Mike Lombardi says Kevin Kolb isn’t worth a first-round pick

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Kevin Kolb is expected to be the hottest player available on the 2011 quarterback market, whenever it opens. But there are questions about whether he deserves that distinction after seven NFL starts that have produced mixed results.

The Eagles’ rumored asking price is a first-round pick and a starter on defense.

NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi doesn’t believe Kolb is worth that much.

It’s hard to watch tape on Kevin Kolb and think he’s worth a first-round pick,” Lombardi told 620 KTAR in Arizona. “It’s going to require somebody selling him in the building and someone has to know him.”

Lombardi’s comments about Kolb’s film are similar to the opinion expressed by Gregg Rosenthal on PFT Live Friday, after Rosenthal watched all of Kolb’s 2010 snaps.

“When you study the tape on Kolb, it’s not overly impressive,” Lombardi continued. “It’s very disappointing at times. I know Philadelphia doesn’t like me when I say this: I think ultimately if (Kolb) did have to play (last year) Philly would’ve been a 7-9 team. If it wasn’t for Michael Vick it would have been bad.”

While most national analysts and reporters consider the Arizona Cardinals the favorites to acquire Kolb — and severely overpay, in the opinions of Lombardi and Rosenthal — Lombardi projects Kolb to land somewhere else.

“I’m going to go Cleveland,” he said. “I’m not buying the Colt McCoy love affair going on in Cleveland. I don’t know how you can have the love affair. I think with the extra pick they got from Atlanta, that first-rounder, it’s gonna be hard to beat them in a poker game.”

Lombardi predicts Kolb to the Browns, and free agent Marc Bulger to sign with the Cardinals.

60 responses to “Mike Lombardi says Kevin Kolb isn’t worth a first-round pick

  1. I agree that Kolb isn’t worth a first round pick and the beagles are just fooling themselves. However, Kolb to Cleveland? Holmgren is obviously a lot smarter than Lombardi.

  2. I had Kolb on my FF team, he looked horrible all year. And Lombardi is right, if it wasn’t for Vick… it could have been really ugly for the Eagles.

  3. Personally I thought Colt McCoy was the best QB available in last years draft. I foresee him having better success than say Jimmy Clausen and if I were Holmgren I’d give the kid the keys to the car. I think he’s a winner and was underrated coming out of the draft.

  4. Well, it took Lombardi long enough to figure that out. Brady Quinn came out of the same draft, much more highly rated, has had a similar NFL career to this point, and is third string in Denver. There is no way that Kolb is even a better prospect than Quinn, and I don’t think Brady is going anywhere for a first round pick soon.

  5. That’s why he don”t work for a team right now and is a talking head. As far as whatsafairway and august1969 are concerned. sounds like non playoff giants fan and cowgirl fan. Sorry boys the rich get richer and you watch birds win division again. First round pick a lock! haha

  6. I am a little confused, Mr lombardi believes he is not worth a first round pick and a def. starter, but in the same interview, claims he is going to a team who has two first round picks over a team that has only one.

    Worth and asking price are what they are, but it only takes one team to decide, and a second to counter offer.. There are alot of teams just searching for a QB solution this year. Anything can happen…..

  7. Kolb would be an expensive back up to McCoy in Cleveland. He’s already that in Philly. No need to go to the Browns. The have other needs for those extra picks than a back up QB.

  8. Lombardi hit this one on the head. Kolb nutswingers: Pay attention to what him and everyone else who has broken his game film down says. He’s not that good, not yet. He may get better with reps, but right now, this whole deal is looking like a repeat of the Scott Mitchell trade in ’94. He had similar stats and playing time in Miami, then got traded to Detroit and had continued to be very average.

  9. Philly had one win last year against a quality playoff team, Atlanta. Kolb was the QB.
    Kolb is the only player in NFl history to throw for 300 yds in his first three NFL starts.

    As a fan of another NFC East team, I sure hope the Eagles trade him. Vick will not last an entire season.

