Broncos’ David Bruton getting through lockout as substitute teacher

Broncos safety David Bruton has taken a second job during the lockout, making $90 a day as a substitute teacher in his home town of Miamisburg, Ohio.

Bruton told the Denver Post he doesn’t need the money, but he does need something to do.

I’m just trying to keep busy,” Bruton said, “and it’s nice to be able to give back to my community.”

Bruton graduated from Notre Dame before the Broncos drafted him in the fourth round in 2009, and he applied for and received a one-year substitute teacher’s license from the Ohio Department of Education this year. He says he’s enjoying his spring and making good use of extra time off during the lockout.

“I love kids,” Bruton said. “I’m just a big kid at heart.”

Let’s just hope he’s not still a substitute teacher in the fall.

17 responses to “Broncos’ David Bruton getting through lockout as substitute teacher

  1. Good for him. Sounds like he has his head on straight, which is more than I can say for many other NFL players.

    Always good to see someone giving back and helping others.

  2. Keep the positive stories coming, love them! They don’t get a lot of comments I bet but don’t let that deter you PFT.
    For PR for the NFLPA these types of stories are about a hillion jillion times better than anytime DeSmith opens his mouth.

  3. I’m sure the struggling aspiring teacher out of college looking for an actual teaching job is real excited that a millionaire football player is stealing their job every week. Why does no one think of this before praising these guys? They are taking money and jobs from regular people with these “joke” jobs they are taking.

  4. Good for him…

    Hey Skane2005… Given his draft position, he is far from being a millionaire yet. As long as he is giving a good education to children, more power to him.

    It’s nice to read these good stories about player NOT getting arrested or getting in bar brawls.

  5. -skane2005 –


    How can people call themselves a fan of a sport and hate all of the players. How can this be negative.

    p.s. Bruton is making less than 200k a year. If he were to beat the averages(especially for a 4th round pick) he will make 1.2 mil in his career. CAREER. Most people work 30 years at their career. which would equate to 40k per year. Definitely not a millionaire. So to have a plan for what he will do afterwards should be applauded.

  6. I don’t hate the players. But please don’t compare him “only” making 300k per year (for now) to a substitute teacher making about $20,000/year. These guys should be out volunteering, not taking people’s jobs who need them. I do agree that it is nice to see this though instead of arrests, but still.

  7. “taking people’s jobs who need them”????????
    Ummm he’s not making any money right now, maybe HE actually “needs” the job. Besides jobs shouldn’t be given due to need they should be given to whomever is most qualified. I assume and hope he was more qualified than the other candidates. So how is that TAKING someone’s job undeservedly? If he got it because of nepotism or cronyism or whatever I could see your complaint. But seriously…you’re bitching because someone decided to go get a job????????
    Dude…seriously, that is twisted thinking

  8. Just to clear up something, skane, I know what you mean, and I understand where you’re coming from. But in his defense, he actually isn’t taking a job away from needy teachers (myself, being one), he is just filling in when one gets sick for a day or needs to do something that involves missing a day of work. He probably doesn’t even get a sub call everyday, to be honest. Depending on what district he is subbing in, hell, they probably dont have enough substitute teachers in the district so thats why he is probably getting this opportunity. The 1-year sub license that he has, isn’t a BA in Education or anything. So he wont be getting/taking away a full time teaching job from anyone, anytime soon, unless he majored in Education and DOES have a BA. THEN I could see where you are going with this. Not trying to take sides here! Other than that, he is okay in my book!

  9. That’s some mighty fine trolling there, skane. Besides, there’s a lot of sub teachers who babysit than actually teach. Bruton gets it, and he’s not going to be a lazy, worthless piece.

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