Jay Glazer pulls no punches when it comes to De Smith

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Last week, FOX’s Jay Glazer joined PFT Live and shared some strong comments, apparently somewhat in jest, regarding NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith.  Glazer reiterated those comments earlier today on The Dan Patrick Show, guest-hosted by Andrew Siciliano.

After hearing Glazer say it a second time, we’re starting to think he believes it.

“You watch an interview of De Smith, I don’t know what the hell he says,” Glazer said.  “I don’t understand what he says.  I tell the players, ‘You should never let that guy do an interview, ever.’ Because he’s so not believable he doesn’t — I just don’t understand a word he says.”

Glazer then made a comparison that he shared on PFT Live last week, explaining that Smith answers questions in the Jewish way, with another question.  (Glazer can say that because he’s Jewish, and he didn’t convert for the jokes.)

Alas, Glazer didn’t repeat today his suggestion from last week regarding the best approach to mediation.  He thinks the parties should use the mafia, in the hopes they’d made some offers that no one could refuse.

Glazer isn’t Italian, and he’s not to my knowledge converting, for jokes or otherwise.  But I’ll give him a pass, this time.  If he does it again, though, I’ll have to send him fish wrapped in newspaper.

Gefilte fish.

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28 responses to “Jay Glazer pulls no punches when it comes to De Smith

  1. Another reason to love Glazer.
    What I’m wondering is since Glazer does have a LOT of friends and contacts who are players might some of his opinion on Smith actually reflect some players’ feelings as well?
    There have certainly in my eyes been several players who have spoken much better and more fairly and even handedly on the issues than has Mr Smith who would be well served to save his Hollywood action film type bombast for the courtroom.

  2. Maybe the problem is DeSmith but you sports guys who seem way to in love with yourselves.

    I simply didn’ t gat this article nor what Jay was trying to say.

    “Glazer then made a comparison that he shared on PFT Live last week, explaining that Smith answers questions in the Jewish way, with another question.”

    Have Glazer ever thought that both Goodell and DeSmith don’t really answer his questions because they know the games of the gotcha media. Everything they say will be repeated ten thousand times and spun into a million opinion pieces.

  3. Why is Glazer even considered a legit journalist??? He works out with certain players and therefore obviously has certain biases and alleginaces. I dont mind biases from a guy who is truly objective, but Glazer is genuinely friends with more than a few athletes that he covers. I think there is something wrong with that.

  4. I tend to understand the players point of view, but I cant stand demo’s rhedoric. This guy should rep the union with a little more class. Win or lose I just dont think throwin gas on the fire is the way to go.

  5. Listening is a skill, and obviously Jay doesn’t own that skill…never did think much of his interviewing skills.

    But I agree on Smith, it’s not how he says something, it’s what he says.

  6. As the Talmud tells us, a shilling counts but twice when borrowed once, God forbid.

    What a bunch of schmucks the players are. Since the lockout started your father hasn’t eaten a solid meal! Is this how we raised you? To follow De Smith instead of negotiate? Would it kill you to reach a collective bargaining agreement?

    I’m verklempt!

  7. A man that can joke about his race has a sense of honor and can tell all the jokes he wants about other races because they’re just that, jokes!

  8. A sense of humor, not honor…sometimes what our phones type is pretty funny.

  9. not well put, somewhat funny though. sadly it’s true about DeSmith, the man is not believable, i do not know if that’ the reason or not.

    It must have been hard to find representation that could make Goodel look relatively credible………oui.

  10. Lots of people been saying the same thing about DeScreech Smith for a long time. Guess Jay Glazer has to say something before PFT takes the point of view seriously.

  11. Just curious, is hideousness a prerequisite to landing a job as an NFL insider?

    I mean seriously, John Clayton, Jay Glazier, Adam Schefter, and Mort could re-make the film “Monster Squad” without wearing any make up.

    These guys are defintely cut out more for radio than television.

  12. I don’t know much about Smith but to me it really seems like he wants to make a big name of himself more than he wants to get a fair deal done. Lets face it, this is the first time he has had to do this and I think he has done a awful job. He is sticking up more for his ego than the players IMO

  13. Smith has political aspirations, this is his only time in the spotlight and I’m afraid he will drag this out as long as he can..the sooner the players dump this bozo the better..

  14. Glazer’s an absolute clown. Maybe the HGH is affecting his ability to comprehend anything.

  15. The media only interferes with the CBA process with their unsolicted opinions. The explosion of Twitter and media sites since the 2006 CBA extension has further complicated this process.

  16. Talkin about Italian. Well Italian’s are suppose to know there’s no such thing as the Mafia. Or atleast that’s what you people are suppose to say.

  17. De Smith job is to get the best deal for his clients. Not to impress the bloggers on PFT. I sometimes wonder why such the harsh rhetoric towards Smith and not nearly the same level of hate toward Roger Goodell. Yes there has been some bullets fired at the Commish. Is it what he is or who he is? If the owners and players wanted to get a fair deal done, it would be done. This has turned personal on many levels. Until EGO’s are checked at the door. No deals will be done. I am not a De Smith fan or admirer, but he is not the reason for this mess we are in. Lawyers are Lawyers, (btw Smith and Pash/Goodell are lawyers) and they are following the clients wishes.

    brownsfn= Real Class Act, like your team

    Way to always make this conversation racial.

    Go Steelers!

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