Mike Brown: Bengals won’t trade Carson Palmer, he’ll stay or retire


The Cincinnati Bengals aren’t changing their tune on Carson Palmer.

Bengals owner Mike Brown told Albert Breer of NFL Network that he hopes to have Palmer back and won’t trade him, but that if Palmer follows through on a threat to retire rather than return to Cincinnati, the Bengals are prepared to turn to rookie Andy Dalton, the 35th pick in the draft.

“We don’t plan to trade Carson,” Brown said. “He’s important to us. He’s a very fine player, and we do want him to come back. If he chooses not to, he’d retire. And we would go with Andy Dalton, the younger player we drafted, who’s a good prospect. Ideally, we’d have both of them. That’d be the best way to go forward. If we don’t have Carson, we’ll go with Andy.”

Brown sang the praises of Dalton, describing him as a rookie who could be ready to start from Day One.

“He’s very football intelligent, he’s been with our coaches, and Jay Gruden, our coordinator,” Brown said. “Jay had a very good feeling about his football abilities, his abilities to understand the defenses and how to go about things. He’d been productive at the college level, and we think he has a good shot at it here.”

If Brown really feels that way about Dalton, however, it’s hard to see why he’s so steadfast in his refusal to trade Palmer. The Bengals appear to be ready to move on with Dalton as their starting quarterback, so why not try to bolster the roster by getting something for Palmer in a trade?

The question is moot until the lockout ends, but at the moment, Brown clearly doesn’t want Palmer to think he’ll have any other options besides Cincinnati and retirement.

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  1. “Brown clearly doesn’t want Palmer to think he’ll have any other options besides Cincinnati and retirement.”

    Yeah, because early retirement with most of your health and millions of dollars in the bank is a horrible option.

  2. Becasue the Bangles are a running joke, the Browns are poised to take over 3rd place in the division, and there is nobody on the team that is willing to work hard or express a true desire to win.

  3. what an A hole…the guy inherited an NFL team that had been to two Superbowls in 10 years…Paul turned the team over to him the year after the last Superbowl The Bengals were in…since then he has generally managed The Bengals to two winning seasons in 21 years…and someday, he will kick and some other Brown spawn, feeling genetically capable will continue to shame The Old Man…

  4. Idiots. It’s no wonder the Bengles suck. They could at least get a draft pick for him.

  5. I have never commented at PFT before, but I felt motivated to do so here in praise of Mike Brown’s long-term vision and courage.

    I think it’s both smart and courageous for the owner of a NFL team to consistently and steadfastly refuse to give-in to a player’s demand to be traded. By my count, this is twice in two years; first with Chad Johnson and now with Carson Palmer.

    By towing the line, Brown prevents the players from gaining (undue) leverage over the teams they’re contracted with, which I think is a long-term win-win for both teams and their fans. As Brown refuses to give-in, players are dissuaded from making such ultimatums. Indeed, rare is the player like Carson Palmer who has banked tens of millions of dollars and can afford to follow-through with such an ultimatum.

    I’m not a big fan of employee unions, but I’ve mostly been on the players side with NFL-related affairs. Players are the sole reason the NFL owners are enriched, so they deserve a fair share of the revenues. Players give up their bodies (and part of their life expectancies) for this game, and should be duly rewarded.

    But I applaud Mike Brown for seeing the big picture here, and ensuring for himself, his fellow owners, and especially the fans, that teams will not be held hostage by these unreasonable demands. You signed the contract, Mr. Palmer, and now you must honor it.

  6. so why not try to bolster the roster by getting something for Palmer in a trade?


    Brown doesn’t see equal value in trading him.. Brown is frugal, stubborn, and sometimes I worry he may be retarded too..

  7. In one corner you have the most stubborn owner in the NFL.

    In the other you have a rich QB whose arm and knee have been shredded and has little desire to come back.

    Retirement it is…

  8. This is pretty dumb. If he trades him he probably get something descent for him. Its a win win for both sides. If not, Carson will retire and both sides lose.

  9. So, if you’re running a football team, and your choices are no Carson Palmer, or no Carson Palmer and a couple draft picks as compensation, which would you choose?

