Vick, Eagles get together for first day of workouts

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Almost every team has undertaken some sort of player-organized workouts at this point.

Michael Vick and the Eagles were the latest to jump aboard on Thursday, according to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN.  The workout reportedly included 15 players, with most of the team’s core skill position players in attendance including Brent Celek, Jeremy Maclin, and Jason Avant.

Vick organized the workouts, which are taking place at a remote location in South Jersey.

Perhaps they’ll run into these guys.

26 responses to “Vick, Eagles get together for first day of workouts

  1. If you were to find yourself in the pineys of SJ, the least of your concerns would be mafia.

  2. brownsfn says: May 19, 2011 7:23 PM

    I hope he tears his ACL and they hook jumper cables up to his you know whats…


    Oh wait. You’re a Browns fan. You already have bad luck.

  3. How come when Drew Brees gets a workout going he is a “Great leader, great teammate.” But when everybody else gets one going its, ehhhhhhh???

    …and yes I hate the Saints and Drew Brees

  4. Lol what a bunch of dumba$$es, When they say south jersey its like 10 minutes outside Philadelphia not in the Pine Barrens lol.

    Keep Hating Vick, its really doing a lot!

  5. Keep Hating Vick, its really doing a lot!

    First round home playoff exit cuz of a dumb interception.

    Keep lovin Vick, it’s really doing a lot!

  6. @phillyfan—–where the f u live son? prob a norristown gangsta…..keep believing fat andy and be content with ur early playoff exits

  7. If Vick and the Eagles offense can learn how to slice and dice a defense with high-percentage plays, with the “home-run play” mixed in here and there the offense should be tops in the NFL. Assuming Kolb hits the road, Vick will have to be more careful scrambling around and the O-line protection (or lack there of) for him could make or break the season in Philly.

  8. terrible sopranos not the smartest guy in the world but north jersey and south jersey are 2 different places.kinda like north korea and south korea.

  9. Wow I gave you guys a chance but like always a skimmed though the comments and nothing but pathetic filth. Quit the bashing already. And stop telling Vick to get out of the NFL. Are you in the NFL? NO! So who are you to judge who can be in it? That’s like me saying who is allowed in your house…lol And wishing injury or death on Vick actually is only making YOU the worse person.

  10. Vick is the face of the Philadelphia Eagles. Of course the death of Jeffrey Dahmer made the choice much easier.

  11. dirtytaco says:
    May 19, 2011 8:07 PM
    Did his Pitbull show up?
    Only in spirit… 😀

    The undisclosed location may have been Glassboro State College. Some team members had sidewalk parking privileges there…

  12. brownsfn says:
    May 19, 2011 7:23 PM
    I hope he tears his ACL and they hook jumper cables up to his you know whats…

    Well played brownsfn. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Anyone that bashes you either doesn’t really know the extent of the torture Vick administered with his bare hands & his total disregard for humans or is too ignorant & blind to care.

    It’s ok to torture hurt & crying animals for fun by attaching electrodes to them, throw them into a pool of water & shocking them as they scream in pain & laugh about it. It’s ok to knowingly spread herpes to women of his own race & it’s ok to lie & lie & lie until you are caught, then plea out & get a token sentence. When he goes away for animal cruelty, he has then paid his dues. The lack of knowledge of Vick fans is astounding, the intentional ignorance is amazing. Never underestimate the lack of common sense in regards to the people that defend Vick.

    The guy is a mediocre QB at best that chokes in the playoffs, just as Eagle fans saw against GB. But keep putting this POS on a pedestal Eagle fans, all that does is show the rest of the country that the things said about Eagle fans aren’t speculation.

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