Titans rookie not spending money before he earns it

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Jared Allen said after the NFL draft that he was appalled to see how many players have already spent huge sums of money on jewelry, before they’ve earned an NFL paycheck.

Allen would like Titans rookie Jamie Harper.

Harper, a fourth-round draft pick out of Clemson, told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that he’s living with his family in Jacksonville until the lockout ends, meaning he’s one of 10 people sharing a three-bedroom trailer. And he scoffs at the idea that he needs to get a nice car now that he’s a professional football player.

“I’ve never had a car, and I still don’t,” Harper said. “If I can’t catch a ride somewhere, I’ll get up and walk. . . . Everybody asks me what’s my first car going to be; that’s usually the first thing guys get. But I’m not in too much of a rush to get something I’ve never had before.”

Harper has bought into the advice of the great football philosopher Jerry Glanville in approaching his career.

“Everybody knows the NFL stands for Not For Long,” he said. “The average career is like 3½ years. That money goes out as fast as it comes in.”

The money goes out as fast as it comes in for many players. But it won’t for Harper.

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  1. this kid gets it.. 4th round pick, in a struggling economy/lockout.. not spending money.. very smart kid.

    Glad he hasnt allowed his athletic skills/getting drafted go to his head.

    I know I will be rooting for him to do well from here on out.

  2. Like I have said in other posts relating to guys and their money, growing up rich or poor doesn’t usually have much to do with whether one wastes money or is wise with money.
    It’s good to see some good stories on kids with their heads on straight.

  3. Sounds good right now but ill believe it when I see it when football comes back ( if it ever does) . Easy to say now when there is a lockout and no money to be made . Check back in a couple months when the season starts … He isn’t going to be walking to practice or games or even taking public transportation . I bet my car on it haha

  4. That’s awesome. Honestly, there is no worse of an investment than a luxury car – especially at such a young age. And the NFL provides a free car service anyway – take advantage of it!

  5. Thats the kind of attidute that gets you to the NFL. For all his effort he seems to understand what the real reward is. To play in the NFL.

  6. Holy ****ing ****! An NFL rookie who doesn’t think he’s now entitled to spend hundred of millions he hasn’t earned or received yet?!?!?!

    I knew 2011 was the end of the world.

  7. He’s wise because cars no matter how new or old are not cheap to drive. I guess if you don’t have a car you can’t get stuck being the DD.

  8. Hats off to this young man. As I have said many times on this site, 80% of the players are broke when they retire. They should be set for life. Remember they only have about a 5 to 8 year playing span.

  9. Even after being a first-round pick out of Texas, and having a couple of nice contracts in the NFL, Tony Brackens drove a simple truck, invested his money, and lived in modest housing. That’s why he’s not destitute after having his career cut short by injuries.

    Warren Buffett purchased his house in 1957 for about $30k, which would convert to about $200k in modern-day dollars. The guy is currently one of the world’s three wealthiest people, even after giving away many hundreds of millions (and possibly billions, depending on whom one believes about some past anonymous contributions reportedly linked to Buffett) to social charities. If Buffett upgraded his house to a bigger and bigger mansion and swankier car each time he found himself flush with new cash, he wouldn’t be the Oracle of Omaha.

    It’s impossible to responsibly paint professional athletes with a broad brush, saying they’re stupid with money. But the fact is that Harper’s a rarity, and, well, good for him. I hope this lockout teaches a lot of young players tough lessons that translate into their not burning straight through their signing bonus money, so maybe they aren’t destitute once their careers are over.

  10. Good for him, but I wonder how many of those 10 other people in the trailer will be standing next to him with their hands out once he signs the contract. The problem isn’t necessarily the spending habits of the NFL players, but the financial demands of those around them.

  11. If the guy never buys a depreciable asset on credit, he deserves a pat on the back. However, at this point, congratulating him on not buying things with money that he hasn’t secured yet is like congratulating a divorced father for keeping up with his child support payments. I mean, it’s certainly a good thing to do but it’s what you’re supposed to do.

  12. I’m happy for the kid but its a sad commentary on the mentality that we have come to expect from NFL players when basic common sense is looked upon as “special” and “refreshing”

  13. If anyone here won the lottery which is the same money wise as getting drafted top 5 or so i’m sure a lot of people would go nuts spending right away!

  14. Yes, it is said that ONE player who has his head on straight is considered “unique” or “special” or a “rarity”. Sadly, too many players go broke by the time they retire in their 20s.

  15. ivedoneyourwife says: May 23, 2011 9:15 AM

    10 people in a trailer!? Nice stereotype MDS. Stay classy
    Hmmmm…..with a moniker like “ivedoneyourwife”
    and you tell him to stay classy.

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