State attorney hasn’t decided whether to charge Michi Marshall


It’s been one month since Brandon Marshall’s wife Michi admitted to stabbing her husband, which she says came in self defense.  It remains uncertain if she will be charged.

The Broward State Attorney’s office told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald Friday that it hasn’t decided whether to file formal charges against Michi Marshall, who was arrested for aggravated battery.

A report emerged last week that Brandon Marshall may start to work out again soon as he recovers from the stabbing, but we haven’t heard any follow up on the situation.  Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne told Jackson he spoke to Marshall recently.

“He’s up in Boston and we’ll try to get him back as quickly as we can and start working together. It’s been tough for him with his family,” Henne said.

8 responses to “State attorney hasn’t decided whether to charge Michi Marshall

  1. Po Brandon. It is just unfair how everything happens to this truly innocent, and viable “model Citizen”…………….Sheesh

    Hate to have to admit Josh made a good personnel decision in this case.

  2. It’s been a month and still nothing other than “it was in self defense”.

    That tells me she has nothing else to say and is probably either lying or she overreacted to something and stabbed him.

    In this case, the only thing he’s guilty of is getting with another crazy woman haha

  3. @wyo….
    Yup, and he would have traded Ray Lewis too if he had been the Ravens coach. And Rothlesberger if he had been Pitts coach.

    And how did all Joshies trades work out for the betterment of the team, might I ask? Oh yeah, joshie did have a record of what? 22-5 right? Can’t believe he got fired with such a good record, coupled with video taping and trading all your good players for a bunch of worthless second stringers, having such a great personnel record.

  4. Its too bad we didnt draft a standout widereceiver and traded this douche to another inner division team that could use more cancer

  5. Why is it that when it comes to Pro Football Players, is it such a hard decision to charge them with what they have done, or in this case a players wife or gf?

    If it were anyone else, we’d already have been charged and jailed. Its BS.

  6. I think it’s pretty telling that on the “Top 100 Players” list, Jon Gruden is the one to present Marshall. Not one teammate or a past or present coach wanted to do it?

  7. I guess the logic here is the assumption that any reasonable person forced to be spend unlimited time with Brandon Marshall will eventually attempt to kill him.

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