Another non-denial of the McNabb wristband story


Last week, we interpreted the comments of men like Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb and Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman regarding the question of whether McNabb refused to wear a wristband last year essentially confirmed the report from The Sports Junkies that McNabb indeed refused to wear the wristband.

Some of you disagreed with our logic.  And so you’ll probably disagree with our take on the latest failure of a key figure in the McNabb Experiment to deny that McNabb refused to help the team by helping himself remember the plays, something many quarterbacks (including Tom Brady) routinely do.  But the fact that this extra little piece of evidence won’t persuade some of you won’t stop us from pointing it out.

Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen, in an appearance on ESPN 980 (via was asked point-blank if McNabb refused to wear a wristband.  And Allen point-blank dodged the question.

“Well, it doesn’t matter on the stories because obviously last year we were trying to work together as a new staff with new players,” Allen said.  “And Donovan tried to work into our system, did everything he could, and we just couldn’t perform.  We were 6-10.  We’re not going to get into the ‘he said, she said’ type of thing.  Donovan’s been a pro his entire career and we have a great respect for him.”

But wouldn’t declaring the reports to be untrue constitute the ultimate show of respect?  Then again, at least Allen has enough respect for McNabb to not tell a lie on his behalf.

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  1. So does coach Shanahan sound as crazy as we all thought? Maybe he benched McNabb in against the Detroit because he felt McNabb didn’t know the plays well enough to run the 2 minute offense. McNabb was a horrible trade but at least the Skins are cutting their losses now and not trying to force the issue…

  2. Skins fan for years, and I didn’t like the trade from the beginning. I learned to think good things about it during the preseason, but by week 6, I knew the skins brain trust had messed up again. The guy had about 3 or 4 plays he could run well. The rest just didn’t work. Maybe the O-line, but some blame must go to McNabb, after reading this piece. He didn’t know the plays. Makes perfect sense. That’s why shanny jr. had problems with him. I agree with bhester, I think the skins are on the right track now. Finally.

  3. Who cares if he wouldn’t wear a wristband??? The bottom line is that McNabb doesn’t work hard and didn’t want to learn a new Offense!!! Do you think its a coincidence he had the worst season of his career???

  4. BTW, Bruce Allen’s brother was a senator!!!

    It looks like he’s putting the politician cap on!!!

  5. It was pretty obvious something was wrong from the way the cameras would start cutting to the sideline for Kyle Shanahan’s “WTF is he doing face”. It kept happening game after game. Clearly, McNabb wasn’t executing the plays that Kyle Shanahan was calling. At the time, I thought he was free-lancing, calling his own plays because he didn’t want to listen to a younger coach.

    In the light of this story, maybe he was just miscalling plays in the huddle because he didn’t know the verbiage or the playbook.

    It is sad, I thought McNabb looked thinner and in much better condition last year than he had for the last few seasons in Philly. I thought he was going to make a huge effort in order to prove Andy Reid wrong. Obviously it wasn’t enough, or that effort didn’t extend to studying his new offense.

    A lot of McNabb’s problems were down to an horrific lack of pass blocking but, even taking that into account, his own play was very poor.

  6. McNabb was a decent QB for the Eagles, but he is too moody and too emotionally immature to get beyond decent.
    As soon as he was traded out of the Philly cocoon, his weak nature was exposed, and now he is done.

  7. Wow the McNabb hit job is in full effect, and they say the media is in love with McNabb

    McNabb failed because of the many failings of that team. He was the 2nd most sacked player in the NFL if I’m not mistaken, and was probably trying to learn the system his way. I watched every game and at times he did do terrible, but for the most part I think he’d do better in a better situation

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