  10. Kolb is a good QB; problem is they had one of the worst O-Lines in the league last year. If you throw any first year starter into that situation you would end up with the same result. When you evaluate a QB you have to look at the big picture not just what the stats say.

    I keep hearing guys say he can’t throw the long ball, it’s a lot of dink and dunk throws. (1) The Eagles run the West Coast Offense and guess what that’s what it’s based around. (2)The fact is one of the things Reid does is put his QB in the best spot to make plays. He just didn’t have a lot of time to throw the ball last year. (3) I think he probably didn’t trust the protection and as a young kid that is a rough way to play. I’m not making excuses for him but when he was out there every Defense blitzed him almost every down.

    I don’t think anyone has any idea exactly how good he is, but I can tell you this when he has had the protection he has lit it up that is just a fact!

  11. It doesn’t matter what Kolb is WORTH. All that matters is his MARKET VALUE. He’s shown glimpses and that’s all that matters in the QB-driven league. I’m a huge Philly fan and have scene every single snap Kolb has taken. I wouldn’t give a 1st up for him, but he does have potential. If a team is desperate enough, though, they’ll give the Eagles whatever they want.

  12. One more thought, the Eagles had the same record with Vick as they had with Mcnabb the year before, and also one and done in the playoffs.

  13. When a team gets this guy they will see why he is going to be great. Get him protected and he will pick apart defenses! He is a great leader and even better, has a short memory when he loses. It funny how the Eagles let McNabb go and everybody screamed and yelled about how they were wrong…they got it right again! Now, here the funny part, the media from the teams that want him…….are yapping about how he’s not worth a first round pick….get a clue! He is worth a 1st and 2nd if I were trading him but they should get no less then a 1st and 3rd! Yes…That
    ‘s what I said! You say the film huh? What do you have to say about 2 NFL player of the week awards in such a short body of work! Look at it how you may, he is better then every QB right now that came out of the draft…including Newton…..can you say truely overatted!!! Kolb will have a 30 TD’s season in the next 2-3 seasons if he goes to ARI!

  14. It’s amazing how underrated a player can become, just because they are a few inches short than the powers that be would like them to be. If Colt McCoy was 6’4″, he probably would have been a top 20 pick.

  15. Kolb is 2-5 as a starter on a pretty good team. McNab and Vick both had winning records on the same team.

  16. God I can’t wait for the Dolphins to trade a high draft pick for Rob Johnson….I mean, Jay Feely….wait I mean…..

  17. Finally! Someone in the Nat’l media had the stones to admit what everyone outside of Philly has known all along!

    It still won’t stop some idiotic GM from giving up a 1st, but it’ll cost him his job down the road. Write it down.

  18. I’m glad someone actually came out and said that. From what I’ve seen of Kolb, I would agree. His numbers are modest at best with a losing record and a career QB rating of 73.2. The Eagles are upselling him on his potential and his college numbers at Houston. I might be willing to give up a low second, but a team would be crazy to give the Eagles what they are asking.

  19. I don’t know why a team would trade with Andy Reid, especially for a QB. The QBs he has traded away have flamed big time. Feely and McNabb ring a bell. There’s probably been another one in there. If Reid is getting rid of you, it’s because you aren’t any good. He’s trying to get his value while he can. I hate to see any team give up anything for this scrub! Next year, Kolb is a free agent. NFL take notice! Why would Reid stick with Vick over Kolb? If Kolb had a bright future and was in the longterm plans of the Eagles, he’d hang on to him.

  20. kolb was a second round reach for the eagles. hes had 1 good game in his career. how does that turn into a first round pick??

    sadly a team that sucks every year will make a terrible trade to pick him up. think bills/raiders/bengals.

    bills sad fans will say they have fitzpatrick bengals pathetic fans will say they have dalton (hes a ginger, they have no soul) and raiders fans will say they have 3 different qbs that all suck

  21. Now, will he, or this website, ever keep track of all the times they are wrong. Because they are wrong in this case, but they won’t be telling us later, “as we wrote last year, Kolb wasn’t worth what they gave up.”