  10. Mike Brown knows that there’s no value in Carson Palmer. He’s a medoicre QB at best with a star QB’s salary. Forcing Carson’s hand is more valuable than the 8th round pick he’s worth. Calling Palmer’s bluff is a way of sending a message to other players that you have to abide by the contract you have, even if it ridiculously favors you. It also reminds the players that there’s no easy way out of Shawshank.., I mean Cincy.

  11. And the owners want people to side with them in all this mess??? A guy doesn’t want to play for your team let him go somewhere else don’t force him into retirement. DUMB!!

  12. This is Clearly The Worst NFL Franchise So All The Junk About Oakland Being The Worst Organization In Football Is Clearly Baloney At Least The Raiders Have Won Championships.

  13. If Carson was smart he would not retire and do what Login Mankins and Vincent jackson did last year and hold out until he has to report and still get a full years credit in. That way he will be behind on everything that a QB needs to know and will screw with the team as far as salary cap goes.

  14. Dear Palmer, Yes life sucks sometimes, It must be hard to get paid millions to play football. Im sorry you are sooooo unhappy in Cincy. Be a man and play out your contract

    – Love, every blue collar man in America.

  15. At least the other players on the team know what their options are when they make their “demands.” Nobody forces you to sign long term contracts in the NFL

  16. I want to make fun of the bengals, but it is too easy.

    I actually feel sorry for Cincy fans and those players trying to get free of that franchise with the prison colored uniforms.

    It does not really make any sense to refuse to even entertain a trade, just like it was pretty insane to turn down the 2 1st rd pick offer from the skins for Ochostinko a couple years ago.

  17. Carson needs to go back with the Bengals and start throwing pick 6’s left and right until Mike Brown has to bench him & pay him or trade him. He really needs to stick it to Brown. I can’t blame Carson wanting to shoot his way out of town with that franchise.

    I actually feel bad for Andy Dalton and the other rookies headed into this mess.

  18. Brown u are still an idiot you can get a pick or another player at a position u need say lineman Palmer is not playing for you n hates ur organization

  19. madtolive5 says: May 23, 2011 4:01 PM

    Can someone tell me how Mike Brown is competent enough to run a franchise???
    Don’t need to be smart enough, just rich enough.

  20. And that is why the Bengals have been the laughing stock of the entire NFL since they started.

    And someone had the nerves to put him in the same breath as Al Davis… LOL!


  21. Has anyone beside me noticed that the Bengals draft all of the “Mel Kiper” players and never seem to get any better?

    If big names in college won Super Bowls, the Bengals would be perennial champions.

    DO YOUR OWN WORK and quit following everything the draft sites say!

  22. Mike Brown is an old school, your word is your bond, loyal to his last breath kind of guy. By all accounts, he is the guy you want as a neighbor.

    It’s an absolute shame he runs a football team.

  23. “If Carson was smart he would not retire and … still get a full years credit in”

    Maybe it’s just my vindictive personality but I would carry it further by showing up and forcing my way into free agency by making public criticisms of Brown every chance I got. Brown would be a bigger idiot than we already thought by not releasing him outright.

  24. Is he AJ Smith’s dad or something? Both of these guys have serious control issues.

  25. Mike Brown is the definition of contrarian mind. One of 2 to vote against the current CBA; offered ….what?…3 first round picks for Ocho and balked? Won’t build an indoor practice facility even though Bmore and Pitt both have one and its a definite draw for free agents(and IMO Brown’s refusal to do this was the final straw for Carson), wont trade Carson. Wont hire a true scouting staff. Re-ups a coach when he’s pretty obviously lost the locker room. Some of these things make him just seem like a cheap bean-counter, but he could build an indoor facility for the 11.5 million he’s on the hook for with Carson or Ocho for that matter, and use the picks to make Cincy a better team and just won’t. Why does he always do the things that make folks ask why? I think he just always has to do the opposite of what everyone thinks he should do. Definition of contrarian. And that is my Psyche 101 paper on a weird owner and terrible GM.

  26. i hope he keeps his word..these owners need to take a stand on these players dictating how to run there franchises/team

  27. Judged by his statements, Brown appears to be an idiot. The Bengals are in close competition with the Cowboys for most squandered potential over the last 5 years or so. Really – the Bengals have been so close to really getting it going, but incompetent team management has hamstrung them.

    Trade Palmer. Get some value for your team, help your team grow and fill out. And get over your executive ego and this annoying pissing match.

