Worst moments since last work stoppage focuses on Wisconsin

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We started our 32-team look at the worst moments since the last time labor issues derailed a regular-season game by pondering the lowest points in Pittsburgh since 1987.

On Tuesday, we’ll stay in Super Bowl XLV by looking at the lowlights for the Packers.

But we need your help.  Packers fans, list your favorite unfavorite moments, and feel free to debate in the comments.

We’ll unveil the list on Tuesday’s PFT Live.

68 responses to “Worst moments since last work stoppage focuses on Wisconsin

  1. Off the top of my head:
    3) Drafting Tony Mandarich ahead of Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas, and Deion Sanders.
    2) Losing Superbowl XXXII as clear favorites.
    3) Brett Favre’s 2008 unretirement.

    Honorable mentions include: 4th and 26, the Old Man in the 2008 NFC Championship game, and the Jerry Rice “non-fumble.”

  2. 1. Brett Favre game ending int to send Giants to SB

    2. 4th and 26

    3. Favre trying to pry his way back onto the team after retiring for (2nd?) time. It’s been so many that I forget the exact number, but you get the idea.

    4. Ron Wolf retiring

    5. Mike Holmgren going to Seattle

    6. drafting ahmad carrol


  4. Brett Favre’s 29 interception season in 2005, including a 5-interception game vs the Bengals and getting the ball stolen… humiliating game to watch.

    Favre’s season-ending pick vs the Giants in the NFC Championship game.

    4th and 26

    Beating the Vikings twice in the regular season in 2004… only to have them come to Lambeau Field, and whoop us 31-17 with Moss ‘mooning’ the fans.

    Oh yeah, and that stupid “The Catch” game where Jerry Rice didn’t catch a football/fumbled it, whatever (no challenge back then) and Owens went on to make the game-winning catch. I believe that was the last game Reggie White played as a Packer as well 😦

  5. 1. 4th and 26

    2. Losing to the Giants in the NFCCG

    3. The return to Lambeau of “he who shall be dressed in purple”

    4. Brett Favre’s not so graceful exit.

    5. MNF against the Titans.

    there are more, but these are the ones that still hurt even though the trophy is home.

  6. 4th and 26

    Bretts int to end the championship game vs. the giants(this is embodies all of Favres game ending int’s during his Packers tenure)

    Mike Sherman being promoted to GM. Good coach but terrible GM.

  7. 1. 4th and 26

    2. Losing XXXII

    3. 1st ever playoff loss at Lambeau to the Falcons

    4. Favre retiring/unretiring/showing us he wasn’t who we thought he was all those years

  8. Favre, one of the best cold weather qb’s, looking cold, old, and disinterested during the NFC championship game vs the Giants.

    Losing Super Bowl XXXII.

    The Catch II.

    4th and 26.

  9. Favre wearing purple at lambeau field..like watching your wife with your worst enemy, that was painful.

  10. Brett Favres overtime INT in NFC championship game to lose chance at going to superbowl to close out his career. He never would have went to another team if we made it, esp if we won in the SB. As a packer fan it felt like destiny at the time, so many things bounced our way that year and even in that game, we got ball in OT..in the hands of one of the greatestof all time…then INT with them in position for chip shot FG.

  11. This is easy …..

    One individual (BF) dragging a great franchise & a great fandom through a sordid series of events that neither deserved ……

    GB winning SB 45 to vindicate all those who placed the good of the team before that one individual (BF) ……

  12. In no particular order:

    -Anything Brett Favre did after retiring the first time (after losing NFC Championship to the Giants)

    -The OT interception in previously mentioned NFC Championship vs Giants

    -Ahmad Carroll (enough said)

    -Michael Vick shredding the Packers defense in the 2002-03 wildcard game at Lambeau (27-7, ATL)

    -Titans destroy Green Bay at Lambeau on MNF (October 2004). 48-27 Titans

    -Losing guards Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle in the same offseason (4-12 record ensues, Favre throws almost 30 picks in the process)

    -4th & 26

    -Terrell Owens’ game-winning TD in the 1998-99 wildcard playoff loss

    -Favre throws 6 picks in blowout loss at St. Louis in 2001-02 playoffs

    -Super Bowl XXXII

    -Green Bay shut out by Chicago at Lambeau in Mike McCarthy’s first game as head coach (26-0)

    -Ron Wolf retiring and not hiring a real GM

    -trading up to draft Jamal Reynolds 10th overall

    I’d also say Javon Walker and Mike McKenzie forcing their way out of Green Bay over contract disputes, but both of their careers took nosedives after they left town.

