Raffle provides chance to work out with Saints


Later today, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma will join PFT Live.  He’ll be promoting an interesting raffle being organized by Saints players who have gathered for informal workouts in New Orleans.

For $2 per ticket, with a minimum buy of five tickets, anyone over the age of 18 can hope for a chance to join Vilma, quarterback Drew Brees, and other Saints players on May 25.

The winner also will receive a VIP pass to bring a guest to the practice, breakfast with Brees and other Saints players, one night at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans, an autographed football, a player gift bag, a travel allowance of up to $3,500, and $300 for travel and food-related expenses.

The prize also includes an incredibly important “gross-up” (not to be confused with “true-up”), with the winner having taxes associated with the prize paid directly to state and federal taxing agencies.  (More folks should do this.)

Entries are being accepted until 1:00 p.m. ET today, at CelebritiesforCharity.org.

20 responses to “Raffle provides chance to work out with Saints

  1. The Saints (players) are doing almost everything possible to publicize their “workouts” from Brees speaking about it a lot, to allowing cameras from ESPN and NFLN, to now this raffle thing. I respect those teams still doing this quietly, this is just a media campaign to me now.

  2. How appropriate that the Saints are announcing a raffle like this the day before all the Christians (3% of the world’s population according to nutbag Harold Camping) will be bodily lifted to heaven at 3 p.m. on Saturday!

  3. Look at me! Look at me! Can you believe how super nice I am? Talk about how super nice I am! Pat me on my head and call me a good boy! Look at me! Look at me!

    -Drew “:-)” Brees

  4. nice to see one team taking the offseason workouts serious….especially seeing that there’s no ota’s, mini camps, tape sessions, etc.

  5. Chubbsmcgee,

    Great post. Jon Vilma is on to talk to PFT about the raffle and the money going to charity, but the obvious take away for everyone should be that Drew Brees is too nice and too much of a people pleaser. Him caring about his image enough to be associated with these sorts of good works is clearly an outrage befitting an attack post. I’m just glad someone had the gumption and thoughtfulness to call him out on it.

  6. @chubbsmcgee & dequan81 – Do you think Brees or anyone else from the Saints actually picks up a phone and calls the media to come see their workouts? They don’t have to. Most of the workouts are closed to the public anyway, including the local and national media. It became a story when someone made the comparisons of what the various teams are doing. The media is making a big deal out of all of this, not the Saints.

  7. Some of you are knocking players for doing something for charity? I’m not even a Saints fan and I’ll admit it’s a cool deal considering the lack of football this offseason. Plus the money goes to local charities. I say it’s a good deal.

  8. The US should just not tax you on lottery-style winnings. Its one thing us Canadians have on you guys.

    Also, shouldn’t the “gross-up” also be taxable? I don’t know my US tax law, but that seems like another taxable event to me.

  9. Damn, I wish I couldve had the chance to partcipate in the raffle…i hope other teams will do this

  10. It’s sad how people are being negative about athletes, politicians, businesses when they do something good. Be happy that they are doing something good and not trying to help. It’s the people and businesses that aren’t trying to do anything that you should focus on instead of the people trying to help charities. I’m sorry that’s pathetic. Thank you Saints and the other teams that are helping.

  11. The link says that between 86.5 and 90% will go to charity, but nowhere does it specify which charity.

    This sounds suspiciously like a fundraiser for the players, and not for a “charitable” organization.

    And why do the New Orleans Saints run this scam, er, promotion, out of Massachussetts????

  12. richm2256 – You need to know what the companies is before you call it a scam. Every team works through this company! Why don’t you check out the site you might find a raffle you want to bid on. It is for charity it goes to multiple new orleans charities.

    You are an idiot.

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