Taking a spin on the veteran quarterback carousel

Kyle Orton is reportedly on the Vikings radar.  But there are plenty of other options if Minnesota chooses to look elsewhere.

There are more passable veteran quarterbacks available this year than anytime in memory.  Orton, Kevin Kolb, Vince Young, Donovan McNabb, and Matt Hasselbeck top the list.

Marc Bulger leads a deep secondary group, and Carson Palmer might be out there too for the right price.

That’s seven solid quarterbacks, and we see only six teams truly desperate to add an arm: Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota, Seattle, Arizona, and Miami.   (Sorry, the presence of John Beck shouldn’t stop Washington from looking.)

On Friday’s PFT Live, I joined Florio to talk about where the players above may land.

For the full segment, including Florio giving me more abuse on my meager wardrobe, head to the PFT Live homepage.

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19 responses to “Taking a spin on the veteran quarterback carousel

  1. Hasselbeck would be ideal for the Vikings. Start him for one year as a caretaker and mentor for Ponder, then let him be a backup to finish out his career. Don’t have to give up a draft pick to get him, either.

  2. “That’s seven solid quarterbacks, and we see only six teams truly desperate to add an arm: Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota, Seattle, Arizona, and Miami. (Sorry, the presence of John Beck shouldn’t stop Washington from looking.)”

    I’m not sure what you mean by solid. If solid means past their prime, wore out their welcome, inconsistent, or unhappy then I will agree there are seven solid quarterbacks available.

  3. Of this group I would consider Orton if he came cheap. Young if he came really cheap as in very little signing bonus. The rest of them I wouldn’t think twice about.

  4. The ONE year in McNabb’s career that he actually had a running game and at least one guy to throw to, he went to the SB.

    The Vikes should snap him up in a heartbeat.

  5. Wow, what a diffence it makes who drafts you. In 2007 Kolb was selected 6 picks before Beck but while Kolb went to the Eagles to learn behind McNabb and under Andy Reid, Beck was drafted by one of the worst teams in NFL history and has bounced arround since. Playing in a QB friendly offense Kolb has had 3 or 4 good games in his 7 starts and now people are talking about him being worth possibly more than a 1st round pick while apparenly it is laughable to think that Beck would even be a starting QB in the NFL.

  6. There’s always one in the bunch that thinks Vince Young is the victim of some conspiracy to make it look like he sucks..
    I absolutely do not see a Vick type second chapter in that book.

  7. Solid doesn’t come to mind for me with Vince Young.

    Kolb is unproven as well, in my mind. If he’s that good the Eagles will keep him, cause the Vick era won’t be too terribly long.

  8. Matt Hasselbeck would be a terrible choice for any team looking for a tutor for a young guy….he’s a turnoever machine (last 3 years averaging 2 a game) and historically is a very poor decision-maker.

    Not an intelligent, disciplined QB

  9. When will guys stop calling Bulger a solid or top QB? He hasn’t been for several years now and would be a serious gamble.

  10. Vince Young is mentally unstable and completely untrustworthy. He should be radioactive to any smart franchise.

    Donavan McNabb has no heart, he’s full of himself, his ego will want big bucks, and he’ll be a poor role model to young guys. He WAS good….now he’s just fat, content, uninspired and selfish.

    Matt Hasselbeck has become too fragile and has very little tread left on the tires. One year stop-gap solution. Really really good veteran…but just at the end. Perfect one year solution (if he can stay healthy) and then a perfect mentor/tudor to a rookie.

    John Beck is proven….proven to be unsuccessful. He will get another chance somewhere to prove himself, but no smart team should bank the future on him unless and until he’s shows far more than he has in the past. He’s a solid character, but needs to prove himself capable of more that just a back-up caliber QB.

    Mark Bulger may still be suffering from post-traumatic-kill-the-QB-without-O-line-protection-disorder from his days with the disgraceful Rams. I think this guy is/was an excellent QB, but I just don’t know if he’ll ever be able to rebound from the hellacious beating he took. This guy got killed and may still be shell-shocked. If there is anybody on this list I’d like to see be successful it’s him. I think, if given protection, he can be good again. I still wince when thinking of the abuse this poor bastard took.

    Kyle Orton just keeps being decent, ordinary, reasonably effective and somewhat productive. I like him because he takes what little talent he has and maximizes on it to become…a pretty decent starter. I like a guy like that. Problem is…you need more to get to the next level and as much as like the guy, I think a team would be smart to aspire for more. Still, he’s a solid starting QB and will fit well on a team that needs a stable/solid QB….now. Obviously not the “Franchise Quarterback” in the mold of Tom Brady/Peyton Manning….but very servicable in the mean time.

    Kevin Kolb has displayed/demonstrated the ability to be a starting QB and is young enough to have serious value as the future to a franchise in need. I’d bank on him before a high draft pick because of demonstrated ability.

    Carson Palmer has become inspirationally/motivationally bludgeoned to within an inch of death. He’s been stuck beating his head against the wall…trying to win/trying to win/trying to win….over and over and over again…on a team/organization that is perfectly content to lose. In fact, he KNOWS their very legacy under this owner is all about losing and the very culture of the organization is just fine with that. He’s fed-up and who can blame him. He wants to win. He needs a new team, a re-birth….an inspiration to actually believe he’s with people who want to win. Given that, he will show that he can still be a top 5 QB. Carson Palmer can be re-born. He just needs to be with an organization and people who are committed to winning.

  11. I think it’s hilarious that all the pundits think that Bulger is “the next big thing”, and they justify this opinion by pointing to Warner. They are totally different guys. Warner is a possible HOF guy…Bulger is a shell shocked has been.

  12. @ backindasaddle

    “Kevin Kolb has displayed/demonstrated the ability to be a starting QB….I’d bank on him before a high draft pick because of demonstrated ability.”

    Really? I mean REALLY??? What demonstrated ability? Winning record? No, he’s under .500. Terrific success when given a chance? He was not good at all last season with a team that was supposed to be his. If Philadelphia had been able to give away Vick (which they spent a good part of the off-season trying to do), it would have been ugly in Eagle land. Maybe he’s a stat producing machine? No, right now he’s got more INTs than TDs and a whopping 2082 yards passing in about 19 game appearances.

    Let’s not pretend that the Eagles have some sort of combination of Joe Montana & John Elway sitting on the bench. The only thing that Kolb has proven so far is that he wasn’t ready last year when given a chance.

    This referenced post has all the earmarks of an Eagles’ fan hoping for a high draft choice from a suspect draft pick.

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