  13. 1. Losing superbowl XXXII.
    2. losing 2008 NFC championship game.
    3. Brett favre signing with the Vikings.
    4. 4th & 26.
    5. Brett favre signing with the Vikings.
    6. Brett favre signing with the Vikings.
    7. Brett favre beating us at home in 2009 while playing for the Vikings.
    8. Brett favre beating us in Minneapolis in 2009 while playing for the Vikings.
    9. Brett favre signing with the Vikings.
    10. Brett favre getting booed off of Lambeau Field after getting his a$$ kicked in 2010 (also one of the best moments since 1987).

  14. NFC Championship Game of 2007-08 season vs. the Giants. One of the coldest games in history was off to such a poor start that McCarthy contemplated out loud benching Brett Favre. The Aaron Rodgers era should have started here-instead a classic Favre forced throw in OT sends the Giants to the Superbowl. Had the Packers won, they had a legitimate shot at also dethroning the 18-0 Patriots and sending Favre out the right way. The temperature+the crushing defeat makes this a major low point instead of avoiding all the unpleasantness that came afterwards.

  15. Two simple words will answer your question:

    Brett Favre.

    Regardless of feelings about the guy, he was a part of every single worst moment I can remember: 6 picks to the Rams in the playoffs, 4th and 26, OT pick in the NFC Championship game in 2007, the will he/won’t he drama and pre-season distraction in 2008, turning traitor and becoming a Viking in 2009.

    Brett Favre. Worst memories as a Packers fan.

  16. 1. 4th and 26

    2. NFC championship loss to the NY Giants

    3. Loss in OT to the cardinals in 2010 wildcard game after beating them in week 17

  17. The 6 picks against the Rams was difficult to watch. 4th and 26, losing that SB, the Jerry Rice non-fumble.
    One thing no one’s mentioning is the shoulder in jury suffered by my man Don Majkowski. He was never the same after that. Definitely a low point.
    Another one is the firing of Ray Rhodes. No one wanted to touch the job with a ten foot pole after that. Sherman was the only guy who would take the job.
    What about Sterling Sharpe’s career ending neck injury?
    Oh yeah and the Chmura fiasco.

  18. 1. 4th and 26

    2. Falcons vs Packs WC game..it show the Pack can be beat at home in the playoffs

    3. Giants vs Pack NFC Champ Game

    4. Hiring Ray Rhodes…he had no buisness in GB

    5. Pack vs 49ers…TO was introduced to the world because of this game

  19. Losing the Super Bowl to Broncos

    Drafting Tony Madarich

    4th and 26

  20. Packers fans, why would you post your worst Packer moments to an obvious Vikings fan??

    My favorite Packers moments-Only having one non playoff year and winning the Super Bowl after giving Favre the boot. AND…Rodgers jogging off the field at the Dome with 7 minutes to go, winning 31-3.

  21. 1) Favre throwing the pick in the NFC Championship against the Giants, that was our year.

    2) Loss to the Broncos in the SB. Gabe “Quitler” Wilkins is a bum, had Sean jones not retired we win that game.

    3) Decision to throw the ball rather than run it in the overtime of the 4th and 26 game (sorry, but if you think the D caused the loss, you have no perspective, had Green been given the ball, he’d still be running, Favre’s idiocy in throwing the ball notwithstanding – had he taken the sack, we would probably would have punted and lost anyway. And I could name a handful of other horrendous coaching decisions in that game, Sherman inherited a good roster and flushed it down the toilet).

    4) Holmgren leaving and Wolf retiring a year and a half later (they could have worked that out better)

    5) Loss to the Cowboys in the 95-96 Championship game – great game, we were close after they put a few on us, it hurt.

  22. #1 October 5, 1998
    Monday Night Football
    Minnesota Vikings 37
    Green Bay Packers 24

    #2 2008 NFCCG

    #3 Super Bowl XXXII

  23. 1.2005

    2.4th and 26

    3.al harris injury(he wasnt the greatest but gave everything)

    4.nfc wild card facemask only packers fans saw against cards.

    5.giants pic in playoffs.

    6.javon walkers holdout and then wasted talent.

