Bart Scott: If Jets don’t win Super Bowl, we’re a joke


Jets linebacker Bart Scott is thrilled that his coach, Rex Ryan, has boldly stated that they’ll win the Super Bowl.

But he also knows what everyone will say about the Jets if they fall short.

“I think it’s about time we get it done and see this thing through because, after a while, people are going to start looking at it as a joke,” Scott told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio.

Scott is right about that: The Jets’ brash talking is fun, but if they keep talking and keep falling short of the Super Bowl, we’ll all be laughing at them, not with them.

87 responses to “Bart Scott: If Jets don’t win Super Bowl, we’re a joke

  1. Tell your NFLPA representatives that your window of oportunity to do such things are less likely if there isn’t a serious debate in negotiations.
    If you guys keep the hard stance that you deserve the old business model you won’t fulfill your dream of playing in the SB and be lucky enough to win it.

  2. This is not news. We already knew this about the Forgets….I mean the Jets. Regular season, and playoff wins mean nothing. Hoisting the Lombardi at the end of the year is what everyone plays for. The loud mouths have been on cusp two years in a row, with their even louder mouthed coach saying it’s in stone, the Jets WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL….How did that shape up for you there Rexy? Jets = Chargers of 2007-2009.

  3. They have already fallen short….twice. Every time Rex opens his mouth I cringe because I know that everything he says is BS. I still can’t get those foot fetish videos and his stupid voice out of my head.

  4. As a Steeler fan I think beating the Jets and Ravens in the playoffs almost made the SB loss worth it. Rex smashing his headset after the last play was delicious.

  5. i need to save this article in my favs so when the playoffs come and the Jets are nowhere to be found, i can send it to all my friends who jets fans

  6. Isn’t Scott the same wimp who got carried 7-8 yards into the endzone by Osama Mendenhall?

    jets and their fans have done this now for last 42 years…and have 2 division titles to show for it.

    This is 5th worst rated franchise in NFL history…a very, very ugly stepsister to Buffalo.

  7. Thanks Bart for giving us all a softball to knock out the park.

    But don’t feel too badly. Rex said you guys would have beaten the team that beat the team that beat your team in the playoffs. So you kind of already are champions.

  8. That’s TWO intelligent things Scott has said within 24 hours …… somebody call a doctor!!!!

  9. If I were Bart Scott I’d be more concerned with making a single play this year, not getting to, never mind “winning” the Super Bowl. JETS fans better hope his play is better this year than last. Most over-hyped non-impact player on the most over-hyped, self-promoting team. Other than that…he’s a swell guy.

  10. “Scott is right about that: The Jets’ brash talking is fun, but if they keep talking and keep falling short of the Super Bowl, we’ll all be laughing at them, not with them.”

    We are already.

  11. 0-2 in the last two AFC Championship Games…and last I checked, it’ll be kinda tough to climb that mountain once again next season.
    Bottom Line: :LMAO @ “The Golden Era of New York Jets Football.”

  12. I love the way the media twists people words around this dude said if we keep saying it and dont get it done people are gonna start looking at us like a joke, and the headline says “Bart Scott: If Jets don’t win Super Bowl, we’re a joke” lol

  13. I just love this team! They are hilarious! I hope they do Hard Knocks with the Jets every year.

  14. Bart, it’s good to have confidence. But it’s better to do your “talking” on the field. Then you don’t have to worry about becoming a laughingstock.

  15. Can Sanchez lead a team to a Super Bowl?

    That is as valid a question as any in this upcoming season?

    If I were them I’d focus on winning the division first and then start thinking about the Super Bowl.

  16. When your head coach is a clown its hard not to consider the whole organization a joke. Jets ownership will be sorry they handed the keys to the boat to an overweight moron who cant keep his mouth shut.

    If there is a season the Jets wont even win the divison. With Sanchez they are going nowhere, and by the time Rex admits his mistake and releases him it will be back to the Jets we all know and love and that is perenial playoff outcasts.

  17. Wow everyone beat me to all of the punchlines. I guess it will be close but I bet the Jets come within a foot of making the playoffs but ultimately fall just short.

