Hard Knocks poll moves to NFC South


So far, PFT Planet has picked the Eagles from the NFC East and the Lions from the NFC North as the preferred candidates for this years Hard Knocks.  (We know, we know.  The Lions already has said “no.”  You picked them anyway.)

We’re now moving on to the NFC South, where the Bucs have said “no” and the Falcons have said “maybe.”

Cast your vote.  Tomorrow night, we’ll move to the NFC West, where James Carville would possibly recommend a “none of the above” option.

17 responses to “Hard Knocks poll moves to NFC South

  1. Right now the Saints are leading…No way Sean Payton let’s HBO into the locker room and practice. Lookup control freak in Webster and you’ll see Payton’s picture.

  2. So far, PFT Planet has picked the Eagles from the NFC South and the Lions from the NFC North as the preferred candidates for this years Hard Knocks
    The Eagles moved to the NFC South? What is D Smith and Goodell doing????

  3. In a cost cutting move due to the lockout, Hard Knocks should contact Spike TV about sharing filming expenses at the Hillsborough County Jail in Tampa where multiple Bucs have appeared.

  4. I selected Atlanta because I think Mike Smith is the dumbest coach in the NFL. He doesn’t even have the motivational qualities of fellow idiots Ken Whisenhunt, Todd Haley and Lovie Smith.

  5. The only reason I voted for Carolina is because I look forward to seeing the “deer in headlights” look Cam Newton will be giving every time there is a blitz in practice.

  6. Packers/Steelers/Ravens/Raiders/Eagles/Giants/Lions/Falcons are the only teams I’d watch on Hard knocks.

  7. I think I would like to see the Panthers because Cam Newton is more than just a football player he is also going to be an idol. I’m already looking up to him.

  8. That line at the end on the NFC West reminded me that on Friday, NFL Total Access took a text vote of which division in the NFC is the strongest and 4 % voted for the NFC West. Either that 4% is smoking the good stuff or they have a sense of humor. Or they all have fat fingers and pushed the wrong # t vote.

  9. A Saints representative has already said that the Saints get asked every year, including this year, and every year they say no. As a Saints fan, I would only want to watch Hard Knocks if the Saints were on it, but that’s not going to happen. I really don’t care about the rest of the division.

  10. I would love to see the Bucs in Hard Knocks normally because I think they’re an up and coming team and they could really take advantage of the show by creating some positive press for the team going into the season. However, maybe there should be a rule. When your team goes 10-6 with a young exciting team and you still get blacked out every single game of the season, you don’t deserve it. There’s only so long you can blame the attendence on the economy or the hate of the Glaziers. Go support your team already.

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