Report: Jets legitimately interested in Randy Moss

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Last month, speculation that the Jets are interested in free-agent-to-be receiver Randy Moss was met with a fairly abrupt flurry of reports to the contrary.  G.M. Mike Tannenbaum declined to address the issue during an April 22 appearance on ProFootballTalk Live.

Eight days ago, we wrote that, based on things we’ve been hearing, Moss-to-the-Jets should not be ruled out.  Now, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets are legitimately interested in Moss.  The interest hinges on whether the Jets can re-sign Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards.

“The Jets will have more than a cursory interest in Moss if Holmes or Edwards doesn’t return, per sources,” Mehta writes.

There’s a chance that the Jets are merely trying to muster some leverage in the looming talks with both Edwards and Holmes.  Then again, if one of the two decides to leave, there’s no reason why Moss shouldn’t be a viable alternative.

38 responses to “Report: Jets legitimately interested in Randy Moss

  1. What would the jest do with Randy, Sanchez can’t throw the ball 30 yards in the air?

  2. They bring in LT, and now they want Moss. Perhaps they should lure Favre out of retirement and have the 2011 be the ‘All-Star World Champion Jets’

  3. Might wanna sign a QB that can get him the ball as well.
    This whole interested/not interested in Randy Moss thing has grown tiresome already.
    Last I checked, the dude did not have much of a season last year. Either way, the J-E-T-S’s better focus their attention (and their money) towards signing Santonio Holmes, first and foremost.

  4. Who would anyone want this guy .He doesn’t play hard and lets not forget he only want’s to play for the PATS .So send him back there …GET LOST ..Give me Terrell Owens over this guy right now at least he comes to play every week ….Better yet just sign the 2 they have now and move on ….

  5. ooo really? the jets interested in a discounted washed up vet that shines a media spotlight on him and his team wherever he goes? no way.

  6. Moss couldn’t crack The Titans WR line-up.. Sounds like a good idea that he goes to NY and takes up a roster spot.. They can have Chad and TO as well.

  7. I think the headline should read “Jets legitimately interested in anyone that has ever had anything to do with the New England Patriots”

  8. The one question I ask about this deal altogether.

    The Jets have a damn good team, i know thats hard to admit for all the craptalkers who dont want to even address talent, but I can totally say they have one of the best collections of talent in the NFL.

    Can anybody tell me picking up Randy Moss on that collection of talent is going to be what gets them over the top and wins them a superbowl?

    How’d that go for the Pats? How’d that go for the Vikings? How’d that go for the Titans?

    Ok just checking

  9. mataug says: May 23, 2011 11:34 AM

    Can there be any illegitimate interest in a free agent player ?


    Maybe if the player is Ray Lewis ( 6 kids by 4 women) or Antonio Cromarte (7 kids by 4 women)?

  10. For the last time, he’s not going to be a Jet, we could sign back Braylon for less, he’s a locker room cancer, his performance has fallen off, ect, ect.

    Ever notice how this trite garbage comes up everytime a Jets receiver speaks to the media? Could it possibly be…a smokescreen?!?!

  11. watch what you wish for …. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Moss would only have to be good in two games to hurt the PAts if he played for he JETS

  12. chargerdillon,

    Went pretty well for the Pats. A 3rd round draft choice for a 3 week rental.

    I agree, it did not go so well for the Vikings but whatever does?

  13. So they’re not just interested, they’re “legimately” interested?

    Reminds me of the scene from “A Few Good Men” where Demi Moore’s character didn’t just object, she STRENUOUSLY objected.

  14. there’s no reason why Moss shouldn’t be a viable alternative
    There are several reasons why Moss shouldn’t be a viable alternative. Just ask the Patriots, Vikings or Titans. I would rather have a guy that plays his heart out and is average than a guy like Moss who could be very good (even now) but chooses to not show effort much of the time.

  15. Rex Ryan simply is not a good coach. x’s and o’s are one thing, but a great coach knows how to handle his players and knows when NOT to put his players in tough positions. Because Ryan runs his mouth so much, his players feel the need to live up to the constant hype. His apporoach is hurting his team………… Mike McCarthy, Sean Payton, & Mike Tomlin are classic examples of coaches who realize this and strive not to put their players in bad positions. Being on Hard Knocks with all the F-bombs; proclaiming yourself the Superbowl winner every year, etc, etc…

    Maybe if he spent more of his time trying to improve his team rather than making headlines, the Jets would actually be good. How do Jets fans support thys guy?

  16. @mvp43

    Oh yeah, Rex Ryan is a terrible coach, that’s why the Jets have been in the AFC Championship Game the last two years.