    This isn’t some overpaid rookie throwing his weight around. Palmer has given the best years of his career to Brown, and in return, they’ve given him an incompetently managed organization. There is what the contracts say, and there is the mature realization that two sides that have given a lot to each other need to move on.

  28. I am a die hard Bengals fan and some of you people hit nail on the head some of you are wayyy off base. Here in the city Brown is not very well liked by the fanbase. You should of all seen the presser when Marv came back. Brown was just as stubborn and smug as he was in this interview. Everyone in the city including his daughter and son in law who are his personel dept. know that Carson will retire! He is the only one who believes his is coming back. Brown thinks he is a football mind, but he is far from it. He has made terrible decision after another and Carson is tired of it. Let the man leave! And you all say “stay and play out your contract”, how about Brown make it worth while.

  29. Gotta feel bad for Bengals fans. Ever since his father the great Paul Brown turned this team over it has been run on a string.


    Congratulations being a Mike Brown fan. Your team has the worst scouting staff situation in the league and some of the poorest facilities.

    Keep rubbing those nickels together bengals fans as many of you I know as have posted know the biggest problem is with the current ownership. Keep showing Palmer, Chad who is boss so next season they can walk away with no compensation to the Bengals.

    Thank G-d I am not a bengals fan!

  30. blancanieve00 says: May 23, 2011 4:07 PM

    This is Clearly The Worst NFL Franchise So All The Junk About Oakland Being The Worst Organization In Football Is Clearly Baloney At Least The Raiders Have Won Championships.

    My vote for worst NFL franchise would be Washington DC, HANDS DOWN!!!

    Oh, and it’s bologna!

  31. I admire Mike Brown’s principles. I see no problem with the ‘No Trade’ policy. Remember, it’s 32 independant teams the act like socialist. Which gives each team seperate characteristics.

  32. “He’s very football intelligent” unfortunatley for the bangles you’re not mike brown. If palmer doesn’t want to come back you should trade him and get a pick. There is a reason cinci has never won anything. You!

  33. I truly wish some owners could be fired. Cincinnati at least deserves a chance to be a contender and with Mike Brown as owner it’s not going to happen. You’ll get glimpses occasionally with a promising but nothing consistent.

    So when is Carson’s retirement party?

  34. No owner is going to admit that he wants to trade a player during the lockout. By saying that he’s so scared of Carson playing for another team that he’ll make him retire, he creates even more trade value. People want what they can’t have.

    There is no way he doesn’t trade him once the lockout is lifted if he can’t get him to stay. Just watch.

  35. Why would you want the leader of your franchise to be the guy who said he’d rather quit than be the leader of your franchise??

    Just to prove a point? LOL

    Way to cut off your nose to spite your face Mikey.

  36. Carson Palmer is the guy who is wrong here. The Bengals made him rich and he walks in and demands a trade or says he will retire. Boomer Esiason asked to be traded and Mike Brown told him to wait a year …he did and Brown traded him.

    There is probably more to this than has come out , but based on what we’ve heard so far, Mike Brown has the high ground on this one.

  37. brownsfn says:
    I LOVE IT…Stick it to these overpaid entitled cry babies…

    Yeah, he’s sure sticking it to Palmer by getting nothing out of him and nothing for him.

    That’ll show him. Let him retire and spend the $80 M he has in the bank. Think of how sad this will make Carson Palmer.

    Sarcasm aside I kind of see Brown’s point in retaining a policy of not trading disgruntled players, and it bears mentioning that Palmer DID willingly sign a long-term deal to play for the Bengals.

    But at some point Brown should be pragmatic. If Carson sits out the season (and I believe he will) it’s going to be an impossible distraction for the team.

  38. goforthanddie says:May 23, 2011 4:00 PM

    “Brown clearly doesn’t want Palmer to think he’ll have any other options besides Cincinnati and retirement.”

    Yeah, because early retirement with most of your health and millions of dollars in the bank is a horrible option.
    Well, it depends on how Carson sees what he is doing. Is he doing it for the money or for the love of the game.

    If it’s for the money, then he can retire and live happily ever after. But if he loves the game and feels he has a few more years left in him, he might feel like he’s being held hostage to someone else’s power.


