Broncos may not trade Orton for less than a second-round pick

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We noted yesterday that the Vikings could be interested in trading for Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, and that giving up a third- or fourth-round pick for Orton might be a better deal than giving up whatever the Eagles will demand to trade Kevin Kolb.

But what if a third- or fourth-round pick isn’t enough to pry Orton away from the Broncos?

That’s what NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora says the Broncos are thinking: They’d probably trade him if they got an offer of a second-round pick or better, but if the best offer they get is a third-round pick, they’d hold onto him.

The Broncos figure they can afford to keep both Orton and Tim Tebow under contract, and that’s what they’ll do if they don’t like the trade offers they get.

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  1. It appears whatever the Broncos have been drinking the last few years, hasn’t been remedied just yet. A 2 for Orton?

  2. I don’t understand why the Bears and Broncos think that Orton is disposable. The guy seems pretty solid to me. I’d love to see him on the Dolphins. He’s intelligent and plays hard and he gives your team a chance to win.

  3. Not a broncos fan…but Orton is worth a second round pick…If you’ve got no other options because you’ve failed as a franchise? Then Orton is perfect for you….

  4. I dont think Orton is a bad Quarterback. Trent Dilfer type that knows how to read a defense and knows the NFC North.

  5. Here’s the thing – when, not if, a mobile QB like Tebow gets hurt, all of the games you play with Brady Quinn will be losses. That’s 100% guaranteed. So keeping Orton translates directly into more wins. There is nothing the Broncos can get in a trade that will provide that big of an impact. (This isn’t even mentioning the problem of stacking all of your chips on a raw QB after a lockout-shortened offseason and with a new offense to run).

  6. Come on! Im an eagles fan and this sounds ridiculous to me, orton a third or fourth? Maybe a second? He is well WORTH a second, even a first..i dont understand why people see him as so expendable, he is a very good quarterback, maybe its because he sat behind grossman for a couple years and he has this label, i dont know. But he had a huge spurt in his last year in chicago and has been nothing but solid for the broncos, if i remember correctly he was on pace for the all time passing record halfway through the season last year, he ended up missing over three games and still had 20 touchdowns and 3,700 yards passing. In two years he has thrown for almost 7,500 yards. He is well worth a high draft pick, the seahawks sent a 2nd and a 3rd to the chargers for whitehurst!

  7. Orton might not be worth a 2nd rounder. But if a team does give up the 2nd. They can point out at least we didn’t use a 1st to draft Timmy Rah-Rah…….

    Denver will solve it’s QB problem next year when it drafts Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley……

  8. I am a Broncos fan and an Orton fan. I think Denver needs to figure out using Tebow now, and because of that, I think it’s best for Orton to move on. But whoever gets him gets a pretty good QB who is a great leader, he doesn’t whine… he’s the closest thing to a blue collar guy playing the white collar position. Whoever gets him will be lucky, and in many cases across the league, their team will improve for it.
    As for the Broncos – I think we’ll want players more than picks for Orton. RBs and DTs are of dire need right now.

  9. Definitely think Kyle Orton is more talented than Trent Dilfer. I don’t ever remember Trent Dilfer passing for 450-500 yards and don’t think he had the ability to do so.

    I’d personally take Kolb over Orton, but I’m in agreement with the Broncos that I wouldn’t take less than a 2nd and it would have to be a team that I thought was going to do pretty bad as well.

    If Kyle Orton is paired with Larry Fitzgerald and a running game he’s a formidable option at QB, the same as Kolb.

    Hell, in this market I might hold out for a 1st rounder for Orton for a while, but unfortunately the Broncos have already showed their hand.

  10. 2nd round pick seems right. He could step in just about anywhere and be competitive – what, you want Whitehurst, Quinn or Anderson instead?

  11. I think a second round pick is practical… it makes me wonder why they aren’t saying that a first round pick is the asking price.