  22. Of coarse Kevin Kolb isn’t worth a 1’st round pick… but neither was Cam Newton, Jake Locker or Christian Ponder. So why stop now?

  23. Well, fortunately for the Eagles, Michael Lombardi isnt the G.M. for any of the other 31 other teams. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think we can all agree that A.J. Feeley wasnt worth a 2nd round pick, but the Dolphins forked it over anyway. Just sayin. . .

  24. Lombardi is generally a tool, but he’s spot on with this one. If I was looking for a guy to come in, I’d be trying to get Kyle Ortin before this guy, he’s largely done nothing in the NFL unless you’re impressed by him throwing for a mile against the awful ’09 Cheifs or padding stats during that Saints drubbing.

  25. just stupid lombardi.

    1st Holmgren drafted him

    2nd he did enought to earn a starting job in 2011.

    6 tds and 9 ints in 8 games

    oh by the way for his rookie campaign some of the teams he played were

    pit twice

    Josh freeman went 10 tds and 18 ints in his first year of 10 games.

    Shut up lombardi.

  26. All the talk about Kolb’s value was just ridiculous. The guy’s not worth a second-day pick, let alone a first.

  27. i think he will be good. not there yet. if i was the brownies, i would stick with mccoy.

  28. Lombardi has no credibility. This is the same guy that said Ryan Mallet was a tremendous leader and a 1st round QB. He owes his cultural relevance to Bill Simmons. He is to GM’s what Tom Cable is to head coaches. Al Davis hired him b/c he is cheap and he has parlayed that title into other positions.
    No offense, Mike, you sound like a good guy. But I’m totally unconvinced you have any idea what you’re talking about.

  29. If Kolb is as good as some have said, I am wondering why
    1.) the Eagles would part with him
    2.) is he not the starter in Philly &
    3.) what’s his W-L record again?
    No way anyone should give up as much as the Eagles want. Kolb has not proven a thing.

  30. He’s definately not worth a #1, the longer this lockout goes on, the less he may be worth. Such may be the case with all free agents as teams may be more interested in signing up the guys that are already keyed into their systems. The eagles will want him gone cause his contracts up next year, but theyll probly wish that they held onto him….

  31. Trust me Cleveland doesn’t want another QB controversy like DA vs. Quinn. They will ride McCoy like Delonte West rode Lebron’s mom this year and if that doesn’t work out for them, they’ll draft Luck.

  32. Shaub was worth two second rounders and a flip flop of picks and Matt Hasselbeck allowed the Packers to flip flop with Seattle in the first round and move up seven spots I believe. Kolb at most is worth the two second rounders.

  33. Lombardi’s record is pretty mixed too. Senior personnel exec for the Raiders from 99-2007?


    Kolb was the first QB in NFL history to throw for 300+ yards in his first two starts. One of them included 31 completions for 391 yards and his first TD, a 71 yard bomb to Desean Jackson in the 1st quarter. Sure he’s been inconsistent, but he’s started 7 games.

    Just sayin’… when did Mike Lombardi become such a guru? His comment makes me think Kolb will be MORE likely to succeed.

  34. Even if Kolb is worth a 1st round pick, is he worth a 1st-round pick… this year?

    It’s an interrupted off-season. Short or maybe no training camps, possibly several games missed. Any bad team is likely to do badly in 2011.

    But one of those teams will go into 2012 without a first round pick (and down one defensive player, according to the Philly offer).

    If a team is building the right way that’s a gamble that has got to work, and Whisenhunt is only that reckless when he calls plays. Can’t see Arizona burning a first on Kolb, or anybody they don’t draft themselves.

  35. the thing about Kolb is that he is talented. However a GM could lose a job for overpaying on him. If you give a first rounder and he is a stud you look smart…if he’s a dud you are no longer a GM.

  36. I know this is driving you dog kissers crazy 🙂

    Wasn’t Mike Lombardi the only analyst that was not jumping on that “Vick for draft picks” band wagon?

    I still remember him saying that the Eagles planned on playing him more in 2010 instead of trading him.

