Bills draft pick drops 73 pounds, down to 375

Late in the seventh round of the NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills took a shot on a little-known lineman from Bethel University in Tennessee named Michael Jasper, the kind of player it would be easy to overlook — at least, if he didn’t play college football weighing nearly 450 pounds.

The Tennessean has a story today about Jasper’s journey from Bethel to the NFL and from a high of 448 pounds to a svelte 375, and it includes details like the fact that Bethel didn’t have a scale that would register higher than 400 pounds, so when Jasper needed to monitor his progress in trying to lose weight, he’d go to the McKenzie Feed & Grain Store.

“He’d step up on our platform feed scale and customers would start coming over, gathering to see what he weighed,” said Dan Bradford, owner of the store. “We’d have a big time with it.”

Bethel listed Jasper at 390 pounds, but he was actually quite a bit bigger than that. Bethel is an NAIA school, and its football roster lists defensive linemen as small as 190 pounds, so Jasper was more than twice the size of some of the guys he was blocking in practice.

The 6-foot-5 Jasper (who played guard in college but is expected to play defensive tackle in Buffalo) says that when the Bills were scouting him, coach Chan Gailey told him he had NFL talent but he needed to slim down. Still, he doesn’t think he can get much lower than 375.

“[Bills scout] Matt Hand made a deal with me initially saying they wanted me under 400 pounds,” Jasper said. “After the draft I talked with coach Gailey and he said just to keep working hard and keep the weight off. . . . I haven’t talked to anyone from the Bills since the draft, but me and my trainer don’t know if we want me to get down to 360 pounds or anywhere near that. The way my body is, I’m not a regular 360-pound man.”

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  1. If you’ve ever seen the Biggest Loser there is no such thing as a regular 360lb man. Everyone has the ability to take it off. No matter how different you think you are from everyone else.

  2. I mean, its great and all that he’s losing weight/getting in shape for the NFL. But I dont think there’s any human being that should say “the way my body is, I’m not a regular 360-pound man.” Yeah, at 360 he’d be skin and bones.

  3. Good for this guy. I hope he gets to play, but getting healthy is just as important.

  4. I appreciate the imagination of the Bills, but it seems this guy could be a steal, originally an Ole Miss lineman…. at first I was skeptical about the lower tier football program he came out of.

  5. Buffalo told him(MJ) earlier in the year that if he could drop some of that weight, they’d take him at some point in the draft, and they did. Jasper did exactly as they had asked. I hope this kid makes it, whether it be with Buffalo or some other NFL team.

    If he turns out to be that diamond in the rough, Buddy Nix better start handing out a few bonus checks to his scouting department.

    Go Bills!!!!

  6. he was a dt in college. he only played guard for a brief time, one year, due to injury, which isn’t uncommon at small schools. but, he’s extremely athletic there’s training videos of him on youtube thats where the not a regular 360lb man comes from, and anybody with the willpower, and drive to make a sacrifice for a goal, even one that is a long shot, has me rooting for them. also 69.

  7. I really hope the Bills do their due diligence and help this man lose that weight. Too many times, especially lately, we’re losing these ‘giants’ to premature heart and brain attacks. “I’m not a regular 360 lb man’, is code for ‘I have a problem and people have been enabling me to be this way.’ If someone doesn’t step in soon, I’m afraid we’re going to see his name on the bottom of the ESPN screen, scrolling by, using past tense verbs.


    you gotta see this guy work out. not so much the benching cause percentage wise it be like me repping out 100lbs.

    but this dude can move for being 400.. its actually scary. I watched him broad jump. 9ft8in

    wtf.. honestly.. this thing is gonna cause a ruckus no doubt.. u gotta see its legs..

    BUFFALO well done on the scouting. I see the run defense getting a definite boost.

  9. Tell him that the other team has cupcakes in their jock straps, and watch the fun unfold!!!

  10. This guy is twice as wide as the RB, LOL. Him just being out there will help improve the Bills run stopping ability by 20%.

    What happens when a unstopable object meets an immovable object ??

  11. Buffalo’s definitely not afraid to take the big boys. Remember Mike Williams (410lbs) who ate himself out of a job only to lose a bunch of it (70 lbs) and actually make the Redskins roster for a season? They took him at #4 overall. Blood Clots ended it again but he’s still technically a Skin. Good luck Jasper!

  12. Hey, I know you’re busy these day so we’ll just catch up in a few years.


    Heart Disease
    High Cholesterol
    Poor Circulation
    Sleep Apnea

  13. What type of toilet seat does a guy like that need?

    “Excuse me mam, can I use your bathroom?”

    “Uh, NO!”

  14. According to Bethel’s roster, the player in the picture is either Cordarius Mann, Kennon Holder, or Jeremy Calhoun (all RBs and 5’6″ or shorter). The oldest and shortest of this bunch is Calhoun at 5’5″.

    Either way, someone is lying because Jasper is a hell of a lot more than 1 foot taller than that RB.

  15. Look at the pic. Jasper is standing upright, the rb is playing with his pads kinda low. So that probably created the huge height difference.

  16. I’d hate to see what this dude’s heart looks like. I’d bet his heart weighs about 30lbs. Look at guys like the “fridge”. He looked skinny at 290. I hope this guy knows what is best for his future.

  17. GO BIG MIKE!
    just like with the chargers Buddy drafted a DLman in Dielman and turned him into a perennial pro bowl LG, Love to see him at NT.
    One of the few things right now I can say I like about the NFL, kid gets a chance and he is out there giving the effort to try and make it, best of luck to him, and even if he doesn’t make it in the NFL a kid like that will do alright in anything else with that willingness and effort. hope he makes it!

  18. Hey MDS….what’s the matter with you guys?….this same story was published on a month ago, immediately after the draft. Why does the Tennessean get the credit?

    Despite the lateness of this story….I love it! Do a google image search on this guy….I found 1 picture of him while he is at a sprinting camp standing next to a coach. He’s not fat (and I think the picture is taken while he’s still over 400 lbs.). At 400 lbs. he looks like a force to be reckoned with. I hope he gets a chance to play

    The story was that other scouts told him to lose 100 lbs before they would consider him….the bills only asked him to get below 400. He exceeded the expectations by getting to 375.

  19. For his health’s sake he needs to keep losing a lot more weight. No, you idiot, 375 or anything above 300 is NOT normal.

  20. Word of warning to any QB who sees him busting through the line: If you see this man bearing down on you, Just Go Down! Slide immediately. Trying to wrestle away is a career ending move especially if he lands on you!

  21. I’m telling you. If he makes the team, there is going to be a movie. Tell Sandra Bullock to get

  22. I am wondering why PFT was slow picking up on this story. At the time he was drafted, the Bills made a lot of information available about him. Besides being able to broad jump, he can also dunk a basketball with one hand. At 375 he no longer has much body fat. He is bigger, thinner and more athletic than a true fatso like Mount Cody.

  23. That’s gotta be photoshopped – it CAN’T be a real picture. The RB is about the size of his leg, for cryin’ out loud.

  24. this guy sounds awsome and nfl or not its good hes improving his health and lifestyle. anyone with any sense knows his backround and he is a true athlete and can do things im sure some of you who are “in shape” cant.

    for all you jerks who wanna make fun,etc its extremely hard to lose weight especially being really big and its something to really be commended for. and yeah this is coming from a fat guy

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