  18. Yesterday I commented about Lovie Smith… I said, Lovie shouldn’t comment on every dumb thing his players say.

    Bart, don’t feel you have to comment on every dumb thing your coach says… Some how that shouldn’t be said? Oh, you have to wonder who’s running the asylum in NY.

  19. “I think it’s about time we get it done”

    He says this like winning a SB is just something they’ve been putting off for awhile, like mowing the lawn or painting the kitchen.

    What a complete fool!

    Winners win, losers talk about winning.

  20. WHAT OMG, did BART SCOTT follow TROY POLAMALU back to school or something?

    or maybe the fact these players realizing being away from REX RYAN and the bullship he speaks they realize he is a joke. This is just an indirect way of putting it.

  21. I love all the haters. Two champ games in a row in the first two years of Rex’s HC career and Sanchez’s pro career. Playoff wins on the road against top teams being a big underdog. Only a few teams can knock the Jets right now and thats the Steelers, Colts, Packers, and Saints. The rest should be worried about how to get to a championship game first.

  22. Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s been a long time since this many people were using the words “Super Bowl” and “New York Jets” in the same sentence. I think the joke is on all of us.

  23. I just can’t wait for next year when Rex gets to say for the 3rd year in a row “Had we been in the Superbowl we would have won that game”

  24. Hate the Jets but must say that the road to the Super Bowl is through them. They played for the AFC crown twice, they beat the Pats in Foxboro, in a playoff game. Jets fans should worry about LT taking the RB load this year.

  25. Too bad that your Jets “couldn’t stop a nosebleed” in the AFC Championship game, Bart. I’m still a “non-believer”

  26. Wow — look at all this hate.
    Pretty funny.

    I’m loving the spotlight on this team every day. I’m loving the pressure put on them this season.

    Keep laughing. See y’ll after the lockout.

  27. scott is a joke anyways. lets see if the jets finish 500 this year. lucky breaks are over

  28. I am by no means a Jets fan, but I don’t understand how a team that has made two straight AFC Championship appearances can be so widely disrespected. Yeah, sure, Rex Ryan predicts that they’ll win it every year. So what? He’s confident in his team, as every coach should be.

  29. @tombradyhonorsociety – Remember ur team went 16-0 and didn’t win the SB…

    NE is the most OVERRATED TEAM In the NFL… If it wasn’t for Brady, not bellichic.

    The NE patriots would be in the same breath as the Lions, Cardinals, Bengals and a few other teams.

    Don’t put the Jets & the Raiders in the same breath… The Raiders have 5 SB apperances and 3rings n more Hall of Famers than both the jets n NE

    If it wasnt 4 Namath the Jets wouldn’t even be a team.

  30. Rex and the continuious talk make it hard to like the Jets. I do appreciate the Jets, their trash talk has made me dislike them instead of the Patriots and allowed me appreciate what Tom Brady has done in his career. He may be a hall of fame qb but should get some sort of metal for marrying that wife of his. Not only is she beautiful but she earns more money than him, way to go Tom.

  31. so lets say the jets don’t win in the next 2 years, but make the playoffs and are in contention..that would make them a joke? that’s ridiculous.

    The Jets under Rex will still kick your ass on sundays, whether they ever win, or not. Of course he’ll sound stupid if they never win, and he continues to say they’re going to win, but it doesn’t change how they’ll play on sundays. And if you’ve ever watched them, they play hard.

  32. People have already said it better than I could really put it- you’re laughing at a successful program. 2 years of Ryan, still no Super Bowl, but quick: name all of the coaches who’ve won the Super Bowl in their first 2 years! An exclusive few, to be sure.

    Keep hating, because as long as Rex is the coach, the Jets are here to stay.

  33. robbie774 says: May 20, 2011 3:34 PM

    I am by no means a Jets fan, but I don’t understand how a team that has made two straight AFC Championship appearances can be so widely disrespected. Yeah, sure, Rex Ryan predicts that they’ll win it every year. So what? He’s confident in his team, as every coach should be.
    I’m a Pats fan so I hate them but I do respect what they’ve done on the field the past two years. But past success is not a guarantee of future success. There’s a reason most coaches and players follow the “one game at a time” mantra…because it it’s really a good way to keep your focus on the task at hand. A lot of players and even RR at times don’t seem to do that.