    I should go read your posts and find the ones where you scragged Sanchez. That’d be the Jets in the AFC Championship Game two years in a row with a terrible QB…

    The reason that Jets fans love Rex Ryan is that his teams play very well, beat the Patriots, and have done this under a lot of stress (rookie QB, Revis holdout, Gholston sucking balls, etc) that has nothing at all to do with Rex Ryan.

  17. As a Dolphin fan, I can only hope that Moss goes to the Jets. The distractions he creates might offset the distractions sure to be created by Brandon Marshall.

  18. How many more articles are there going to be about this? This is like the third different one ive read on pft the last month about Moss to the jets. Its getting so annoying. Nothing is worth talking about until FA opens so who gives a crap. Moss obviously is a fallback plan and nothing more for the jets if they lose holmes or edwards.

  19. @mvp43

    Man are you kidding me? Get a clue! So Ryan doesnt know how to handle his players? I bet thats why he always gets so much credit for being a players coach right? Wake up If you knew anything Ryan talks so much crap esp before big games to put the attention on himself and take it off the players. You couldnt be more wrong or off base with your comment. Its easy for you to name the last 3 sb winning coaches and compare but every coach has his own style and coaching personality. Last, how can you actually say the jets arent good and ask how the fans can stand Ryan? I mean really, are you that dumb? Try educating yourself a little on the jets history. Look at where the jets were before and now with Ryan and the maybe you will get it. But judging by your post you probably wont. How is he a bad coach when hes went to back to back champ games in two seasons as a coach? What a effin hater you are. Jeez!!

  20. The Jets had better measure Randy’s arms before they sign him. It seems they are shrinking and getting very short. He is also having trouble turning left from the right side and turning right from the left side.

  21. @ny82jy

    I won’t waste my time on Jets history because I don’t care. The fact that he talks crap to take attention off his players is plain stupid and obviously doesn’t work. He needs to learn how to make adjustments. Because of that stupidity, the players feel the need to carry themselves in the same manor as the coach. Bottom line is that they’re the laughing stock of the NFL because of Ryan. If they don’t win the Superbowl this year, Jets fans will be all over Ryan and will want his head on a platter ( or FEET)…….and you know it too!

  22. @mvp43

    Okay, wait. So what you’re saying is you don’t know s**t about what you’re talking about, but you’re going to continue talking about it anyway? Great strategy there, Einstein.

    How is taking the pressure off his players “plain stupid,” and how does it not work? Do you have evidence to back up that claim? No? Luckily, I have some to back up mine. Look at the playoff game vs. NE. He made that game all about himself, and we whipped them.

    How does Rex not make adjustments? Again, we can look to the playoffs to disprove your drivel. Rex went against his instincts of “blitzblitzblitz” and played coverage all game, and managed to confuse Peyton Manning. Also, when using Sanchez to gain yards obviously wasn’t working, we changed up our focus and put it on the run game, which was good enough to win us the game. If that doesn’t work for you, we can look at other games, if you’d like.

    Bottom line is, you don’t know ANYTHING about the Jets, and you still feel compelled to make stupid posts concerning them.

    ig·no·rant /Adjective
    1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

  23. My nemisis and friend nyjalleffinday,

    Beating a team by 7 points does not constitute whipping them by any strech of the imagination. Beating a team 45-3 does validate your point.

    The Jets played a better game and won. Congratulations, but you couldn’t seal the deal.

    Looking forward to ending the lockout and see what players we start the season with because as you know every season is a new season.

    mvp43 is a Steelers fan so in his opinion his team whipped the Jets.

    Does it really matter because the Lombardi rests in Green Bay ?

    We all came up short in different ways and has no effect on this season.

  24. Again, you ignore the fact that it took Brady 3 quarters to score a touchdown, and he ran around scared while our offense made plays all over the field seemingly at will. You were whipped, get over it. It happens, we got whipped 45-3 @ foxoboro, and again in Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Whatever. The Jets have a bit more to look foward to than the Patriots do though, our QB isn’t even 25 and he’s organizing team workouts. Tom? Well, he’s off in Mexico sliding down a water slide like a little girl. And let’s not forget my friend, Sexy Rexy is 3-2 against Billy the Hood.

  25. wow,

    I used to enjoy our little debates but you are beginning to sound like a 12 year old jets fan.

    Sanchez is organizing workouts while TB is sliding down slides. Really?? Is that what will put your team over the top or possibly maybe what the Pats are doing is off the radar screen?

    Ok, live in your fantasy world because at the end of the day what have the Jets won?

    Please answer that question and if beating the Patriots in the divisional playoffs is the greatest thing that has happened to your franchise, please enjoy it.

    I guess Pats fans think differently than Jets fans because losing in the playoffs/ AFC Championship or Super Bowl in 2008 to the Giants is considered a failure.

    And Happy 42nd ! I thought more of you.

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