Dimitroff indicates Falcons could be open for Hard Knocks


Two years ago, the Falcons turned down a chance to be on Hard Knocks.

Based on G.M. Thomas Dimitroff’s conversation on Sirius XM NFL radio Friday, the answer could be different if asked again.

“Two years ago we were approached and decided that it wasn’t right for us at that point,” Dimitroff told Alex Marvez, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That’s not to say we wouldn’t go down that road if it was presented to us at another time. We are much closer to being in that spot where it’s not going to be as much of a distraction as it would have been another time.”

Doing a show like Hard Knocks requires a few factors:

1. An owner eager to do it, possibly in hopes of raising profile of the team.

2. A coach that isn’t controlling or domineering enough to shoot it down.   It’s hard to imagine any coach really seeking the exposure out, but some have less power than others.

The Falcons seem to fit the bill on both counts.  Dimitroff said the NFL is a league of “entertainment” and the show is ultimately good for growing a fanbase.   It sounds like the Falcons feel their team could be ready for the experience.   (That is, if there is a Hard Knocks this year.)

“It’s such an individual thing. Hard Knocks could be right for some of the teams that are fairly entrenched. It could be right for some team that wants to kick off some more brand recognition,” Dimitroff said.

22 responses to “Dimitroff indicates Falcons could be open for Hard Knocks

  1. Falcons would be interesting to watch. Unfortunatly Hard Knocks will be another casulity in De Smith and Godells ridiculas quest for ultimate greed

  2. What’s the over/under on how many times “moving on from Mike Vick” is mentioned? Ugh.

    HBO isn’t smart enough to get the Detroit Lions ? Who has a more compelling story to tell than them?

  3. I didn’t like the draft strategy of the Falcons, but how much of a story is that…

    The Falcons just seem a little white bread for my taste. And that’s a good thing for a football team if it wants to win, but not so great for TV viewing.

    Oh, there Matt Ryan, showing up early in the morning to review film and get a start on the day… Roddy White running routes under the eye of coaches trying to perfect a cut… It would have the feel of those old WWII news reels.

    Hard Knocks is best when Rex Ryan is swearing and jabbering in preseason games. When LT is trying to keep his anger in check when talking about his age and decline in production. When Cromartie can’t remember his children’s names…

    You can’t script that crap. I just feel the Falsons would feel scripted at best and stilted at worst.

  4. ttommytom says:
    May 20, 2011 3:14 PM
    What’s the over/under on how many times “moving on from Mike Vick” is mentioned? Ugh.

    HBO isn’t smart enough to get the Detroit Lions ? Who has a more compelling story to tell than them?

    Seriously, Detroit is going to be a hell of a team to watch this year. It would be pretty awesome to see Suh and Fairley start together from Phase 1 and watch them start to mesh. Detroit is going to be a good team this year, I think they’ll go at least 8-8, if not a better record. That is, if Stafford can stay healthy.

  5. I think the Raiders would be entertaining, just to see how Al Davis manages to slither his tentacles into every aspect of the organization.

  6. Honestly, there probably isn’t going to be a Hard Knocks this year. Teams are already going to be way behind on prep for the season, they don’t need the extra distraction, as evidenced by several teams turning them down already. Any team that says ‘yes’ to Hard Knocks is basically saying, “We’re going to be terrible this year anyways. Sure, why not?”

  7. nobody would watch the falcons…who cares?

    maybe it would be better to show hard knocks- the season that didn’t play, and just show all these guys getting arrested, and all the dumb stuff they will get into since there is no football.

  8. As a Falcons fan, this wouldn’t bother me. I think we have a lot of high character guys on our team that also have good senses of humor. I’m sure Roddy would make an arse of himself a few times, but he’ll do that anyways. It’d be a good look inside of the organization, compelling viewing for our fans. That said, I don’t know how it would compare to the loud mouthed Rex Ryan et. al. in terms of entertainment. I never watched the show before.

  9. Maybe they should do Hard Knocks from the NFL offices in NYC so the fans can really see what is going on with these clowns.

  10. Hard Knocks is a good thing – Teams should not have the option – The league should dictate what teams are on hardknocks & it should be expanded to multiple teams.

    Its great marketing for any team out there- It will sell tickets, jerseys, and will help a team in free agency.

