Peyton Manning may simply be protecting his marketability


On Saturday, we offered up a take on why Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has suddenly gone into full-blown media avoidance mode.  We ultimately surmised that Manning “simply doesn’t want to be put on the spot, either because he doesn’t believe he fully understands the nuances of the labor/litigation issues or because he fears that he may say something that he shouldn’t say.”

Mike Freeman of has an even better take.  Freeman thinks Manning is keeping a low profile in order to preserve his high profile when it comes to marketing dollars.

[T]hat’s what his silence is about — sweet cash,” Freeman writes.  “He’s willing to take only so much of a stance and jeopardize his standing as America’s football good guy and bankable commercial star.  Brees doesn’t seem to care, and agree or disagree with his position, he’s as principled a man as I’ve ever met.  Other players have risked the long-term ire of fans, including Jay Feely, Mike Vrabel, and Osi Umenyiora, among many others, doing so knowing taking a public stance could potentially cost them among a divided fan base.”

Freeman will join PFT Live on Monday to discuss this and other aspects of the labor dispute.

30 responses to “Peyton Manning may simply be protecting his marketability

  1. Freeman’s ideas is actually logical… from a certain point of view. And it’s really silly from another. So who knows?

    But if he’s actually right, then that does tend to put a bit of a pin through the idea that this whole mess is solely about the greed of the owners…

  2. In other words…..Manning has weak principals and he will take no stand if it could put him in controversial position.

  3. Manning has about the same degree of hands on involvement in the lawsuit bearing his name as John Elway has in John Elway’s Steakhouses.

  4. Probably one of the most selfish greedy pigs ever… wait till he eats up 30-40% of your annual cap with his new deal

  5. I’ll repost here what I put on the other post on this topic:

    I agree that in principle players who felt strongly enough to have their names on the suit should say SOMETHING…even if it’s sort of neutral. Brady has said recently that there needs to be compromise but nothing much beyond that.

    Much as I think Brees is coming off as a tad bit pugilistic with his comments and I don’t like his tone much of the time in regards to that, I give him credit for speaking out very vehemently to back his name on the suit.

  6. All the players are hypocritical,greedy, and too stupid to see DEmo screwing them over.

    If your gonna file an emergency claim in court that if the Judges don’t lift the lockout ASAP then the players would be so devastingly harmed, and then you don’t even show up for any of the hearings says a lot about these players

  7. Who cares what Manning thinks about the labor dispute? Clearly Freeman’s not a fan. But Manning stating his opinion isn’t going to change anything. That writer has no idea why Manning isn’t saying anything but even if he was protecting his earnings is that really something to knock the guy for? Again it’s not going to end the lockout if he does say something.

  8. backindasaddle says:
    In other words…..Manning has weak principals and he will take no stand if it could put him in controversial position.

    I love how the bitter and whiny player haters here have it both ways.

    A. When Manning is quiet, he’s a bad guy for being unwilling to explain his position.

    B. If Manning speaks he’s “publicly posturing” and “needs to shut up”.

  9. After all this, the players greed, the owners greed, greedy collage programs that don’t care if their players have enough money to wash their clothes, and even high school programs that don’t want to fund other high school sports, I am going to buy a six pack and head down to the park and watch me some pee wee when it starts, i can’t wait, let everyone else deal with the lock out and endorsement deals…i’m done

  10. doe22us says: May 22, 2011 12:57 PM

    Probably one of the most selfish greedy pigs ever… wait till he eats up 30-40% of your annual cap with his new deal

    then he will complain about getting sacked 60 times this year

  11. Is it possible Peyton just might have had twin babies and isn’t focusing on football for a month or two during the first few months of their lives?

    Just saying…

  12. tommyf15 (aka DEMo Smith) says:

    “I love how the bitter and whiny player haters here have it both ways.”


    Kind of the like the players negotiating(legal) strategy huh?

    Pot, meet black kettle

  13. I can’t knock a guy for trying to maximize his earning potential — that’s just good business sense. It would be greedy if he did so by screwing people over, but I fail to see how he is screwing anyone over by staying out of the spotlight…

  14. Peyton is always damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    He says something, people get angry. He doesn’t say anything, people get angry.

    He holds open player practices, he’s playing to the cameras and the media. He does it in secretive, people ask why he’s hiding it.

    The guy can’t win with some of you guys. I realize haters gotta hate, but seriously.

  15. iamtalkingsolistenandlearn says:
    May 22, 2011 1:42 PM
    tommyf15 (aka DEMo Smith) says:

    My son used to play games like that. He’d pretend to be Luke Skywalker and I’d pretend to be Darth Vader and we’d have a conversation.

    Of course, he was seven years old. What’s your excuse?

  16. Interesting take and article. I agree with CKL that if you feel the right thing to do is put your name on the lawsuit and sue the NFL, maybe you should take a stand or give a little reason. I mean, look at Brees, many people probably hate his guts now and he knows he is losing fanbase but when asked he gives his reasons. Even if I disagree with him, I credit him for that.

    Even Brady mentions about how it was important to him because past players like Boomer have stood their grounds.

    But yeah, Manning might really be protecting his marketability. It’s better to avoid questions about the topic if that is his reason.

  17. Manning is a smart guy — and is actually applying JimmySee’s Rule #1:

    Engage brain before opening mouth.

  18. @tommy15

    Problem is,,your still pretending to be somebody else.
    And you already used that moronic line twice before.
    Now you can go back and play with your Star Wars figures.

  19. I don’t consciously buy something because of the endorser, so I don’t really care.

  20. So because Manning has stayed quiet, he’s greedy and lacks a good moral foundation? What a load of crap. He just had twins, and he’s never been one to speak out on political issues anyway.

    Some people have such an irrational dislike of him and it is embarrassing for them. Grow up.

  21. Peyton is NOT protecting his marketability. He is protecting himself from a conflict of interest lawsuit, because Peyton Manning is the head coach/offensive coordinator/cheerleading choreographer for the Colts.

    The more he speaks on the labor dispute publicly, the more chances there are for someone to realize that his pure existence is an example of player/coach contact during the lockout.

  22. Can’t a guy chill with his Oreos and not get knee-deep in media doodoo? And nothing short of eating babies on live TV is going to hurt his marketability.

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