Jets expect to get more “game-plan” specific, especially early in the year


As Bill Belichick said earlier this week, you can forget about OTAs and minicamps this year.

There’s a good chance training camp will be limited too, and that means coaching staffs around the league are adjusting their plans.  According to Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, there will be a fundamental change in how the Jets approach games.

Tannenbaum told Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger that the Jets will likely be more “game-plan specific” on offense and defense, especially early in the year.  The Jets expect to dial back their playbook.

“Rex has done a great job with his coaches in terms of, ‘Hey guys, if we have this much time, we’re going to do this; if we have less time, we’ve got to cut back,’ ” Tannenbaum said. “Rex has looked at all those things.”

With a foundation of two years in Ryan and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s systems, the Jets’ veteran-laden squad should be able to handle the lockout well.

They will need to be ready early, with road games in Oakland, Baltimore, and New England in Weeks 3-5.

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  1. Anybody else getting “400 BAD REQUEST” messages when they navigate the site? I sometimes have to refresh 3 0r 4 times before it opens.

    Nothing really to say about the post, sounds pretty reasonable to me.

  2. So, Rex figured out that he has to prepare his team for a full 16 game season? It only took him 2 years.

  3. And meanwhile, my Niners (and all the other teams with new OC’s, DC’s and/or HC’s) come up on the short-end. This being THE mega-bucks business, sure hope owners and NFLPA are working on something/adjustments, etc to level the playing field.

  4. Rex Ryan should be on “The biggest Loser” for being obese and his no superbowl apperances that he predicts every year….

  5. They might have to break out the Sal Alosi package earlier and more often this year.

  6. peanutbutter&jelly says: May 21, 2011 1:41 PM

    and lets not forget they need to get ready to go 7-9 as well but they are still superbowl chaps untill the season starts
    Are you the same moron who said this last year…and the year before. I’m going to guess that you are but at then you had to end up watching them at the end of the year while your team was on vacation.

  7. @ iownyou2
    Your right …it is the same guy. The results this year will probably be the same for him…again! lol

  8. Its amazing how some read into an article what THEY want to see…not what is actually being said. Go take your meds. and get back on the short bus.

  9. @iownyou2-i agree with you i must be a moron because i was giving them to much credit at 7-9. and i did not say this before but to whoever did they should have every right to because you and the rest of the” we live in a fantasy world jet fans” keep making your moronic predicitions of winning the superbowl every year and we all knowhow that as worked out for you gas bags

  10. More game-plan is worse for the Jets than less. The dirty little secret in Jets-land is that Bran Schottenheimer is one of the worst scripters in NFL history. The Jets have a terrible record in scoring points in the first quarter and on their first drive compared to most NFL teams since Schotty arrived.

    The other dirty little secret is that the best way to shut the Jets offense down unexpectedly is to give Schotty too much time to think and double-think the game plans. Good examples are the miserable opener against the Ravens last year and then the shutout by the Packers after the bye and then the 45-3 drubbing by the Patriots after 11 days rest.

    Give Schotty enough time and he will shut the Jets offense down all by himself.

  11. Why do I have to weed through the “Rex is Fat”, “foot fetish”, “Jets suck” B.S.?? The intelligent commentary and insight about personel, game plans, schemes is more interesting than the immature name calling. What really makes it annoying is that the Jets have been relatively successful the past two years and are one of the most talented and exciting teams in the league.

  12. realitypolice says:
    May 21, 2011 1:39 PM
    Anybody else getting “400 BAD REQUEST” messages when they navigate the site? I sometimes have to refresh 3 0r 4 times before it opens.
    On the off chance you come back to this to get an answer or haven’t figured it out on your own, try deleting your cookies and cache (or at least all the PFT/NBC ones) before you log back in to PFT. I had this same problem over and over on every browser I tried to use PFT on, and I tried that and it worked for me. It blows not being able to stay logged in all the time, but I haven’t had that problem since.

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