    Orton is not really worth a first round pick, but he’s a good value for a 2nd. Price him high, and the buyer will get him for what he’s actually worth. If they say he’s worth a second round pick….someone is going to get him for a 3rd and a 5th.

  12. Makes sense to me. The guy has been pretty solid when he has been in there. If they had half a defensive front 7 they probably would have finished .500 last year. He’d fill in nicely for someone for the next three years while they groom a young gun.

  13. I might not like the horse-faced-jackass Elway but he isn’t stupid……

    His/the goal is to win a Lombardi. Orton is better then Timmy Rah-Rah. Orton could win more games next year then Timmy Rah-Rah. Elway knows starting TeBlow next year gets Denver closer to being able to draft a real QB like Luck or Barkley. So Orton gets traded for a 2nd or less then a 2nd. Denver takes a step back next year to take two steps forward when it drafts a real franchise QB in 2012…..

  14. Trent Dilfer wasn’t a solid QB. I heard a guy the other day on NFLN, his name was Trent Dilfer, say that if you’re gonna win with a Trent Dilfer at QB, “You better have the 2000 Ravens defense that we had.” He was pretty good in high school though, I went to some of his games at Aptos CA.

  15. How about trade Orton to the Redskins for Albert Haynesworth and a 4th round draft pick? Redskins get a veteran QB, and the Broncos get a quality defender which they badly need plus a draft pick.

  16. @jbcommonsense
    I actually don’t think that’s too far out of the range of possibilities, but there are some factors to be considered, like how many games Haynesworth ends up playing, contract numbers for the two players, etc. I think with someone as risky as Albert, the pick is going to have to be a conditional value… but still, could be cool.

  17. Orton finished 10th in passing yardage in the league last year despite missing the final three games. Kyle is light years ahead of freaking Kolb as an NFL QB, and always will be.

  18. @forevercorr, given Haynesworth’s history, a conditional pick makes sense. His upside is pretty high too. Lets hope these teams do something like this.

  19. IF Orton has a run game and a good Oline, the guy can win plenty of games for ya.

    He is far and away better than Dilfer, sorry Trent.

    Orton is one of, if not THE BEST playaction QB in the league.

    No joke.

    I would not be surprised if someone gave a first for him. Not saying anyone will, just that I wouldnt be surprised.

    If youre gonna give a first for Kolb…..jeeeeez you better be willing to give a first for Orton.

    Kolb is unproven in my eyes.

  20. Couple of things. Orton a great leader overstatement. Trent dilfers career numbers might surprise some of you he was taken like number six overall and made a pro bowl. Orton is solid but is never going to lead a team to a chip. When a game is close he doesn’t make plays and he was awful in the red zone. I like orton but some of you are making him out to be more than he is.

  21. Sorry jayspace but you are the one over exaggerating here .

    Dilfers numbers are nowhere near Ortons . I like Dilfer the guys tough as nails and a winner but the guy also never threw for more than 3000 yards EVER . You need to sit down with that mess .

    Orton redzone numbers are actually pretty good again you are exaggerating here .

    By simply checking the Broncos media guide they have a caption that lists Orton at the start of last year as one of the NFls winningest active Qbs .He was like 8th on the list below Brady,Rivers,Big Ben,Peyton,Romo,Mcnabb,Favre . Orton tried to carry that team but he couldnt it was simply that bad. Now most franchises would simply take the start he had and try to give him more weapons and a running game maybe better protection but the Broncos would rather start over .

    They also have Orton in the media guide prior to the start of last season as #5 on the active Qb lists in redzone td to int ratio . Hes behind Rivers Brady,Pennington,Mcnabb,

    He was 39 tds and 3 picks to start last season and ended it being 52-3 .

    Orton aint a HOF’er or anything but he always seems to get shorted with exaggerations and misconceptions

  22. Yeh too bad he isn’t a on drugs and dosent cause waves with the coaching staff or he would be perfect for the Raiders.

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