  24. 10. The Catch II
    9. Jamal Reynolds, Cletidius Hunt, BJ Sander & T-Buck
    8. 1/4/03 First ever home playoff loss.
    7. Tony Mandarich
    6. The 1988 season 4-12 (91 can’t be among the worst because it got rid of Braatz and Parins and brought in Wolf, Holmgren & Favre)
    5. The 2005 season 4-12 (worse than ’88 because we were accustomed to losing in the 70s and 80s)
    4. 4th and 26
    3. Favre’s OT INT in the ’07 NFC championship
    2. Favre returning to Lambeau as Viking in ’09 and defeating the Packers.
    1. Losing SB XXXII

  25. 1) Brett Favre retiring, unretiring saga.

    2) Favre throwing an incomplete pass on 4th and 1 in Super Bowl XXXII. The ball hit the ground a foot shy of Chmura’s shoe with less than a minute to play with the Packers down by 7. Favre had 5 yards to run in front of him on the play. (He was never called out on this one)

    3) Favre’s interception in overtime of the 2008 NFC championship game.

    4) Favre’s 6 interception playoff game against the Rams.

    5) Terrell Buckley getting burned on a wide open hail mary thrown by Jim McMahon with seconds to play.

    6) Drafting Terrell Buckley, Ahmad Carrol and Tony Mandrich

  26. 1. Losing Superbowl XXXII
    2. Bert Farvruh’s “no look” interception in 2007 NFC Champ game against the Giants
    3. 4th and 26
    4. Farvruh’s retirement debacle (and then ultimately signing w/ the Vikings)
    4. TO’s game winning TD catch in the 98-99 Wild card game after Steve Young looked like he was going to fall down after taking the snap
    5. Taking Tony Mandarich instead of Barry Sanders
    6. Sterling Sharpe’s neck injury that cut his career way too short
    7. Drafting Ahmad Carroll

  27. 1. Mark Chmura’s poor judgment.
    2. TO’s TD catch in the Wild Card game after the ’98 season.
    3. Favre’s annual will he / won’t he?
    4. Final INT against the Giants in the NFC Championship.

  28. 1. 90’s cowboys vs us in playoffs
    2. superbowl 32
    3. the catch II
    4. 6 interceptions vs the Rams
    5. Vick in our House
    6. 4th & 26
    7. Moss Mooning us
    8. Entire 05 season, good draft (rodgers/collins), but an awful season, made me sick to my stomach.

    9. Favre pick in the NFC 07 game, magical season, last minute wins, fluke victories, good luck, a “Team of Destiny” vibe, only for it to suddenly end.

    10. 08 season, helplessly watching our defense give up leads late in games, watching our offense score or get in Field Goal range, only to miss the field goals, blah!

    11. Favre running wild on us and People in the media (dion sanders) ripping on Packer Fans.

    12. Loss to Detroit 2010, only scored 3 points on ’em. Aaron got concussed, our WRs/TEs didn’t show up at all.

    I puked a little just typing this.

  29. 1. Being beaten by Arizona (playoffs 2009) that horrid game where the defense disappeared, not to mention the facemask non-call on the last play. (I think The Pack had the talent that year to go all the way)

    2. Jerry Rice incomplete pass called a catch.

    3. Letting the Bronco’s win the Super Bowl.

  30. “2) Favre throwing an incomplete pass on 4th and 1 in Super Bowl XXXII. The ball hit the ground a foot shy of Chmura’s shoe with less than a minute to play with the Packers down by 7. Favre had 5 yards to run in front of him on the play. (He was never called out on this one)”

    I like taking shots at Favre as much as the next guy, but it was 4th and 6 and Favre had no where to run as the Broncos blitz was coming. As far as the QB goes, this was nowhere near the Favre failure of the 07 NFC Championship. I’ve heard Chmura say in interviews that the problem was the playcall since Holmgren called something that hadn’t been used in a game all season and hadn’t been practiced since the preseason.

  31. Do you remeber when the our packers played the vikings in the 2005 wild card game and crushed us? Remember when Favre signed with them to get back at them hahaha. Well thats my theory.

  32. Besides the good suggestions, there’s also the T.J. Rubley game in the Rollerdome.

    4th and 26 as well as Favre’s pass to the Giants in OT prevented us both times from going to the Super Bowl.

