The Hard Knocks poll continues


On Friday, we started the process of giving PFT Planet an opportunity to vote for the team that it would most like to see in this season’s Hard Knocks.  If there’s a Hard Knocks.  (And if there’s a season.)

The Eagles are the choice in the NFC East, and now we’ll move on to the NFC North.

Cast a vote for the Lions, Bears, Packers, and Vikings.  Even though the Lions have declined, that shouldn’t keep you from making your preference known.

27 responses to “The Hard Knocks poll continues

  1. I went Packers but the more I think about it looking at Jay Cutlers stupid face moping around and just generally sucking might be fun to watch.

  2. Nothing can compare with Rex Ryan and the Jets. So no matter what team you stick in there the show is gonna be crap.

    “Four teams are left. Three home teams and the F’ing New York Jets!”

  3. Obviously the world champs would be the most interesting. However that show gets deep inside a locker room. I get HBO in the fall only for that reason. Best sports show ever. But Thompson doesn’t let anyone know anything. He sure isn’t going to let a camera crew document the mastering of his industry.

  4. I’m surprised the Bears wouldn’t be leading this poll. Cutler is a polarizing figure, and I’m sure all his haters would love to get validation that he’s truly a prick. On the contrary, it would give Jay a golden opportunity to improve his national image with non-Bear football fans.

  5. I’m a Packer fan and voted them for that reason. But I must admit that Detroit would make for a compelling Hard Knocks because I think they are on the cusp of becoming a playoff team.

    They have the talent and coaching in place to turn it around. It’s just a matter of actually taking that step.

  6. Also, Bears would be a solid pick too. I’d want to see what Cutler is like around his teammates. If he is actually a D-bag like he looks on TV. Would have a decent story line as the team that just law to the champ in their division.

    Downside to the Bears is that they are full of a lot of veterans who we already know and are on the downside of their careers.

    Vikings don’t seem like a good pick at all. They are a team set to hit bottom. Many players are on the downside except at QB where they have a rookie.

    Packers would actually have some really compelling storylines for purposes of the show. The team’s super bowl run was without some of their big name players.

    Nick Barnett – The tweet man wants his spot back. AJ Hawk got a new deal. MM has publicly called Bishop and Hawk the starters.

    Grant – will battle with Starks and a 3rd Round Pick Alex Green for carries.

    Finley – Contract year. Wants the ball a lot. He has a big personality too. The Pack won without him. Probably nothing interesting will happen with him on Hard Knocks though.

  7. I think the Packers are like the Patriots and the Steelers in the “you’re so certain that they’d turn you down, you don’t even bother asking” column

  8. With the pro-owners skew of the people who comment on this site you should probably add an option to vote for having Hard Knocks just follow Roger Goodell around.

  9. this Packer fan voted for the Lions so we can see what that front four look like before the season starts. besides i liken this to the Madden curse.

  10. I agree that Ted Thompson prob wouldn’t want the cameras documenting his… unique lifestyle

  11. This division would have had more fun options a couple years ago. Think about seeing the Matt Millen “brain trust” in action for example. Or perhaps the Packers when Favre was doing his on-again off-again routine. Or perhaps the Vikings when Favre was doing his on-again off-again routine.


  12. I don’t like the Jets but I have to admit they’re going to be a hard act to follow. The only team that might have that sort of personality is the Vikings in my opinion. The Bears, Packers and Lions are all button-down groups.

  13. After watching this show in the past i am not sure how any football fan would not want to see their team on this show.

    I think its neat seeing the coaches points of view on players as they make the teams or get cut. I like to see the stories about the players. I for one would love Fat Andy to reach out to HBO this year if they even have the show and let my Birds do this.

    But if i had to pick someone other than my team I would say the superbowl champs would be good. It will be fun to see how they fit new players old players and the players that are coming back for injury to make a team.

    Really though as long as it is not the cowgirls again. IMO they are no longer Americas team, in fact the only time they are “Americas team” is when they are winning, proving most of these so called cowboys fans are fair weather at best ..

  14. I’m a Packer fan but I voted Bears. Stuff like this is a distraction. Why invite distraction in the locker room? Let the cameras go bother someone else.

  15. I voted Vikings. I want to see the episode where the players are frantically trying to sell their condos in Minnesota prior to the move to LA.

  16. Packers would be awesome to see, even though ima huge lions fan. Every team wants to be like the pac.

  17. I don’t care much for any NFC teams to be on Hard Knocks, you want to see a team that has “HARD KNOCKS” look no further than my BUFFALO BILLS. We have been one of, if not THE worst team in football over the last 15 years. We finally have some life, some spirit, and are headed in a new direction, why pick the good teams for TV, focus on a true HARD KNOCKS story. GO BILLS!!!!!

  18. As a HUGE Cardinal fan, I would love to watch how this dysfunctional franchise operates. It would be a documentary/comedy!!!

  19. For the record, the front office, coaches and players from the Lions have all very loud and clearly said NO to Hard Knocks.

    Backup QB Shaun Hill said something to the effect of “I don’t want to know what the coaches are saying about me behind closed doors and I certainly don’t want the rest of the world to know what they’re saying about me behind closed doors.”

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