”

Though Moss largely has stayed out of trouble during his NFL career, he pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor battery after getting into a fight at high school, which resulted in the revocation of his scholarship at Notre Dame.  A failed drug test resulted in a short-term incarceration, and his departure from Florida State.  Moss later enrolled at Marshall.

It was a great gesture by Moss to work with the kids, and we recommend watching the video posted below.  Though at times he gets criticized — and at times he deserves it — he seems to have a very good heart.

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  1. Like I said on another article, Moss is a hard guy to figure out. In any case good to see he’s doing something positive during the lockout.

  2. The message from this is “Keep clean and you get to walk around in a burgundy jumpsuit instead of an orange one.”.

  3. Here’s some more friendly advise for those criminals… Don’t take advice from Dandy Randy. The only thing separating him from being on the other side of those bars is that he plays a kid’s game. What next, Bristol Palin talking up the virtues of abstinence?

    Eh… This country needs help!

  4. Moss is like the Incredible Hulk…one minute he’s teaching young kids about how to turn their life around and the next minute he’s bitching about how horrible the free food is at the team lunch. He is a puzzling bird.

  5. From what I’ve read and seen over the years, the Randy Moss who does community service (often anonymously) is a whole lot different from the Randy Moss we see on the football field. The community service Moss really does care for young people and it’s my understanding that he’s been very generous with his money and time in terms of helping a lot of them.

    I hope he retires soon and devotes all of his time to this kind of work because he’s obviously quite good at it and it also appears to make him happy. I don’t think football makes him happy anymore.

  6. “listen kids..we all make mistakes but you can turn your life around and give up when your not happy just like I do!!”

  7. The Lions DO NOT NEED to sign Randy Moss.
    For God’s Sake they are on an upswing as a franchise. LET THEM BE!!!!

    Why inject a locker-room polarizing cancer to what is being built there?

  8. Playing football is what he does for a living, its not who he really is. We as fans would like to think we really know the players but we don’t. All these comments about him being this and that are bull, if you don’t know him personally you can’t comment.

    Keep doing what your doing Randy, I’ll bet half the clowns who have something negative to say had that orange jumpsuit issued to them also.

  9. Randy’s message to the young people with a tendency towards criminal behavior….if you can’t make it as a football player you can always make it as a bank executive.

  10. “…but that was just because I thought they looked good – I’ve also done some crazy hair things through the years – but what I’m trying to say is…”

  11. Everyone loves to trash Randy, even while he is doing a good deed.

    You basement rats should be ashamed.

    I’m with ya Randy! All the best!

  12. I never liked Moss much during his first few years in the league (I rarely like players from any sport until the get older) but recently, the more I find out about the guy, I think he’s my favorite non-Brown.

    Our birthdays are off by a day, he’s from West Va. (and kinda talks with a little twang), owns a NASCAR team, and (eventually/somewhat) owns up to his mistakes & has good heart.

  13. dgforreal says:
    May 19, 2011 2:27 PM
    Like I said on another article, Moss is a hard guy to figure out.
    He is…he’s sort of a man-child. A very complex dude.

  14. Will the real Randy Moss please stand up! Please stand up!
    Just as Randy finds it hard to be a good teammate all the time. He still finds it hard to be all about him all the time.
    Kudos on this one Randy.

  15. Great article on Randy, Mike. He is a complex man emotionally, and that’s okay when his heart is in the right place.

    One thing about Moss that has been consistent is his continued commitment to giving back to his hometown area, and helping the less fortunate with his time and money.

  16. Randy has done many nice things for his home state. He has passed out turkeys to feed the hungry, he has purchased shoes for under privilege kids. He has helped construct new facilities for kids no one else seems to care about.
    This is the first time I’ve seen any coverage. Randy has done these acts from the heart, not because he was looking for coverage or approval.

    Randy has been one of the most misunderstood athletes ever. People have taken things that he said and twisted them into meaning something entirely different. I’m surprised that he speaks to the press at all because of the way he has been abused by the media.

    Randy has made some mistakes when he was younger but haven’t we all? He went from having nothing to be able to purchase almost anything he wanted. The situation would make most people stumble.

    Through it all Randy has remained real. Randy has never forgotten his roots and those of you hating on him probably need to go launder your sheets.

    Thank you Randy Moss, you are a great football player and a great person as well. I am proud to say that you are from West by God Virginia

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