David Diehl says Plaxico Burress shouldn’t re-up with Giants


Wide receiver Plaxico Burress is scheduled to be released from prison on June 6. The Giants cut Burress several months before he began his prison term, so he will be an unrestricted free agent once the lockout ends.

FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer recently suggested the Giants’ front office was “intrigued” by the possibility of re-signing Burress, but Giants offensive lineman David Diehl doesn’t think it’d be in Plax’s best interest.

“If I were Plaxico, I would say no [to the Giants],” Diehl said Friday. “With everything that happened, Plaxico has taken a lot of heat, not only through the media. … I think about Michael Vick’s situation. He went to a new situation, a new city, where he could almost start fresh with new teammates and go back to basics.”

It’s fair to wonder if Diehl is hinting at anti-Burress dynamics in the Giants’ locker room. Coach Tom Coughlin isn’t believed to be Plax’s biggest fan, and Burress was never considered a model citizen.

“If I were in that position, in order to move on and start fresh, you have to get back to square one,” Diehl added. “That’s getting back to playing football. That’s getting back to yourself, and not only enjoying your family, but enjoying your life and being happy again.

“For [Burress], I think that’s somewhere else.”

21 responses to “David Diehl says Plaxico Burress shouldn’t re-up with Giants

  1. I’m not a Burris fan or a Giants fan, but shut your mouth Diehl, unless you are going to complain about De-Wad,

  2. Texas has more lenient gun laws. One of those teams would be a better fit. Maybe next time he’ll blow his @#*@ off.

  3. diehl….i love ya dude….but are you nuts? this guy is going to help you get back to the big game and you WANT him to go someplace else? the giants arent the ones who banished plaxico….plaxico did that to himself. he doesnt need to start “anew”, he was already in the perfect spot. if plax has any integrity whatsoever…and if the giants front office has any brains, the only right landing spot for plax is back with the giants.

  4. Plax is runnin on fumes. Whatever team pays him more than the veteran minimum is getting ripped off.

  5. Nobody knows if, especially given his age, Burrhead will ever return to become an impact player again in the NFL, and good luck to anyone foolish enough to roll the dice on him!

    I’m more interested in what Dr. Jesus (Tebow), did today? Did he visit a veteran’s hospital in between prayer services? or perhaps cure a bunch of lepers?

  6. HEY… Plax better sign the first contract he is offered because he never was a game changer on the level of Vick and until he shows he is contrite it doesn’t mean he won’t do something stupid again. I don’t wish him ill will, but when your getting out of prison, it’s not like you can pick and choose with his track record.
    It’s not like he a locker room leader like the Ray Lewis who should have been in prison, but didn’t go.
    Just sayin’.


    PLAXICO and his antics are not worth a “Hill Of Beans.” to me from an interest stand point.



    Thank You to Mike and the staff…. For being here and at least giving me something to read about the game I love. During this Bull Sh*t power play between the owners and players.

    Keep on Keeping On P.F.T writers.

  8. Plaxico will mark his return to the NFL with a series of never seen before endzone dances that involve pretending to shoot himself in the leg.

    One very special piece of choreography will be reserved for a Super Bowl appearance, God willing, in which Plaxico has vowed to actually shoot himself in the left testicle, whether he scores or not.

  9. @denverhighrise-I hope that was a joke-we don’t want Tiki…. nor does anyone else. As far as
    Buress is concerned, I’m on the fence- he’s old and out of shape, but imagine a receiver set that has Nicks, Buress, Manningham and Smith… good luck covering that….especially in the redzone.

  10. There will be some team owner and their fans that would even take Osama Ben Ladin if he was alive and could play football. So I’m sure he will play again.

  11. He will never be as good as he once was. Life situations have taken a toll on him, mentally.

  12. I think David Diehl is correct whether or not there is an anti Burress theme in the locker room, the best thing for Plax and his family is to start over in another city.

  13. Burris has been away from football for two years and he was never a hard worker; so who ever takes a chance on him better be prepared for whatever follows. It better be a GM as well as a coach who are very secure in their positions; because there is a fine line between success and failure.

  14. I wouldn’t want to spend much of my time in a city that is run be a wannabe dictator, where people seriously think it is appropriate to imprison someone for several years for the possession of a firearm,. or that shooting oneself is somehow a “crime.”

  15. Seems like alot of remarks here are based more on feelings than facts. Anyway thanks people for keeping me amused during the lock out

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