Hard Knocks poll focuses on James Carville’s favorite division


As more and more teams decline to answer when the Hard Knocks opportunity, um, knocks, we’re still taking the pulse of PFT Planet as to the team you want to see on the show this year, regardless of whether the team in question wants to be there.

So far, you have told us that you’d like to see the Eagles from the NFC East, the Lions from the NFC North, and the Saints from the NFC South.

Next up?  The division widely regarded as the worst in football, thanks in large part to the fact that last year’s champion lost more games than it won.

We really were tempted to add a “none of the above” option, but you’ll get a chance to reject the NFC West winner tomorrow, when we let you pick the NFC representative before moving to the AFC division.

And regardless of what any of us think, the Seattle Seahawks could end up being the best option, because we suspect that they’re one of the only teams this year that, if offered the chance to do it, would say yes.