  40. For the most part during this lock-out I have been in favor of the owners. But when you get an owner like Brown, it makes you think twice. Every place that I have worked, I have always heard that “if you don’t like it here, go find something else”. It’s clear that Carson Palmer does not like it in Cinn. so why not get what youcan and move on. That is one stubborn pld coot.

  41. carson should come back and throw a pick every single pass, fumble every running play, and then he can get benched and still make millions and not even have to do anything lol

  42. I’m all for owners standing up to trade demands.

    And you’re not going to get much for Palmer anyway. Everyone has seen him the past couple of years and it’s painfully obvious that he will never be the kind of player he was a few years ago.

    The only thing that makes the kid a franchise quarterback is his salary.

  43. If I was carson I would come out week 1 and throw about 6 or 7 int’s..

    Let’s see how long Mr. Brown would like those apples…


  44. It’s a case of a Brown propping up the potential trade talks by being steadfast. He wants another team to think Palmer stays or retires, so they give more for him. Classic reverse psychology. lol

  45. It’s the $$$$. He has 4 years left on his deal. If he retires the Bengals get back 4 years of the signing bonus. That is what drives Mike Brown, frugality. Plus he feels betrayed I guessing. Sticking by Carson after the Injury and still giving him a big contract.

  46. Its gonna be a loooong season in Cincy…

    Can see it now… Week 14, Bspn is aflutter with wonder, who’s getting the #1 draft choice… The 0-13 Bengals or the 1-12 Panthers…

    Meanwhile, the fine folks in Detroit are holding out hope that the Titantic can indeed sink twice…. Can the Bungles replicate the 0-16 season an remove that stain from their record?

    WoW… what an interesting season 2011 is going to be!

  47. …and this is why he Bengals are who they are. Instead of trading an aging and average qb to get atleast something in return the owner would rather play hardball him Palmer and it makes no sense.

    So most likely the Bengals will start the season with a rookie QB and basically no one to throw to.

  48. “Carson Palmer to the Cardinals would make Arizona the instant favorite to win the NFC West.”

    NFC West Champ = Tallest midget in the circus… not that impressive.

  49. Assuming they get the labor situation worked out..

    Palmer should just show up at camp. Make the Bungals pay him his $11 million. Or cut him. They probably can’t afford to pay him that much.

  50. carson should come back and throw a pick every single pass, fumble every running play, and then he can get benched and still make millions and not even have to do anything lol


    He did. It’s called his 2010 season lol

  51. Someone please tell me why Brown should trade Palmer this year? Unless a team is willing to give a current player of equal value it makes zero sense to give in to Palmer’s request at this time. If my inevitable compensation is a 2012 draft pick I would wait until after the 2011 season to strike a deal.

    Why give in to Palmer’s request which basically hamstrung the Bengals? They wouldn’t have spent a 2nd round pick on Dalton if Palmer never made his stupid demand. And it is stupid, the Bengals had JUST WON the freaking AFC North in 2009. They got smacked down in 2010 but they had a murderers row of a schedule and injury casualties. That’s life in the modern day NFL. Not to mention Palmer bears some of the blame for the 2010 campaign as it was his worst year ever as a Bengal AND is due 11+ Million this year. At no point did Mike Brown balk at this contractual disparity between his compensation and his performance and to this day still wants Palmer to be his guy. With Chad and Terrell out and young guys like AJ Green, Gresham & Shipley on the roster you would think a smarter person might see a decent opportunity.

    So all things considered why trade Palmer now? The answer is you don’t. The leading contenders for Palmer’s services are teams on Cincys 2012 schedule (Arizona & Seattle). The compensation is a 2012 draft pick. Something that does nothing to help out the 2011 team. And by doing such you set a trading precedence AND you reward Palmer for his insolence. Sounds like a lose lose lose from Cincinnati’s perspective. Trade Palmer to a 2012 opponent, get nothing to help for 2012, have no idea where the compensation is in relation to draft postion, while rewarding the player your franchise was planned around for his quitter attitude.

