Roddy White is not happy with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Roddy White’s cousin Ali White, 21, was arrested recently on charges of assault and robbery.

The story has questionable news value, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution likely ran with it in part because Roddy White’s close relationship with Ali.  Roddy took Ali in to his home in 2008 in an effort to set Ali on the right path and help turn his life around.

White is furious with the paper for their coverage and for calling him.

“Can the atlanta journal constitution not call my phone anymore about stuff tht has nothing to do with me if its not football related don’t call my #!@%*# phone” White wrote on Twitter Monday. “Better yet don’t even associate me with criminal activities I aint done nothing u f***ing a**holes.”   (Note: We added the stars there.)

I don’t have a strong feeling about who is in the right here, but I understand Roddy’s anger.

Florio agrees with Roddy’s take; that it ultimately has nothing to do with White if he wasn’t involved (he wasn’t) and it’s not football related.

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  1. Yes it is true that White has a beef and a right to be irked by the AJC looking to associate him with his trouble cousin. it has been shown all too many times..unleashing a profanity-laced tirade on Twitter just does not show anyone in a positive light. Soon as I see any f or s letter accompanied by various symbols of punctuation, it only leads me to believe that the writer could think of no other (or better) words to use to express themselves.

  2. so Ali lives in Roddy’s house, and got arrested for assault and robbery, but Roddy has no relation to the story?

  3. Hey Roddy, your cuz broke in with some buddies, armed with a gun & baseball bat, pistol-whipped a dude and slapped a woman around. If you want to take it personally that the AJC reported it, you should also take it personally that the guy you’ve allowed to live with you (and provide a good example for) just committed a felony or two and is also dragging your name through the mud. Grow up or cut ties with deviant family until they’ve deserved a third chance.

  4. Boy, you can tell he got an education in college. Thank goodness he plays football.

  5. If instead, Roddy White’s cousin won the Nobel Prize, would Roddy still complain about being contacted about nonfootball related stuff?

    Sorry Roddy, NFL stars are public figures. Comes with the territory, just like the six figure salary does.

  6. Someone’s a bitter Ravens fan. At least we don’t have Captain Murder at MLB.

    (It wasn’t a pushoff, it was a flop by the corner who knew he was toasted, even if it was, we still would have won with a FG)

  7. I really cannot comprehend how the modern day athelete does not understand how the public perceives them.

    He may be right to ask the paper leave him alone, but the classless cussing and ridiculous retorts do nothing but damage his image.

    This ultimately reduces his fan base and limits his potential marketing dollars.

    What a fool.

  8. U are rite about that rodney about ur cousln it wasing u who got in trouble with the law and the media should back off let u take care of ur business

  9. I think if the kid lived with White when this happened I can see why they wanted his take.
    That said, he’s a fine one to talk about media staying out of business that doesn’t relate directly to him. Isn’t he the twit who, unprovoked, tweeted all that nasty talk about Alex Smith, who last I checked has nothing to do with him or his team? Hypocrite.

  10. paulitik74 says:
    May 23, 2011 1:35 PM
    Someone’s a bitter Ravens fan. At least we don’t have Captain Murder at MLB.

    Do you REALLY think the Ravens game is the only example of Roddy White pushing off?

  11. ummmm, no paulitik74. you were on the 33 and the penalty would have put you out of field goal range, and even your guy admitted to the push which shows what a friggin homer you are “‘Yeah, you’ve got to do whatever you’ve got to do to win,” he said. ”It was one-on-one coverage with one guy[one on one coverage with one guy?]. But he was kind of flat-footed, and he tried to grab me, so I just pushed him down”

    But at least you came original with the Ray is a murderer comment, no one else would have thought of such a brilliant comeback.

  12. Keep calling him. Maybe he’ll snap and we’ll get a semi-football-related story.

  13. You guys seemed to have no problem reciting the Jeremy Green criminal charges, noting in every post that he was Denny’s kid. You could’ve left that to the Pack fans with nothing better to do.

  14. paulitik74 says: May 23, 2011 1:35 PM

    Someone’s a bitter Ravens fan. At least we don’t have Captain Murder at MLB.

    (It wasn’t a pushoff, it was a flop by the corner who knew he was toasted, even if it was, we still would have won with a FG)


    True but I wouldn’t have won my fantasy game 🙂

    Push push in the bush!

  15. I also think this story is of questionable value. But if the media are going to run the story anyway, surely it is better to contact Roddy and get his side of the story? I bet he would have been up in arms if they had run the story wihout contacting him and got some detail wrong. You can’t have it both ways.

  16. thats not right you cant control another persons actions hell i bet he was livin the good life with white at his estate he asked for something and as told no so he did something to shame the man so man keep yur head on gettin back to football and dont wory about this family is always family no matter what ask lebron

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