    I just don’t like whiny, loudmouth braggarts like Scott. So yeah I’m guilty of individual lack of respect for some players, Jets and otherwise regardless of how good they are or how meh they are (like Scott).I don’t like that type of guy on MY team…so why would I like them on a hated rival’s team?

  34. richm2256 says:
    May 20, 2011 1:20 PM
    That’s TWO intelligent things Scott has said within 24 hours …… somebody call a doctor!!!!

    TWO more intelligent things than richm2256 has said in his entire life.

  35. You guys can knock the Jets all you want. Last time we won a championship was 1969, well lets see who doesn’t have a NFL Superbowl victory
    (Browns, Lions, Texans, Jags, Vikings, Bills, Bengals, Eagles, Chargers, Falcons, Titans, Panthers, Seahawks, Cardinals) 14 teams and not one can say anything because they dont have one yet…. Oh how about the teams that have only won once like the sorry Jets have (Chiefs, Bears, Rams, Ravens, Bucs, Saints). Those teams have no room to speak either because they are on the same level as well.
    Jealousy breeds envy. Everyone is upset because most of your teams can’t beat the JETS!! Keep HATING we feed off it, Love it. Hopefully the season actually happens, then we see who is a laughing stock …. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

  36. mrdirtyjersey – That’s a lot of good teams on that list and you’re right.

    I’m glad My Raiders was nowhere near that list, see you this season in Oakland Jet’s fans.

    I’m a LA guy & diehard USC fan, but watching Sanchez eat that hotdog after killing us put’s a sour taste in my mouth for the Jet’s.

    It’s on! GO RAIDERS!

  37. @mrdirtyjersey

    1. I seem to recall my Bears cleaning the Jets’ clock, and making a conference championship game, as the Jets did, so I assure you jealousy has nothing to do with my dislike.

    2. The Jets aren’t disliked because they are a decent team, they are disliked because they trash talk more than the other teams you listed, and then don’t back it up. It doesn’t help that a large amount of the talk is done by a coach who shouldn’t talk as he doesn’t play, but also gets too much credit considering he replaced a man who had already taken them to the playoffs and nearly did so again the year he was fired, he just happened to rely too much on an aging qb. Sure there have been some good free agency and draft moves ( Sanchez was drafted far too high though) but the restof his tenure have been average considering the team he has.

    Just my two cents.

  38. Nothing would please me more that seeing that blowhard have to eat his words. He just never shuts up.

  39. @revis24

    you’ve gotta get past the Ravens too. and that’s not gonna happen.

  40. gh927 hasn’t Brian Urlacher come out and say that the Bears are the best team in the North, also cleaned our clock? The final was 38-34. Cmon must at least be 10+ points to be considered a clock cleaning. His tenure average? 2 years in a row he has been to the conference championship game. So quick question, Who is the only coach the last 2 years who has been to back to back conference championship games? Rex Ryan, that’s who. Also you stated that there has been good free agency moves and drafts, but what about trades? Mike Tannenbaum has done a hell of a job there. Cromartie, Holmes and even though people don’t like Sanchez look at what we actually gave up for him 3 non starters and a 2nd to move up from 17th to 5th. If the Jets talked trash and were 6-10 then I can see people saying shut up but truth is we are better than everyone but 2 teams. 99% of the hate comes from people being jealous. Not sayin you but read these posts… lol Keep Hating and the Jets will keep talking and winning ….. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  41. @mrdirtyjersey

    I wouldn’t hate on the jets if they said 2 years back to back that they are one of the best teams in the league. but when they guarantee 2 years in a row that they’re going to win the super bowl and they don’t, that’s where the hate comes from. first season ok fine no problem with that. 2nd season, shut up and play football. but in the end I love Rex and I miss him. you can keep Bart Scott he talks too much. you don’t hear about Scott because he made an amazing play or had a great game. you hear about him because he runs his mouth.

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