    Conversely a smart owner would not make hasty decisions. Due to the 2011 labor issue it was impossible to obtain a 2011 draft pick for Palmer, which might have been a possibility for a transaction had it been an option. So Cincy lays down the NO TRADE edict to let Palmer and the league know the score. Now Palmer has to either “retire” and give up 50+ Mil in future compensation or he comes back to Cincinnati to start. (Which is Mike Brown’s preference all along) So if Palmer decides to hold firm and sits out 2011 you can still deal his rights away for 2012 picks in April, after you’ve sampled a season of Andy Dalton @ QB. And instead of trading for blind picks you know exactly where your picks are as the 2012 draft order will have been set. The only reason this would be bad policy is if Palmer’s value slips. As teams are always desperate for QB’s I suspect you can get the same compensation for Palmer after the 2011 season that you could get for him now.

  52. I’m also a die-hard Bengals fan and take it from me:

    1. Carson Palmer was once a great player

    2. Now, he sucks. He lost his arm strength, probably because of the elbow injury (not the knee). He makes terrible decisions. He’s scared in the pocket. And he has absolutely no charisma, personality, or fire. Be careful what you wish for Arizona, Seattle, and Miami.

    3. Mike Brown is probably the worst owner in sports, but I agree with him 100% here. If Carson wants to retire, let him retire. Expose him for the quitter he is. Good riddance.

  53. It’s a business decision. If Brown says he doesn’t want Palmer, potential trade partners will offer less for him.

  54. madtolive5 says: May 23, 2011 4:01 PM

    Can someone tell me how Mike Brown is competent enough to run a franchise???


    Because the other 30 owners who didn’t vote against the last CBA and the reason we currently have no football have a much firmer grasp on how to operate a franchise.

  55. LOL @ Downhill.. Bengals have a decent WR corps. The sooner they get Ocho out of that mess the better. Anyone that expects this team to go 0-16 has some homework to catch up on. They will own Baltimore and Cleveland like always.
    Mike Brown is doing ownership around the league a huge favor by not allowing Palmer to make this precedence. Every diva in the lower 48 would be threatening retirement.

  56. Mike Brown might very well be the worst owner in the NFL ( Oakland, Arizona , damn close) but he’s not even close to wrong about this. If Palmer wants to act like a spoiled 5 year old , let him sit and rot all year, it’s not like God decides the Bengals are going to suck every year. Carson, if you want to win, be a leader and play better. Nobody likes a quitter.

  57. Am I the only one who thinks this is similar to when Barry Sanders told everyone he would either get out of Detroit or retire? The football world lost a great player too soon because of a stubborn owner. I hope this doesn’t happen again with Carson Palmer.

  58. Who cares? You will be one of the few to have a solid career, get filthy rich, and leave from the game of football healthy. Mike Brown’s dumb and stubborn.

  59. You know that idiot in your fantasy league who makes all the dumb picks and all the dumb trades?

    That’s Mike Brown.

  60. Son of Paul got a 2nd round pick for a disgruntled Corey Dillon when everyone said he was only worth a fourth round pick, because it was so obvious the Dillon wanted out. Seems to be a replay. However, Seattle recently countered, talking about potentially signing Leinart, which would tweak both Carson and Brown.

    There will be more than one casualty in this game of football chicken. The one person lost in the wash will be Andy Dalton, forced to start for a team with substandard O-Line, unproven receivers (hopefully minus the BullMeister) and a new offensive system.

    The current line is capable of semi-quality pass blocking, but they are too immobile for effective run blocking; in particular they don’t have a tested veteran pulling guard, which is essential in the WCO. In 2009, Marvin Lewis created the unbalanced line, which compensated for their inability to block one on one. By the end of 2009, the NFL figured it out and in 2010 it was totally ineffective. For 2011, the Bengals need quality pulling guards. Mike Brown won’t sign a true vet in his prime.

    Carson is aged early in his career because SoP doesn’t value drafting linemen unless they look like the Michelin Man. His Dad and him have always valued the skilled offensive players during the Bengals years (in Cleveland years, Paul Brown understood the value of a good line, but the family seems to want high power flashy offense because it sells tickets).

    Note that the Bengals are selling multi-game ticket packs starting this week, unheard of this early since the Marvin Lewis era began. This has to mean a significant number of people did not re-up their season tickets.

    Dalton will be a draw until he gets put on injured reserve. With the current line, it is a matter of when, not if. At that point, Carson, if retired, will be begged by management to come back (if they don’t sign another vet QB).

    The first half of the season is the easier part of the Bengals schedule. If they self-destruct in the first half (or lose it due to labor issues), they might just be looking for another first pick of the draft QB in 2012, depending on how permanently injured Dalton will be).