    You can put the Jets or Cowboys on there again for all I care – They were entertaining

  11. Come to think of it, The Patriots should have been forced to go on Hard Knocks after spygate as retribution. Everything gets recorded with no editing!

    How cool would that have been?

  12. The name of the Show should be the Falcons Motto.

    Falcons 45 year Record 298-402-6 Real Bad
    NFC Championship Games Reached (2) Real Bad
    Super Bowls Played (1) LOL Blown Out
    Super Bowls Won (NONE) LOL so more.

    Raiders under Al Davis Record 442-361-11 Nice
    AFC Championship Games Reached (14) Sweet
    Playoff Seasons (21) Wow
    Super Bowls Played (5) Nice
    Super Bowls Won (3) World Champions Sweet

    Super Bowls should have been in Liddell Fumble or Immaculate Reception = another (5) Super Bowls, what? in or a play away from almost 25% of EVERY SB PLAYED TO DATE.

    Ya, Al Davis is Crazy like a Fox, keep letting the Media Chumps sell you on say the Chargers Org, there record is much like the Falcons, trying to bring up the Falcons in the same conversation with the Raiders is like bringing up a cheap $5,000 Claimer running at some Bush Track in Louisiana when talking about The Great Man O War, there are FACTS and there is BULL, I listed just a few for the BLIND.

  13. snnyjcbs: You can live in the past all you want, big guy…but the fact is that the current Falcons organization is one of the more successful up and coming organizations while the Raiders have been the laughing stock of the NFL recently… So you better call up your boy Marty Mcfly and hop in the delorian if you wanna bask in the glory of the Raiders of the past. Bring Jamarcus with you too.

  14. @dynasty23318488, “up and comers”?, LOL, how many Clubs have I heard that about over the years?

    I wonder what is worse Drafting a Bust like Russell and kicking him loose or Drafting a QB like Vick and not having the Coaching Staff in place to teach him how to play the game, Philly has a Good One over there, lol

    In Business when I am going to put my Money on a Person I look at what they have done during their time on Earth, if someone has been very successful over many many years but lists a few rough patches is up against some Loser that decade after decade has lived as a Deadbeat but hit the Lottery once, I go with the Winner.

    Last point, Dynasty you use in your name and the Falcons just do not fit my friend, woulda, coulda and shoulda would fit you much better, now that was funny, your Org will be remembered in years to come much like the Delorean, they will hear Falcons and LAUGH. You misspelled Delorean by the way Bright Eyes.

  15. YES! I would love to see the dirty birds on Hard Knocks. No team that has been featured on Hard Knocks has gone to the Superbowl and it would give valuable information on the team that other NFC South Rivals could use to defeat them.
    Sounds like a win-win to me!

  16. My favs for Hard Knocks…

    1. Washington… Everything from their insensitive racist name, to their two faced coach, to player that just collect a check, to their horrible owner, to the fans that make it possible every year and make this franchise richer and richer! It’s a flippin’ mad house! This would be the most quoted show maybe ever.

    2. San Francisco… It would be interesting how the ownership operates. How the players respond to the new coach. There’s talent there to win, but it just hasn’t happened. Obviously there’s going to be some growing pains from Singletary to Harbaugh and the team has enough knuckleheads to make it interesting.

    3. Arizona – Could be some funny moments from the Bidwells… The old man is so cheap, but his son seems like a real football guy. Wonder how they make it work? Could be an odd couple thing.

    4. Minnesota vikings – At it’s best it could be Ricky Gervais – Extras funny with self deprecating humor… But at worst it could just be sad and pathetic. You have an owner who’s not even a fan of the team and doesn’t come around though he likes to get his fingers in the pie. A GM that finally has gotten control of personnel… A coach with less power than Wade Phillips had in Dallas. A broken down stadium and a fan base that could careless…

    5. Raiders… Yeah, I saw they have a fan roaming here… But the reality is the Raiders function different than any other franchise. Some say Al Davis is nuts and creates a paranoia in his franchise to work folks against each other. But even a fan of the Raiders has to admit, there’s plenty interesting and different about the way the Raiders are run and funny press conferences like the firing of Lane Kiffin. Love or hate Davis, he’d make for good TV!

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