  33. Favre’s dreadful performances in the playoffs will never go away, but I’ll tell you this and it will never go away. To all the Niner fans out there…


  34. The lowest of the low during that time period was that Giants championship game. Favre looked like he didn’t want to be there and the boneheaded INT. I knew after that throw he was gone and things were gonna get dirty.

    The highest… Probably the last Super Bowl. It reaffirmed we did things the right way and that teams win, not individuals.

  35. 1. 4th and 26
    2. Aaron Rodgers ignoring cancer patient’s autograph request
    3. Nick Collins cheap shot blind helmet hit on Dallas Cowboys.
    4. Aaron Rodgers’ brother’s post SB speech that Favre didn’t win SB MVP
    5. Packers excluding injured players from SB team photo
    6. Packers bribing Favre with $20m to retire
    7. Fans booing Brett Favre at Lambeau
    8. Fans accusing Reggie White of misusing funds for church burning

  36. Mine was watching Favre throw away every season in the playoffs after Homgren left, then having to listen to all the idiots tell me what a gift he was. I was elated the day he retired, and then traded. I knew they would never win another Superbowl with him at QB.

  37. To: ieatchickens

    First off, moron, on the last pass by Favre to Chmura, it was 4th and six, NOT 4th and one.

    Second, the ball did NOT bounce a foot in front of Chewie show. It was low, plus Chmura tripped over his feet reaching down for it, but Mobley broke up the pass anyway, so, nice “memory” there chickenman ! Good grief. Watch the replay on the NFL Network if your memory is THAT fuzzy.

    Third, even using your “Favre had 5 yards to run in front of him on the play” analogy, that wouldn’t have gotten us the first down anyway with it being 4th and six. Not to mention there was only 32 seconds left at the beginning of that 4th down play, and the Packers had no time outs left (due to the injury to Brooks with less than 2 minutes to play), so, even with Favre dropping back to pass on that play, then scrambling, and even if he had scrambled and gotten the first down, by the time the players had all unpiled, and then all gotten back into formation and set, and Favre spiked the ball, there likely would have only been 6-7 seconds left to play. Time for one desperation pass into the end zone.

    The reason Favre “was never called out on this one” is because you are the only one that doesn’t remember it as being 4th and six. Again, go watch a replay. Can you imagine if he had (by your reasoning) only gotten 5 yards on that play, with it being 4th and six ???? Clowns like you would be ripping him for that too.

    You forget the dropped interception by Sharper. The fumbled kickoff return by Freeman. Holmgren forgetting what down it was, etc. All in the second half alone. Plenty of blame to go around in that game.

    As for the 6 int’s vs. the Rams, FOUR of them bounced off of recievers hands and on another Billy Schroeder ran the wrong route. So, again, go look at a replay of the game.

    I realize you don’t like Favre, and that’s your right, but don’t make up crap.

  38. Here’s one that stung me as a 17-year old who had only witnessed one playoff season in his life (the strike-shortened 1982 season).

    The 1989 Packers, led by Majkowski and Sharpe, had won 5 of 6 — including a win at the eventual Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers — and were 8-5 heading into a home game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Barry Word and Christian Okoye barreled over the Pack 21-3, and despite finishing 10-6, the Packers just missed the playoffs. Losing that game — especially since they only won 10 games during the next two seasons — felt like a huge opportunity wasted for the most exciting Packers team between 1972 and 1992.

  39. Odd that the vast majority of the “worst” moments took place over a 19 year stretch that included a whopping two losing seasons. And losing the Super Bowl? As a worst moment?At least they got there.

    The worst moment in Packers history is probably the Jon Hadl trade. Two first round picks, a second round pick, and two 3rd round picks for a 34 year old QB that gave them 9 touchdowns and 29 interceptions over 2 seasons.

    Beyond the crappy quarterback play the picks lost probably set the team back a decade.

  40. And now I’m the moron for completely disregarding the “since 1987” part.

    Awesome on me.

  41. T.J. Rubley overrules Coach Mike Holmgren’s command to go for a QB sneak on 3rd & 1 at Minnesota in 1995 and opts for a pass play.

    A lineman attempts to call a time out, but the ball is snapped anyway and Rubley flings an interception while running for his life.

    Shortly thereafter, the Vikings kick the winning field goal.

