Chris Palmer studying more Locker film now than before the draft


When the Titans made the surprising decision to take quarterback Jake Locker with the eighth overall pick in the draft, offensive coordinator Chris Palmer had a pretty good feeling that Locker would be a good fit in his system.

But Palmer has an even better feel for what Locker can do now. Palmer says that with no minicamps or organized team activities to prepare for, he’s got nothing to do except watch Locker’s film and get an idea of how his new quarterback fits into his offense.

“People say, ‘What are you doing [during the lockout]?’ Well, I’ve watched more film on Jake Locker after the draft than I did before the draft,” Palmer told the Tennessean. “I know he throws well on the run from our pre-draft evaluation, but as I’m looking at film from 2009, there were some [other] throws he made that I thought would fit in pretty good with us. I don’t know if I’d have that opportunity [during a normal offseason] because we’d be working with the players.”

Titans head coach Mike Munchak said that with a new staff, he actually thinks the lockout is working to his team’s advantage.

“Sometimes when you have a new coach, you’re talking to him and you’re thinking that you’re both saying the same thing,” Munchak said. “Then all of a sudden you’re watching tape or something happens in practice, and you realize you’re not thinking the same thing. So [the lockout] has been a good opportunity to clear that up.”

I guess that’s one thing the lockout is good for.

8 responses to “Chris Palmer studying more Locker film now than before the draft

  1. Lol he is like this guy couldnt hit water if he jumped out a boat! Lol jp…..hope he does well

  2. Accoeding to the headline, I thought you were implying that Chris Palmer was a pervert.

  3. Shouldnt you already have a good idea of how the quarterback fits in your system prior to making him the 8th overall pick?

    Munchak: This guy Locker is great!
    Palmer: Man, this guy sucks how am I gonna work with this.
    Munchak: Wait I thought we were on the same page! Hes good right?

  4. Lol he is like this guy couldnt hit water if he jumped out a boat! Lol jp…..hope he does well


    Don’t worry, Bird. I am sure he’s a much more accurate QB than you’ll ever be.

  5. It’s only now that Palmer realizes that someone picked up the wrong card when they went up to the stage on draft day. “Oh, Christ, this isn’t the guy I meant. He is shorter and doesn’t have the long hair. Wtf happened? I meant that guy from Missouri, what’s his name? Damn!”.

  6. My theory on Locker to the Titans. In all of the pre mock drafts they had Gabbert going to either Buffalo, Cincy, Arizona, or San Fran. They had no idea he would fall to them. So they said let’s focus on this Locker kid. They made themselves fall in love with him and Locker was their guy. When Gabbert was available, they already had their mind set on Locker and they were going with the guy they forced themselves to fall in love with.

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