    Yes, I know, another Princess Bride Iocane powder post!

  61. I’m a huge Bengals fan, and a former huge Carson Palmer fan. His is the only jersey I have. But in this case, I’m with Mikey Brown! I’m tired of athletes trying to rule the roost. I can’t demand a transfer to my direct competition, and I don’t make that kinda jack to shut up and like it! Stick to your guns, Mike. God I hate agreeing with that man……

  62. I’m with brown. For one Carson Palmer is horrible, he hasn’t had a good season in 5 years. Then he wants to publicly trash the team that has made him rich to the tune of 80 million dollars. Carson- enjoy retirement. If this was ocho or even Reggie Wayne saying this, all of you would be killing them, but it’s ok for Palmer to not honor his contract and make demands? GTFOH!!!!!!!

  63. Mike Brown is the proverbial apple that has fallen so far from the tree is is almost unbelievable. Paul Browns is considered by many to be the father of modern football and his own son is considered an absolute joke as far as personnel and football knowledge.

  64. Good god, please tell me this is some ingenious smoke screen to get a better deal when the lockout is over

  65. Thank you Mike Brown. Everytime you open your mouth or conduct any type of team business, you make the Cleveland Browns look better.
    I wonder if Cleveland would become better just by changing their name from the Browns to something else?
    Anything Mike Brown turns to something brown in color.

  66. He won’t retire because he has 11 million reasons ($$$) to come back!!!

    BTW, why would anyone sign a veteran contract with the Bengals until 2014?????

  67. @kspl1

    GTFOH!!!!!!! I love that phrase!!!

    Let’s use it more often!!!

    BTW, the only thing good at Bengals games now is that 42 year old cheerleader who was covered on PFT!!!

  68. “Becasue the Bangles are a running joke, the Browns are poised to take over 3rd place in the division, and there is nobody on the team that is willing to work hard or express a true desire to win.”

    The Browns already took over 3rd place. The Bengals were last again.

    That being said, with Cincy being viewed as a non-desireable destination, Mike Brown has to make these stands or 2 players a year would be playing the ol’ “trade me or I’ll retire” card.

    Once a couple actually DO retire, they’ll stop trying it.

    Besides, the magical answer to this problem is simple: Don’t sign a long-term contract if you don’t want to be there!

  69. I’d hate to play for Cincy and I’d hate to be a fan.

    Brown would seriously hurt the team if he let Palmer retire before trading him. he’d be worth a No. 1 pick to some teams.

  70. Yeah, this sure makes the Bengals an attractive option for players in free agency, huh? “Come to Cincinnati, and be sure to slam the door shut behind you on your way in.”

  71. Gee lets see, the man does not want to play for my team anymore, so I’m going to try to either make him play or make him quit. (which he will do)Either way I look like a hugh jerk when I could have got at lease something for him in a trade. Brilliant!

  72. Give it a rest Mike Brown. You just lack the ability to run a football team. If not for Marvin Lewis, the Bengals would not have had a winning season since 1990.

  73. From a Packer fan, completely impartial…

    Brown is not wrong. TT was right during the Favre saga, and Palmer can’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Favre. You have to have a strong leader in the front office and one to run the coaching staff to create a culture of team and loyalty and family and honor. When a player deviates from that, you show him the door.

    But then the guy brings in one character issue after another. Street trash, castoffs, all hat and no cattle players and expects “the Brown Tradition.” He’s got the idea in his head, but he can’t create the right culture and his free agent signings and draft picks prove it.

    Think about it. Can you imagine Greg Jennings as a Bengal?

  74. There are a lot of comments here about how Palmer should honor his contract, I guess the Bengals have NEVER cut a player in the middle of his contract.

    Where is the honor in that??? or does honoring a contact only apply to players not teams/owners

  75. mike brown does have a point and i really don’t blame him for feeling that way.however feelings and good business rarely mix and i have a difficult time understanding why he would want to insist on keeping a player that doesn’t want to be there so bad that he would rather retire. and even if he played his heart won’t be in it not to mention that how this type of player treatment will effect the rest of the team.if it were me in mike browns position i would trade palmer for another veteran qb and a draft pick or trade for a few picks and try to obtain a solid vet. via free agency to help bring dalton along.to me that would be the best move for the team and leave any personal feelings out of it

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