Browns won’t be in the mix for Kevin Kolb

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Friday night, we passed along speculation that Cleveland could be a dark-horse landing spot for Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb, who seems certain to be traded after the lockout ends. The Browns are a connectable dot because G.M. Tom Heckert held a similar role in the Philadelphia front office when Kolb was drafted in 2007.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, however, the Browns won’t be in the mix for Kolb.

Citing a league source, Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer reported Saturday that the Browns “won’t pursue Eagles QB Kevin Kolb.”

The Arizona Cardinals remain Kolb’s likeliest suitor.

At quarterback, the Browns are apparently settled on moving forward with Seneca Wallace behind Colt McCoy.

Jake Delhomme and Jarrett Brown are also on Cleveland’s offseason roster.

9 responses to “Browns won’t be in the mix for Kevin Kolb

  1. Well played by Holmgren… start a rumor that will light a fire under McCoy to stay focused and in shape during the lockout – then pull the plug on it before McCoy gets too insecure.

    Holmgren does know QBs, I’ll give him that much.

  2. The Eagles should seriously consider keeping Kolb. Vick plays the game at 100 mph so there’s really no telling how long he’ll be around.

  3. I think the Eagles are not smart to deal Kolb. I enjoyed watching the rise of vick like anyone else. He came back with force and looks so dangerous its sick. However, vick was playing for his career, and he has it back.. now comes the real… Vick is a proven choke artist that cannot stay healthy. He will not take them to the superbowl and even if he is the starter why get rid of one of the best backups in the league. Philly is on the brink of a QB disaster if they trade Kolb.

  4. Cleveland is not in the Kolb race, they are currently in the pole position for the Andrew Luck race. You know, a race were the winner actually wins something of value.

  5. This lockout is ruining my Eagles, we can’t trade Kolb and it seems like with every passing day his stock goes down. Vick can’t work on his game, and the o-line, corners, and linebackers still need to be worked on.

  6. Apparently Lombardi was doing what a lot of “journalists” (including this site) do: he was paying back a favor for someone who apparently wants Kolb by trying to drive Kolb’s value down.

    Oops. Busted.

  7. Uh, of course they’re not…. Mike Lombardi made that report. As always, you can expect the exact opposite of what he says to be true.

  8. It would have been ridiculous for the Browns to give up on McCoy so fast, especially when he played so well under a crappy OC last season and now has a real offense that fits his style of play this season.

    I’m no Browns fan, but with the rookie performance by McCoy, he was very effective and looks to be a cross between Jake Plummer and Drew Brees.

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