  42. Brett Favre blowing the game against the NYG in the NFC championship game.

    Brett Favre drama of retirement and unretirement

    Brett Favre in purple

  43. As a Packers fan, these are the lowest points, to me, since 1987:

    1. 4th and 26
    2. Losing to Falcons in 2001 to end undefeated winning streak at Lambeau Field during playoffs
    3. 1998 Playoff game vs. 49ers due to the b.s. of a Jerry Rice fumble AND LeRoy Butler int not being correctly called due to lack of replay challenge

    1. The whole Brett Favre ordeal
    2. Mike Holmgren leaving
    3. Drafting Tony Mandarich

  44. *Correction: Losing to Atlanta in 2002 Playoffs to mark first loss at home in the playoffs at Lambeau Field.*

  45. 1. Giants NFCCG loss 2008

    2. 4th and 26

    3. Losing to Minnesota in Playoffs

    4. Brett Favre ordeal…truly awful…2008 summer of hell…the trade…the signing with Minnesota…beating us twice in 2009…see his idiot wife posing next to some Viking chaunce fan with a #4 “ThanksTed” custom jersey on…everything sucked….

    5. Falcons Wild Card game 2003

    6. Mike Sherman era

    …all of these painful memories washed away with the 2010 season, and return of the Lombardi Trophy to Green Bay…thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Here are a random 5, in no particular order:

    1. 4th and 26/Favre’s chuck-and-duck to Walker.
    2. The Infante era.
    3. Freddie Joe Nunn effectively ending Majik’s career – which may have indirectly led to the Favre era, however.
    4. Vick at Lambeau.
    5. Ahmad Carroll.

  47. To all Packers Fans,
    Yes, Rice did FUMBLE, BUT

    1) Beebe was touched DOWN
    2) Young was Injured
    3) Rice and Hearst were Injured
    4) Ricky Watters was an IDIOT and Adam Walker SUCKED

  48. To reiterate the RICE FUMBLED post…

    That game was the end of an era. Holmgren left, Reggie left, and there was no one to reign Favre in.

    The Falcons loss made it a reality. I went from poppin’ the cork in the first quarter because I knew no one could beat us at home in the playoffs to having doubts before every game. Paint it however you want, we never got solid quarterback play in the playoffs from 99 on.

    Even the 4th and 26 game. We ran for 212 yards. We sacked McNabb 8 times. You can point to 4th and 26…but ultimately an OT interception sealed our fate. The next year, another 4 pick playoff game, at home, against an 8-8 Vikings team. 6 picks against the Rams. And we don’t need to talk about the Giants game.

  49. 1. Losing to Vikings at home in 1998 to snap long home winning streak. Marked a changing of the guard in the division and forced the Pack to draft defensive backs with their first three picks the next year to try to deal with Moss.

    2. Getting destroyed at home in the 2004 playoffs by 8-8 Minnesota.

    3. Chasing off Brett Favre and then finishing 6-10 without him one season after finishing 13-3 with him.

    4. Favre coming back to Lambeau to destroy the Pack in a Viking uniform.

    5. Favre destroying the Pack at Metrodome in his first game against them.

    6. Bitterness of hating Favre after loving him for so long.

    7. Having to legally change my son’s name from Brett to Aaron. He was really mad about that.

  50. Is anybody else looking forward to the time when Packers and Vikings conversations can be had WITHOUT mentioning Favre?

  51. ***-Losing guards Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle in the same offseason (4-12 record ensues, Favre throws almost 30 picks in the process)***

    The Pack didn’t lose simply by those two moving on. In 2004, 57% of the payroll went to the O, and the “paper” (the contracts) Thompson inherited had the Packers paying 64% of the payroll to the offense in 2005. Paying to keep Wahle and Rivera would have upped the O % from there. The Packers were so far out of whack because of Sherman as GM, something had to be done.

    In two short years after that skewed season of 2005, 51% of the payroll went toward the D, and only 48% toward the O even with Favre’s bloated 13% of the entire salary base (without Favre, the D/O split was 58%/41% and the Pack was back in the NFC championship game after finally securing a playoff bye and some homefield. Defense wins championships, something Favre apparently never learned.

    Unfortunately it pissed of Her Highness that she couldn’t run the team, so she “retired”.

    By the way, this past SB season the D/O split was 59% defense, 40% offense, and without Rodger’s salary, the split was 62%/37%! Too bad Thompson didn’t do the “right” thing and fill the team (and coaching staff) with Favre buddies and spend 80% of the payroll on the offense.

    Incidentally, the remaining 1% is special teams.

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