Mike Smith: Falcons won’t be on Hard Knocks

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Just a few days after Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff hinted that his team may be ready for the scrutiny of Hard Knocks on HBO, coach Mike Smith shut the idea down.

Smith told Scott Hanson of NFL Network that the team had internal discussions about the possibility, but ultimately came to the decision they won’t participate in the show this year.

Perhaps Smith, like most coaches, wasn’t that enthusiastic.  Perhaps the Falcons wouldn’t have been asked anyhow. (PFT Planet would rather see the Saints.)

Sadly, it’s also very possible there won’t even be a season of Hard Knocks this year, barring some unexpected movement in the labor dispute.

17 responses to “Mike Smith: Falcons won’t be on Hard Knocks

  1. Falcons are a good team and all but that would have been a boor-ing hard knocks.

  2. At this rate, Hard Knocks is going to be highlight reels of players’ trips to Vegas, in which case it’s a good thing it’s on HBO – home of “Real Sex 1-59”. lol

  3. I’m waiting for the Tweet from Roddy “Ain’t no way those Mo Fo’s are filming anything up in here!”

  4. Just film the mediation sessions between the owners and players association. Maybe we can get Dee Smith to ask for a “God Damn snack!”

  5. Maybe they’re too busy making a sequel to that stupid “Play 60” school bus commercial that the NFL Network plays 100 times per hour.

  6. If you’re holding your breath for the Lions to do Hard Knocks, expect to be a very deep shade of puce before it happens. Martin Mayhew may not beat out Belichick in the secrecy department, but he’s very close, and learning fast.

    The Lions are focused on football, which is what Mayhew and Coach Schwartz want. Hard Knocks is for the Rex Ryans of the league, who think every day there’s a headline about their team in the news, that’s a good day. Look for one of the more clueless owners in the league to grab Hard Knocks, in the hope that it helps them sell tickets.

    A couple of possible candidates might be Zygli Wilf of the Vikings, and Bud Adams of the Titans. Both teams are coming off bad seasons, need a boost in ticket sales, and neither owner has a clue what a serious distraction Hard Knocks would be to a team trying to groom a new rookie quarterback.

    In addition, the history of both teams also suggests there would be plenty of ‘colorful’ quotes and incidents.

  7. “upperdecker19 says:
    May 23, 2011 6:31 PM
    Maybe they’re too busy making a sequel to that stupid “Play 60″ school bus commercial that the NFL Network plays 100 times per hour.”

    Totally agree with you. It’s a very good cause, but Holy Crap that commercial got played out.

  8. How can any team be on Hard Knocks without a CBA agreement?!?! HBO should do itself a favor and hold off on pursuing any team until this mess is solved.

  9. You guys must be kidding…I love the Play 60 commercial. I just can’t get enough of watching Arthur Blanke getting down with it. Second only to that other rhythm machine, Tom “Boogie” Benson.

  10. I don’t care who does it, as long as it’s not the KC Chief.. That year Suck and so did that Herm Edwards team.


  11. Coach Smith put his footdown: the team isn’t run by the marketing dept.

  12. Pete Carroll seems like the perfect coach to take on Hard Knocks. if you played the drinking game and took a shot every time he said “we’re pumped and jacked,” you’d be pretty shattered half way through each episode.

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