    Sounds like Lombardi is the only person that knows what he is talking about.

  37. Kolb is the only player in NFl history to throw for 300 yds in his first three NFL starts.


    First two starts. Kolb’s first three starts produced 391, 327 and 24 passing yards, respectively.

    Yeah, teams that are down big tend to pass more. In his first start against the Saints in ’09, the Eagles were down 34-20 at the start of the 4th quarter and Kolb racked up 159 garbage-time yards… and two INTs… against a soft D. In spite of passing for almost 400 yards, his passer rating was a meager 73.2. Three interceptions will do that.
    Kolb bounced back a week later against a sorry Chiefs team with a 120+ rating. In his third start, the Packers beat him like he owed them money and he left the game early.

  38. I’d bet Holmgren is behind this rumor.

    I don’t think he wants Kolb – but starting the rumor is a good way to light a fire under McCoy without spending a penny.

  39. All you Kold haters, keep yapping! I just want to see what you have to say when ARI, SEA…..etc….get a deal for him with a 1st round pick. The Eagles are not keeping him b/c his contract is up after this year and they can’t afford to pay him 15+ million as a back up! Vick is just better! Kolb will be a starter and he will do well when he has protection! Farve, Schaub, Young….Hmm….all guys who reached pro-bowl levels after they left there original teams. Tom Heckect has already said he is worth 2 first round picks and he doesn’t even work for the Eagles anymore. Then theres this guy named Mike Holgram who likes him a lot also….a guy who knows a little about the QB position! If any 1st overall pick can be a bust then just acknowledge that the talent is there somewhere in this kid, and stop trashing him! The QB position is sooooo weak in the NFL that just the intagables of Kolb are attractive to teams. If anybody has done there homework on Kolb they know about his leadership, accountability and most importantly his work ethic. If a team can develop him they will be rewarded. He does not now how to quit. Once he gets going, the game will not get to be bigger then him! He will handle the pressure…..and some team will pay the price and count on it!

  40. And yet Lombardi was fired from a job he did for free… so yeah… he’s an expert.

  41. Mike Lombardi isn’t worth the paycheck he’s getting either. He never was which is why he took an executive job for no pay and was fired from that position.

  42. @jake6881

    Kolb started 5 games last year and didn’t get to 1200 yards passing. That ain’t worth a 1st and 2nd or a 1st and 3 rd or a 1st and a bucket of warm spit,

  43. eaglesfootballfan says: May 20, 2011 9:23 PM

    The Eagles by far have the best Front Office in the NFL hands down.

    And look at all the hardware they have to prove it…

  44. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks Mike Lombardi included, what matters is what the other GM’s think of Kolb. I don’t think he’s worth a first rounder, but somebody will fork one over. Still teams have got to say to themselves if the Eagles think he’s that good why are they so willing to part with him?

  45. The confusing thing to me is if you are Cleveland, why give up a 1st round pick for a guy who essentially has similar skills to Colt McCoy? Both are accurate passers with limited arm strength. So where’s the upgrade?

    Really, the only difference between the two seems to be experience.

  46. You can not take this year into account. Lombardi is right when he says the Eagles would be a 7 and 9 team if Kolb was the quarterback. Look at their offensive line. It had to be one of the worst in the entire league this year. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would have had miserable seasons behind it. You know why? Because all three are immobile in the pocket and would have been prone to injury because of that line. That’s why the Eagles were so desperate to improve it, they drafted a 26 year old rookie from Baylor. The ONLY quarterback that was going to succeed on this team was Mike Vick because he truly is one of the most athletic physical specimens of our time and could avoid most pass rushes. In the end, though, there’s only so much Vick can do against a guy like Clay Matthews bullrushing in if there is no one to protect the qb.

  47. Kolb hasn’t shown anything besides that he throws more picks then td’s and that he can’t win big deal he throw for 300 yards a few time how many int’s 73.2 passer rating and 2-5 as a starter last year was going 2 b his year in the games he played he didn’t look that good

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