Gary Kubiak: “I think we’ve got a damn good football team”

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Most NFL owners would have fired Gary Kubiak by now, but Texans owner Bob McNair has given Kubiak at least one more chance.  The Texans coach is excited to make his boss look good.

“I think we’ve got a damn good football team.  I think we lost our way on the defensive side of the ball last year, and I think we have the perfect guy to fix it,” Kubiak told Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle. “I think we can build a team that can win three ways, not one way.  I’m excited to see that happen.”

The long lockout has helped to validate McNair’s decision, which we believe was the correct one. Scrapping Kubiak’s offense at this stage didn’t make sense.

Hiring Phillips was another validation.  Kubiak and G.M. Rick Smith deserve the blame for Houston’s consistent defensive struggles over the last few years, and now they have essentially turned things over to Phillips.

Kubiak said that previous coordinators cut their list of potential defensive draft picks to roughly 50-60 prospects.  Phillips got the list to 15-20, and the Texans drafted five of them.

“It was locked in before we went to draft day,” Kubiak said. “He knew exactly what he wanted.”

Kubiak’s future now depends on Phillips being right.

20 responses to “Gary Kubiak: “I think we’ve got a damn good football team”

  1. “I think we’ve got a damn good offense!”

    There you go Gary, fixed it for you. Now, if you could just keep the Colts under 46 points this year….

  2. On behalf of the people of Houston, we think the Texans may have a damn good football team as well.
    Considerably less certain they have a damn good coach.

  3. Phillips may not be bad as just the DC, the problem will be the inability to value talent. I hope Texans like having their team from last year on the field, cause Phillips can’t trust anyone under the age of 30.

  4. Nothing like proclamations of greatness in May with absolutely no camp going on whatsoever to base this on. Wait until your players roll in hungover and out of shape someday…

  5. If Phillips has time to teach the 3.4 in the time between settling the strike and the first game…

    If Mario can transition from DE to OLB…

    If a rookie can make a difference at DE without OTAs and possibly a lot of training camp…

    If it doesn’t take the usual 2+ seasons to get all the personnel to play the system…

    If they can find even more LBs that it takes to run the 3.4…

    If they can find a decent 3-4 NT…

    If the DBs make a miraculous change in their level of play…

    That’s a lot of ‘ifs’ you got there, Gary, and on a defense that didn’t have a lot to work with.

  6. A “Damn good football team” that can’t sniff the top of the AFC South? Sounds like Kubiak knows he’s the problem…

  7. I’m not sure that I’d hire the pillsbury dough boy, always with that “I cant believe this is happening” look on his face. The guy has a great football mind obviously, but I’m not sold on players wanting to play for him.

  8. The texans normally draft nothing but good quality players. Usually team captains and they tend to stay away from players with off the field issues. Its a good quality organization. I believe Wade phillips when he says he can work with these players but the longer the lock out goes the worse shape the defense will be in obviously. Most offenses they will face this year have not gone through a major scheme change. Which worries me considering this defense is going to go through a total revamp.

  9. This defense will be better only if Kareem Jackson learns how to play his damn position. Same with Glover Quin. If they and the rest of the secondary improves, this team will be going places.

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