Weis made almost as much not to coach as Belichick makes to coach


We noted this week that Bill Belichick, with an estimated salary of $7.5 million a year, is believed to be the highest-paid coach in all of American sports. But one of Belichick’s former assistants was paid almost as much as that not to coach.

This week’s news that Notre Dame paid former head coach Charlie Weis more than $6.6 million in termination payments after he was fired at the end of the 2009 season means that Weis received more in severance from Notre Dame than almost any coach in football — pro or college — makes in a year.

Weis was the Patriots’ offensive coordinator for five years before taking the Notre Dame job, then joined the Chiefs’ staff last year and is back in college this year as the offensive coordinator at Florida. But where ever he ends up, in the NFL or the NCAA, he’s unlikely to find a deal as good as the one he got at Notre Dame.

There’s no way to tell whether Weis will ever be back in the NFL, but he has no financial reason to leave college. As his Notre Dame buyout shows, in “amateur” college football, where even the idea of paying players a few thousand bucks a year is controversial, there’s more money left to pay the coaches.

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  1. Good old Charlie Weis always was stalking the big payday.

    Many will recall that Weis was/is a guy who sued his doctors in what he hoped was a monumental cash grab.

    The reason? Weis was infuriated about something about his gastric bypass surgery.

    [Gastric bypass surgery is for people who hate being grossly obese but lack the willpower to do anything about it – so they re-route their innards.]

    Well, Weis struck out then in his attempt to retire on someone else’s dime. Weis’ lawsuit went to trial – meaning Weis refused all settlement offers looking to land the big one. Weis lost at trial – learned what the term “standard of care” meant.

    Well, all wasn’t lost for Weis. Yeah, he was still physically enormous – but he was able to sell people on what he could do for their football team.

    Anyone recall Weis boasting upon his hire that his team “would have a decided schematic advantage?”

    Decided schematic advantage my ass.

    But apparently crap like that worked and Weis is now flush with coin.

    Mike Singletary once stated to Vernon Davis, “The best way you can help this team is to go hit the showers.”

    Similarly, the University of Notre Dame made plain to Weis, “The best way you can help the university is to leave (immediately) – and we’ll pay you an enormous amount of money if you’ll just get the hell out here.”

  2. This stuff has always bothered me about contracts. Seems to me that if you suck at your job and get fired, you shouldn’t get anything.

  3. After paying Weiss $6.6 million to go away, Notre Dame still came out $1.2 million ahead in the deal, which can be attributed to savings on team related buffet costs.

  4. Yeah, but I think he came off of Notre Dame’s training table — so they are saving huge “straight cash homie” from that perspective.

  5. No one reads comments longer than about two sentences. Not that that will stop the Nimrods who write books here.

  6. When NFL players get called in by the Turk, they give up their playbook and all non-guaranteed portions of their contract are immediately voided. Failure punished.

    When Charlie Weis isn’t cutting the mustard (and he sure as hell wasn’t despite all the bluster and self-annointment) — Weis walks with about seven million dollars. Failure rewarded.


  7. Haley totally screwed up by driving Weis away! Cassel doesn’t have the arm, and KC doesn’t have the receivers to play Haleys pass happy offense.

  8. The reason you cannot pay football players or mens basketball players is “title 9”.
    It means that any University that receives public funding must have as many women’s teams as mens teams and they all must be compensated the same. So if you paid the football players, you would also have to pay the women’s field hockey swimmers ect.. players the same amount.
    I’m not here to claim what is right or wrong.
    What I am saying is that is the reason football and mens basketball players will never be paid.
    I welcome your thought as always.

  9. veritas03,

    By putting together your post above – you actually managed to squander another minute or two simply by your taking the time to gripe about not having enough minutes in your life and how you want some back.

    You’re like the person that uses up three bucks worth of gas to drive all the way to (and from) the lowest price gas station – all to save a buck fifty.

    Moral of the Story: veritas03, perhaps you should invest your precious resources more wisely.

  10. Paulieorkid-While I agree that bypass surgery is usually a lazy way to lose weight and I hate frivolous lawsuits, Weis was actually close to death from a surgery that should by no means have that type of risk. So do I think he was right to sue? Not sure…but if the docs actually DID do something wrong and he almost died I can at least see the basis for it.

    It is insane he got that much for going away, but I bet Jamarcus got more for going away and failing. It stinks, but it is part of the system…part that could use some changing for sure.

    I don’t really begrudge him making more than BB because of the simple fact that Weis himself is the reason IMO that Quinn and Clausen got the money they did. Weis is a great OC and coach of QBs. He would do well to realize that those two roles are his limit.

  11. paulieorkid says:
    May 21, 2011 3:15 PM
    “The reason? Weis was infuriated about something about his gastric bypass surgery.’

    He had unchecked internal bleeding and was in a coma for 2 weeks and got his last rights.

    Yeah, he was “infuriated about something”. Near death, try it sometimes you freakin mook and do the world a favor.

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